I am From Possum Trot Flats, USA

07 Nov

I am a native of Possum Trot Flats, USA and proud to be one of many.  We are the part of America that is considered, and always will be known to us as the United States of America, that is most often ignored by politicians and government.

The name “America” strikes our very soul of life; into our hearts melt the sacrifices of innocents given to a justified cause.  The Flag-the Stars and Stripes, is a mere reflection of our hearts and minds that have come together and that keep America moving forward.  Without us, America Stops!

We’re neither leftists, rightists, part of any fringe groups, or groups of people that call themselves a party.  The left-wing, right-wing, or independents have no say here.  Our most favored wing is our arm and a drink in hand, sitting with good friends and good acquaintances on a warm afternoon while having a laugh or two, no matter what the occasion.

When we walk down the street there is always a friendly hello to whoever it may be, and with no paranoia about anyone pulling a gun, robbing us, obscure ways of thinking forced upon us, or all around being troublesome to anyone else.  It’s called respecting those as you would respect yourself and a basic principle of being an American, and living in Possum Trot Flats.

We harbor no hate or animosity here and have no police, sheriff’s deputies, or other government groups to tell us what we can or cannot do or to create problems not of our doing.  Although, there is organization within Possum Trot Flats, but first and foremost it is governed by the very principles and ethics that freedom is all about and the integrity that goes with it.  The small group who wants to work for the public is responsible and answerable to the public, or those who live in Possum Trot Flats.

It is governed with the knowledge that many sacrifices have been given, by our brothers and sisters throughout history, and that in itself should never be forgotten.  This is and always will be respected and cherished always.  It is not a perfect place here, but it is our own ideals about how we live, how we party, or what we do in our spare time.

There is no outside influence on our decision making, so those who wish to obtain profit, power, votes, create animosity, subjectively push themselves to non-sense reasoning, or a narcissistic esteem from the toil of others — more than likely should not come here, as we are not receptive to that what so ever.  We ask nothing from those who do not live here, although if someone, animal or human, needs a helping hand we are here for them.

We are people that mean what we say, and do what we say we will do.  We do the things that are right for our families, our community, for our individual ways of thinking, and our preservation.  To do this is what America is and always will be here in Possum Trot Flats.

Whether the rest of the country is going to hell in a hand basket is their problem, as it is their choice, and they follow such lunatic ideologies is their reasoning, but unacceptable here.  Many who live here have served honorably in defending this country.  It is others of those Americans who do not live here that have thrown our freedoms and rights away and do nothing about that.  Yes, their endeavors are to rant and rave, not resolve, so they are not welcome here.  They bitch about the other guy or a politician, and then elect the same people into office.  To that we all say, “To Hell With That!”

Changes are welcome just as the old ways of doing things are welcome, and having the freedom to choose both, or one or the other.  It’s not complicated here and trends do come and go, but our principles and matters of respect remain the same.  That is because we stick with the basics, the simpler the better, it is the best way to do things.

There are longhairs, shorthairs, and a diversity of people here with many different personalities.  We have found over the years, as people come and people go, that yes there are agitators and those who wish to push their personalities and mediocre mind sets and their way of doing things their-way-is-the-only-way, onto others.  They do not seem to last long here in Possum Trot Flats, USA.

There are Veterans here from many of the wars that have taken place throughout the world.  Our souls become replenished and even satisfied, here in Possum Trot Flats, with a robust of those who do not fear or approach Veterans as mythical or different.  Because we believe in the actual “Spirit” of America, intimidation from other people or groups just does not exist here.  That means we can look at others in a refreshed way, not prejudiced but wholesome and helpful if needed, or just being a friend and passing time.

So yes, there is a Possum Trot Flats in every heart and soul of a true American.  Perhaps it exists due to our beliefs and judgments based on faith, and the assurance that it is faith that keeps us going from day to day.  That the right-way of doing things comes in many different shapes and forms.  That prejudice and judgment is a form of life unnecessary and a waste of time.  Hate and animosity are things best kept away from the human spirit, as it is also an endeavor down a road to no-where.

So if you’re a true American, a true believer in the things that once ages ago made up the American Spirit, then the next time someone asks you where you’re from tell them proudly, “I am from Possum Trot Flats, America.”  And when they ask you where in the hell that is you can tell them, “Look into your heart, you’ll find it.  Just be patient.”  — John Cox

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One response to “I am From Possum Trot Flats, USA

  1. Nancy Woodall

    October 15, 2015 at 8:39 pm

    John I have always love to read what you write, You did such a good job I wanted to move there . Thank you, Nancy Woodall founder of Wild Freedom Federation


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