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It is time to embrace wisdom, as ignorance is inexcusable, do I write about and photograph nature to convey its significance to us all. My opinions are conveyed from life, and are just what they are with no excuses. Just a simple thought here and there, take it or leave it.

Gov. Grazing Permit Program: Government created the corruption – Now has no idea how to correct it!

Research & Written by John Cox, MA, Cascade Mountain Range

“Great things are done, when men and mountains meet.” – William Blake

Today we have many things ongoing of a questionable nature at the Department of Interior’s (DOI) subordinate agency, the Bureau of Lands Management (BLM). We see first-hand, those of us that are in the field a lot within the past decade or two, and I might add, have obtained serious knowledge – from education and experience – about what it is we all are seeing directly to our front; or, while perusing an area in fixed-winged aircraft or helicopters. I am speaking now of the adjuvant used within fertility programs on our public lands, by not only the BLM but the USDA Wildlife Services. It is indeed a very dangerous, as well as corrupted situation that needs discussed, by government employees, politicians, as well as Taxpayer’s who are unknowingly supporting such travesties against Nature and Human’s alkie.

Allow me to back-step momentarily. The BLM tells the public, and has done so for quite some time now, there is an overpopulation of wild horses on our Public Lands. But, when we peruse their evidence, their statistical data, and “their” interpretation of data collected, we find not only errors in their interpretation, but errors in their math, paramount to an eighth-grade education style of errors – in their addition, subtraction, and assumptive percentages.

Today we are seeing situations like “Equine Influenza” easily used as a believable false-narrative. This is to pass-off any disease (i.e., Mycobacterium tuberculosis for example, as an adjuvant currently intermixed with wildlife-fertility liquids and other toxic chemicals) or pesticide / toxic chemical poisoning (i.e. the government employees never provide evidence, so they could truthfully pass it off as peanut butter) after wild horses darted with poisonous Pesticides and disease-ridden adjuvant containing Mycobacterium tuberculosis. It is then casually written off to the general public and taxpayer’s, who assume this to be correct – and nobody looks behind this “Curtin of Corruption”, ongoing, by DOI – BLM and USDA Forestry & Wildlife Services, and indeed, the types of corruption they are committing daily now.  

Their conduct pointedly shows us their ability to manage our Public Lands competently, is and remains very questionable. But the most enormous problem we find is the fact their numbers, in their wild horse counts combined with the information, or false narratives they give to the public, develops into many conflicts. Not only on paper but under observation of many of the HMA’s, or areas they define as overpopulated.

Myself and others have discovered, upon observation, the BLM’s numbers simply do not exist, and never have existed; nor, do they reflect truthful wild horse counts roaming our Public Lands. Their motivation to falsely claim an over-population of wild horse’s exists, as evidence shows us quite clearly, is the DOI and BLM increased budgets, higher payroll-salaries, and incentives to Special Interests involved, through less regulatory-situations that enhance their profit-margins. One bit of evidence from all of this within the past decade, is the enormous amount of Soil/Dirt pollution that exists today in the Millions of Cubic Feet – which, did not exist before this time period, or existed in very small amounts. . .

“Evidence shows I can take this a step further. A couple of articles ago I started to bring up the fact of cause-and-effect, or, as in this universe, when corruption takes hold within a government agency and a lie is generated in order to creatively make profits – or increase the agencies budgets, we then see first-hand it is the government agency that created the problem – and obviously, as we see today, does not know how to resolve the issues the problem has extravagantly created, well beyond their comprehension.”

Now we can enter the domain of tuberculosis (TB). I can look back to 2002. Researchers in the field in several countries, including the United States, were starting to find Mycobacterium tuberculosis, et al., in different species of wildlife, feces, water-sheds, creeks, rivers, and dead animals where insects and other predators did not touch the corps. Granted, and at that time, very low percentages were showing up in much of the DNA as well as blood samples during field research. The fact is that escalating supposed (we are told by BLM / DOI employees) competition for natural resources have increased contact between free ranging wildlife and humans – I look at this rather skeptically, especially today, as nothing more than an arbitrary false-narrative. Myself and other interested researchers and people, have traveled by car, airplane, helicopter, and have seen firsthand just how vacant, for example, many regions remain within the United States – in both mountain ranges and high plateau and desert ranges. We all seen the competition is between an “over-population” of both cattle and sheep; neither, wild horses nor wildlife.

I have also found the situation of Welfare Ranchers “Leasing-Out” their Grazing Permit Lands (GP) to other ranchers, most often out of state. For example, in Oregon and north of Klamath Falls, two Welfare Ranching Operations Lease-Out their GP Leased Lands to friends from California, where they pay 10-times more for lands to graze their cattle. This is Illegal to do, in accord with Federal Law, as well as tax-fraud. These ranchers in that area pay only $1.35 per AUM Unit (i.e. a cow and calf) per year – they may Sub-Lease GP Lands, taxpayer’s lands in reality, often at $12.50 to $21.00 per AUM Unit per grazing year. Since it is illegal to sub-lease this federal land, they cannot, in reality, say anything about it . . .

I look at this entire landscape dynamic skeptically, because I, as well as many others, see attempts by government agencies such as the BLM and the DOI and the USDA, trying to eliminate tourism or people traveling within or through a lot of our public lands, due to their increase in illegal activity within managing our public lands. Special interests come to mind first and foremost within this discussion, but right now were talking about tuberculosis and the cause-and-effect nature of how it started once again, right here in the United States. So, we find researchers around the beginning of 2000 document the travesty of free-ranging wildlife population – and suddenly I start seeing a very aggressive wildlife overpopulation on paper only, develop within several government agencies. Then I see the enormous number of increases, from then up to now, of increased government budgets and employee salaries, increased government grants to the private sector (we look at this situation as bribes to non-profits and very unethical practices), and an increase in the obvious mismanagement, as well as the destruction of our public lands.

And yet, hidden in the dark-abyss of corruption, in walks Mycobacterium tuberculosis at the same time. This is consistent within many of the research papers myself and others have perused for this particular report. And make no doubt is not just in the United States, it is consistently within all of the other nations, rich and poor, where fertility toxic chemicals and pesticides are being used – and the Mycobacterium tuberculosis is being used. These facts are too consistent to assume anything else exists here.

 It is quite evident all of these situations generate this travesty of false-narratives, and without a doubt, no way out for DOI or the BLM or USDA, other than simply stop what they’re doing. The truth is what matters here, and is the only way any type of resolution to fix the situations that have developed on our Public Lands, can indeed be resolved.

This is not so difficult when one can consider the fact that common sense speaks loudly here. Get rid of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis that is being used as an adjuvant within the toxic chemicals of Pesticide PZP, GONACON, SPAY-VAC, etc., speaks loudly. Or, better yet, the DOI and BLM simply be truthful to the American public and taxpayers – and simply tell us the overpopulation of wild horses on public lands is basically harmless, not destructive, and not over-populated at all – because there is no evidence for either of these situations other than falsified-evidence – and there is no wild horse overpopulation whatsoever.

Part two of this look into Mycobacterium tuberculosis and how it’s used and spreading within the United States; whereas, knowledge is king, and hunters and visitors to our public lands need to be able to identify wildlife that may be infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis (TB) – infections. Lesions within, for example, deer and elk, can clearly be seen. These can be developed from an oral route of infection, because the pulmonary lesions involved – whereas, the observed outcome on the exterior physical body of the deer, wild horses, and elk would appear to be nasal problems, and some lesions on the skin – or flu like symptoms. For example, in horses, the symptoms of TB externally can be similar to Equine Influenza, or similar traits within Pesticide Poisoning. But you will not receive this information from this government of today.

This is all troubling and I will tell you why. The DOI and BLM still, and after years of them being told not to file their reports as such, still have – “phantom forests” listed in their files, and simply do not exist and yet taxpayers cover the cost of maintaining these “phantom forests” within all of DOI and BLM budgets. This is what evidence shows us all, and yet, we find people debating these issues that have no idea this evidence even exists.

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DOI-BLM Wild Horse Program – A History of Bad Science and Fraudulent Environmental Assessments

“We have been endowed with just enough intelligence to be able to see clearly just how utterly inadequate that intelligence is when confronted with what exists. If this humility could be imparted to everybody, the world of human endeavors would become more appealing.” — Albert Einstein

Researched and Written by John Cox, MA, Cascade Mountains

We have problems today with our environment, our ecology, our wildlife throughout the United States. Global Warming is reaching proportions of destruction never before seen within our world previously, and yet. . . Like a festering gunshot wound, we wait for the wound to fix itself. We see the White Gorilla sitting in the corner of the room, yet, it has been there for so long, we simply ignore and no longer question its presence. And when asked? Well, we simply ignore its presence as well as the problems it causes and continues to cause. . .

And yet the wound, yes, the same wound and despite our attempts at ignoring it, still there. The victim bleeds–out. Death eminent! A slow death. Painful. Until the chest rises, one last time. The lungs fill with oxygen. Then fills with blood. A dark shroud develops around this body of life-no-longer. The fight – over. The final gasp. The body goes limp – the pupils in its eyes turns white – stares at the sky. A white-like mist envelopes the body; rises from the body, seemingly evaporates while rising toward the sky, and disappears.

We have problems today with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the Department of Interior DOI), who manage our Public Lands – – as well as our intrinsic and very significant symbols of freedom in the United States. Our favored Icons of Nature itself, Our Nations Wild Horses. We use this microcosmic-world and its dynamics, and show the public these government agencies context of continuous false information, false narratives, and, indeed very expensive to taxpayers – their disinformation campaigns to persuade us of things that simply do not exist.

I say microcosm, as this is nation-wide now, and especially government and corporate non-profit wide, as well. We can define the situation much easier within this much smaller context, but make no doubt this information, even though different terms used for different titles, it is all the same and some on more vast of a scale and costly to taxpayers, and all based on fraudulent information to cover up something originated from government agencies or corrupted corporations – but in simple terms, escalates to something far worse. . .

They originated the problem, the DOI – BLM employees, and every attempt they made to cover up, or whitewash this problem of their creation, continues to be more and more costly to the American taxpayers – compared to simply leaving the wild horses alone on our public lands, and where they belong. The overpopulation does not exist – but what does exist are extreme and exaggerated numbers that make no-sense whatsoever within this universe, in regard to Wild Horse birthrates, and especially as a continuous flow of evidence to us shows very well, the destruction the Wild Horses blamed for doing, 98% of the time does not exist! Evidence? Yes, and a lot of it – yet ignored, for now anyway – But we see this changing in the near future. . .

When it started, we are not sure, because it is done so often, currently, there is nothing within the evidence that we are perusing, to show the very beginning and the reasons why Environmental Assessments, as well as other regulatory situations developed to safeguard taxpayers, and expenditures within federal government agencies, are ignored. What we do know is the fact it exists, and it is Federal Fraud, as outlined clearly in our United States Federal Legal Codes. And the second dynamic we know, of this type of corruption, is the fact it is not done innocently; which, has provided “an “Open Door” to us within an investigative capacity, to find much more evidence.

And yet, here lies the problem of this type of corrupted system. What may appear to be innocent on one level, simply copying a previous Environmental Assessment from years back, and changing the dates, is a tremendous lie – very expensive to the taxpayers, when data from these Environmental Assessments are used in Science and Technical Reports – often from 10, 20, and even 30 years ago. They then assimilate the information as accomplished recently, and the data gathered appropriately. But this is the furthest from the truth as possible.

They then use this information, as we have seen it during our investigation, where they contradict, and debate Global Warming, and from data supposedly gather within the last month, when we find a copy of the same data, from 30 years ago, but the dates changed, and the Researchers involved recent employees at DOI – BLM — as they know and we know, placing the original names on that document would stir-up and aggravate toward questions as to authenticity and time frame.

What’s the problem, one might ask? When we attempt to resolve the current issues within our environment, via putting together several Ecological Habitats, information-based attributes, as references and evidence within a technical format such as a science research report or technical paper to “manage” that same habitat correctly, the difficulties of approach and resolution to any problems – thereby, become non-existent.

We are currently approaching this situation, in an attempt to decipher and exclude a lot of the BLM – DOI suppose current research from reference material and used as evidence. And we will eventually go to Federal Court to do so – if the BLM and DOI refuse to correct their fraudulent, and basically very bias and ignorant, illegal behaviors. Science and research within government can be our best friend – or, when ignorance and bias involved, can be America’s worst enemy.

No resolutions are ever developed from lies and disinformation campaigns. Today the grazing permit program, intermixed with the fertility programs on our public lands, remain excellent examples of how not to manage our Public Lands – with lies, false narratives, and continued misuse of taxpayer money. Accountability? There seems to be no accountability for federal employee’s illegal behaviors!

What’s brings-about an article like this? In this case, the amount of fraudulent activity conducted by the DOI – BLM continuously, based on fraudulent Wild Horse Over Population Counts (i.e. they originated the problem to develop increased budgets in their agencies), which created the problems of more false narratives and disinformation to the public, in order to cover up their fraudulent-behaviors, of their own doing and making.

Somehow or somewhere, greed developed, and the problems much worse, and grew out of manageable-proportion with reality, and actuality. Now we see, easily observed, out-of-control use of taxpayer money, unnecessarily! These falsified government documents, create a glut-of funds to be used to finance make-believe circumstances, and the serious circumstances that “need to be resolved” are left without financing, and destruction of our Natural Habitats develop – corruptly out of control, i.e. Wildfires and Habitat Destruction by polluted waterways, creeks and streams, or soil and dirt pollution, to the point of none-use!

The very root of this very false-problem, originated by DOI – BLM years ago, as truthful data and much more evidence accumulates, is the fact that overpopulation of Wild Horses does not exist; which, is directly contrary to the $-millions of dollars of taxpayer money used in Disinformation Campaigns conducted by the DOI – BLM yearly. The overpopulation counts, when the public takes time to read the material the DOI BLM puts out about the Wild Horse overpopulation, would see immediately these birthrates do not, cannot, exist within this Universe we live within.

These two agencies alone, spent millions of dollars a year to cover up a problem they had generated all by themselves, and to actually cover-up expenditures of $521 Billion Dollars in the past 20 years taxpayer’s money, to subsides Corporate Ranchers ranching on Public Lands — The only qualification to meet the requirements for receiving $-millions of dollars a year by already rich Corporate Ranchers, was to have a Public Lands Grazing Permits for cattle. And if they did not have a Grazing Permit for their Ranch near Public Lands, well, grab a DOI or BLM District Office Supervisor and take them for a short-ride in their helicopter, and by damn they will get you one. Grifter’s and scammers call this Greasing the Monkey!

There is no excuse for this. Accountability must be accomplished. And those in the DOI – BLM responsible not just for the origination of this problem, but for the ongoing fraudulent behavior and misuse of taxpayer money we see constantly now – the White Gorilla in the room, smiles, comfortably – as it knows, as we know, Americans today do not have the guts to make our government agencies accountable for their illegal activity.

(Photo — Mr. Cox is a Vietnam Veteran – Photographer – Writer – with 30+ years riding the trails in the Pacific Northwest, which also stirred a proper motivation to start writing about the things he has seen and experienced while in our Natural Environment. His writing is directly related to his experience and knowledge of the Wilderness in the PNW where he was born and raised, within the Cascade Mountains, and with his Horse – Babe, for the past 20 years.