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Wild Horses, Wolves, Cougars, Bears and Modern Day Challenges Editorial

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“Not only are we connected to everything, we are all a part of everything, the past, the present, and the future . . . The Universe does this, to teach us right from wrong – so why are we ignoring the lessons from the Universe?” – John Cox, Writer/Photographer

Our government agencies meant to manage our nations Wildlife are not fulfilling their obligation, or their responsibility to garner, then protect these animals, and manage them in an appropriate manner. The non-profits, stating they also protect animals and our nation’s wildlife as well, also are to the point we should require labels of donators, so we can see for ourselves the non-profits priorities, and their special interests, other than what we attempt to understand, for them to tell us truthfully who it is they represent.

There currently exists a tremendous problem, as 50% to 60% of our wildlife is disappearing. Why should we be concerned? Because there is no sign what so ever of competence, either in the government agency management realm, or the non-profits who are paid in the thousands upon thousands of dollars in donations, who apparently are just as incompetent most often, or just do not know how to manage our wildlife appropriately.

  • Wolves are being slaughtered due to profound arrogance combined with a sick style of ignorance – at taxpayer expense, and inevitable destruction of forests and mountain environments due to their lack of future presence – all at taxpayer expense for refurbishment ;
  • Wild Horses being rounded up, then they disappear off the range, eventually to wind up in a kill-pin — then to slaughter. This all due to an evil arrogance and a sick intolerable ignorance, at taxpayer expense – all of it – and money at the root of a totally incompetent and profound situation, that in reality, simply does not need to happen what so ever – i.e. roundups of horses off Public Lands, when indeed there is not only room for growth, but enhances our environment while they remain – much more to this problem;
  • Cougar’s and those who profoundly paid to manage them, sending them to their death while issuing more permits to kill them – their counts based on false presentation of fact, and simply bad science and bad counts, so essentially due to a profound arrogance combined with a sick ignorant mind set – again environmental destruction up and coming, too many browsers – refurbishment all at taxpayers expense – all of it and for their mismanagement of taxpayer money as well;
  • Bear seasons made longer, more permits to kill them cheaper and easier to obtain, but as the others above certainly based on bad science and profound arrogance combined with a sad and very ignorant mind set from government agencies – out of control browsers and destruction of woodlands, forests and meadows – refurbishment all at taxpayers expense — .


Nature and Wildlife Extinction Crisis

Nature provides us with many things. These natural forms of life are not only all connected to us, but will cohabitate with us, that is, if we allowed them to. Humans endorse a constant lack of understanding with the term cohabitate; thereby, humane (yet another misunderstood term by humans) standards of planetary-existence are the problem here – ironically, the cure as well.

Nature provides us all with proper food, pure water and clean air. Right now our planet faces a crisis. We have lost 50% of the wildlife within this world we supposedly share it with. But due to our consumptive greed and odd paradigms to manage things, we do not really understand – many refuse to share; many refuse to only take what is needed and leave the rest, and many assume it proper to control wildlife and often even people (war et al.) populations by a kill-paradigm. What is going on in Our World today

The situation in capsule form: The more we kill wildlife, the more we must create a sustainable crop of the Earth’s own nutritional-elements for life, and the supportive ecology within each environment; but we cannot match nature and it’s unique paradigm of all things being connected, so we have a problem here – i.e. a healthy animal-plant-water-land mass situation becomes less, then lesser yet until total devastation inevitable.

We, the supposed Stewarts of our Lands and animals, either ignore this situation in total, or a larger percent of the time do such a poor job at the attempts to replace nature, that the outcome obvious . . .

In truth, these crucial elements are disappearing – the ecological situations being destroyed, even our long term existence, is becoming very questionable . . . but the more we center our mind-sets on particular items such as beef, sheep, hunting trophies’, etc., in order to subsist on this planet, and only those elements of commercial value toward high profit base / margins (cattle, et al), simply leads to the destruction of not only land, but a tremendous amounts of wildlife and ecological systems.

The fact is we are killing and consuming, or just outright killing to manage, the things that can sustain us very well, and has done so over the centuries.

We notice how things are connected, and understand them better, but ironically by those same things being destroyed; we also notice the ironic combination with antiquated regulations and laws for oversight, that simply no longer work within this social-commercial environment of today, and only kept due to profits, with no real science to support them at all. It is respect, consideration, and cohabitation that must be a priority right now – arrogantly, these situations overlooked entirely for short term profits.

The Living Planet Index

The steep decline of animal, fish, and bird numbers was calculated by analyzing 10,000 different populations, covering 3,000 species in total. The data was then, for the first time, used to create a representative “Living Planet Index” (LPL), reflecting the state of all 45,000 known vertebrates.

These are also the indicator, (i.e. more useful than the FTSE 100 index previously used), which monitored the overuse of our resources. This is to say simply, to observe and manage properly the things we are losing currently, or lost, is now more precise. Then to observe, by good science, the temporary replacement items, (e.g. the cattle industry that is bullying forcibly its way into domination of our lands) or other situations that when more contribute negatively, more destruction develops over all. So we are also discovering the overabundance of the “wrong elements” just as devastating and destructive as improper management of our wildlife, especially on a world-wide basis. So here we are, our connection to all else on this planet, our planet, being torn and ripped to shreds, in the name of corporate integrity.

We are currently, within a second Index within the LPL, leaving an extremely destructive imprint ecologically.   Currently, the global population is cutting down trees faster than growth can produce more, catching fish faster than the oceans fisheries can replenish and then restock, pumping water from rivers and aquifers faster than rainfall and watersheds can replenish them, and emitting more climate-warming carbon (cattle among other pollutants) dioxide, than the oceans and forests can absorb.

Let’s put this in easier terms – Today’s global rate of consumption would require, for example, four Planet-Earths to sustain U.S. levels of consumption, or 2.5 Earths to match the United Kingdom’s consumption currently.

Mountains, Wild Horses, and What I See

There exist many factors, both corrupt and ethically questionable, that have developed over the decades to get our wildlife and environment systems to this point.

  • Politicians simply operate and are attentive to special-interests, our wildlife and environment ignored;
  • Non-profits and their ever increasing competitive rolls in animal welfare and misinterpreting facts due to lack of knowledge, simply increases their priority for generating streams of monetary donations, rather than resolve issues (many simply just give the perception of their involvement, requiring       much less time and far cheaper) is a current problem, their quick-fix attitude indeed makes the problems worse;
  • Misinformed applications and bad science from corporations and businesses competing for government and private contracts generates more confusion and the truthfulness toward our environment as a whole entity, and the list goes on and on;
  • Government agencies, e.g. the Bureau of Land Management, develop their priorities around 1% of the cattle industry (G.A.O. figures show much less than 1% in sales(even though taxpayers pay, in the billions, to support these Public Lands Grazing Permit holders, but this is ignored by the BLM in total), the oil industry and the mining (who sill owe the taxpayers, G.A.O. reference estimates $610 Billion dollars over the past 20 years, and who knows how much devastation of environments and wildlife, as it has all been covered-up) industry – while doing so develop resolutions toward facts that are outright lies, misinformation, and cover-up criminal conduct most often, and taxpayer’s pay the price for the complex no-resolution developed due to such narrow-scoped activities – and our nations environment as well as our nations wildlife suffer exponentially from these poor and extremely bad decisions based on falsehoods;
  • The situation of the Wild Horses, the politics, the misrepresentation of facts and science by both government\non-profits, the hedging into place millions of dollars in grants to misinterpret the information quite often, and the overall demeanor of criminal activity.

Resolution by True Conservation

Conservationism! What an interesting, and recently I find, a debatable subject. So I stick my finger in the air, I get waves of the scent of manure streaming by, and I realize the hunter and trophy hunters refer to themselves as conservationists.

Well, the problem with that is, it is the problem, and without more elaborate definition here, we find many problems with this outreach and new meaning of conservation. But the problems are not only with their facts, but their perception, their misinformation and misinterpretation of science, and the refusal by many of these hunters and trophy hunters define their definitive rolls they supposedly play in our environment.

It is simply based upon the difference between good and bad science, altered science, and subjectively swayed science – or politically driven by special interests – yes, political agendas . . . Suddenly as if magic (built on a lie actually) conservation becomes a misinformed and misinterpreted collusion of management principles of killing animals, or trophy-gathering of all types, rather, than manage them in an appropriate ideology or paradigm. “The truth is often buried in a quagmire of misinformation, short term profits, and lengthy excuses for wild horse roundups; or, unsubstantiated lies to kill more wolves; or, population-count lies to sell more permits to kill Cougars – and on it goes . . .

By the way, all are and remain totally absurd reasoning. The facts still consistent and well defined and real scientific conservation efforts can, and do often, turn wildlife declines around. Ironically, getting to the reality, or truth of all these significant matters of concern, is the most difficult situation of all; but required to save our world – and ourselves I might add.

Rationally, we can manage conservation methodology in the “outsourcing” and “exportation” of beef and sheep for example, from the United States especially. The fact is cattle and sheep does — and remains directly affecting much of the wildlife decline within many ways in the U.S. So it becomes obvious to many folks, the less export combined with more effort toward reforestation and build-up or inhabit once correct wildlife and vegetation parameters, less cattle or sheep on fragmented lands, and redefine antiquated laws and lands management, and we may experience an upper-swing on the LPL directly involving wildlife and a more positive cohabitate environment . . .

The undeniable fact is there are a lot of changes to be made.  The question is and remains, are American’s up for the challenge to a better environment and building up our wildlife and our natural surroundings in a positive manner, or negatively and for profit only — We must decide quickly, as time is running out.


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Wild Horses — Damned If We Do – Damned if We Don’t! (Editorial)

touched by natureWritten by John Cox, Cascades
“I’ll tell you what hermits realize. If you go off into a far, far forest and get very quiet, you’ll come to understand that you’re connected with everything.” – Alan Watts

We are at cross-roads today, with Public Lands and our Wild Horses. Both apparently attract criminality, large government misrepresentation and criminal conduct, large non-profits that see money to be made by misrepresenting the issues, corporations that see money to be made by paying off politicians, and States that see money to be made by attempting to coerce government managers’ into transferring ownership.

Good luck for the normal folks, the common folks of this land of ours’, who strongly affirm time and time again that the Wild Horses remain an Icon and symbol of Our Freedom — and finding a resolution rather than impose on them a road to extinction and with outright assaults on their bodies, or outright sent to slaughter, is mandatory.  This is not a question, and we are not asking, we are demanding America’s Icon, the Wild Horse, be left the hell alone!

Just as the Native American’s were almost wiped out toward extinction, it is quite obvious our government has the same mind-set toward our Public Lands and the Wild Horses. The term “Free” bothers’ our government often, doesn’t it – reference their actions. Yet, when pandering to endeavor in War, you better believe the term “Free” is used often, but nothing more than a ploy to establish hatred – yes, a misuse of the term entirely.

But we can also see how the term “Humane” has been lost, somewhere between Love Street and Hate Street there is Humane Street; but only God knows where it’s located, because none of us or our government can locate the truth of it at all.

In Luke 10:4 Jesus urges us to travel lightly: “Carry neither moneybag, knapsack, nor sandals; and greet no one along the road. He is advising us to resist attachments to power, status, security, and wealth. The opposite of rich is not poor, it’s free. The more weighed down we are, the harder it is for us to move when the Spirit says move. When we are encumbered by baggage, such as credit card debt, mortgage, or whatever, we are in turn unable to follow the Spirit’s lead.

This society, this corporate image of itself and imposed onto American’s right now, wants the acceptable image to be, and forcefully remain, the Nuclear Family. It is creating catastrophe in all realms of the American landscape. Our fight for Our Public Lands and the Wild Horses exemplify this situation entirely. It is simply time to move away from this antiquated and unsafe mind-set, which benefits only the extremely wealthy of the world.

Then we can move back to our Creator’s mind-set, who indeed oversees our planet, created human and animal alike, and endeavored for us all to accept one another. The Creator has invested into all of us the capacity to cultivate deep bonds of love and compassion for anybody, and to enter into solidarity with all life on this planet.

We can one day, perhaps something of a wish upon wishes right now, I know, but define all life as one interconnected community. Certainly a radical act, but can become a reality as well – the sooner the better so to speak. Yes, a lot of definitive hoop-la in between, but direct explanation here is more than understood. Grass Roots efforts are Biblical and very successful throughout human-kinds centuries past.

But how can this be – how can something like this evolve? We are seduced into the idea that everyone has equal opportunity under capitalism – but in reality a contrary mind-set prevails: By Damn, I am going to get mine before that damn neighbor of mine takes it!

Yes, so much for Christianity, and welcome the nasty truth (horses to slaughter for pocket change, people buying horses cheap selling them profitably, people’s mind-sets corrupt in total, grab Public Lands for Profit, et al) . . . So here we are, the corporate or rich controls everything and shout loudly — you middle class damn well better feel privileged.

But wait, the poor has the same dream of becoming rich as well, and more incentive to do so . . . all the while the middle class is led to believe to fear the encroachment of the poor, immigrants, or whatever the politician who favors corporations wants to spew, which is truthfully more misinformation to the public. We are misled again and again.

What a wonderful and complex set of illusions. But the reality of fact remains, that economic growth – the goal of Capitalism – is always followed by the increase in disparity between rich and poor, and the withering of the middle class. . . the rich get richer, the middle class come close to disappearing, and the poor become extremely poor.

Meanwhile, the government conjures up the illusion of opportunity while keeping the upward class mobility to a minimum, which means simply the rich get richer. Wealth carries not only purchasing power, but also social and political power, obviously. This means our efforts, defending our priorities, the Wild Horses and our Public Lands, is negated by those who have the most money.

This also means that large non-profits and corporations instill in us, quite often I might add, a lot of buffoonery, or misinformation. Distractions from such organizations we deal directly with — the BLM, HSUS, many of the Non-Profit supposed Wild Horse Advocates (who really are not and can be defined as certainly anti-Wild Horse people) are a cumbersome lot to actually defend the Wild Horses from — but doable . . . but other than fear, we have condemned others, thereby convinced ourselves we cannot organize because we don’t trust each other – again, those mentioned above create this illusion, disenfranchised from the real Horse Advocates, and part of the buffoonery of misinformation, because the real Horse Advocates can trust one another – One Priority of One Mind Set – and that is a tough wall to break!

The Funeral = Resolution

We have a definitive spiritual impoverishment within us all. We are and continue to feel deadened, and many convinced we are and always will be – so we need to have a funeral for this deadness within us – to bury it once and for all, the dead that is in us and our culture! Bury this so-called deadness, and then we can all come back to life, come back to the authenticity of what our Creator wanted of us, the interconnection of all on this planet — Human, Animal, and Earth . . . Alive Again!

If we cannot critique our environments, our wildlife, and our planet within a fact given truth, which is a reality toward resolution, we cannot create transformation or change. The truth is we need to come back to life, to what life is all about, to look at ourselves and feel we are alive once again . . .

The Wild Horses give us that Freedom to do so, and become the antagonists’ to provide us a better future. Let’s Save them, and not allow a few to destroy such a profoundly beautiful animal such as the Horse and our Earth – which indeed are both one and the same.  — 9/6/2015 John Cox


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