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Note: A statement about Wild Horses! And they make decisions on this type of ignorance!

A reversal of that long-held belief of Wild Horses being indigenous in America, could have the effect of moving the native horses to the front of the line when divvying up the precious water and forage in the arid West. A Blatant Fact, yet ignored by many in government and politicians, in favor of cattle and sheep only, on our Public lands! This, despite it is in direct-opposition to the American Taxpayer’s, and science as well.

And yet, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), maintains the horse advocates are perpetuating a myth (about the indigenous nature of Wild Horses – yup, ya just cannot make this stuff up), and many ranchers claim it’s part of a ploy to push livestock off public lands.

Science does not make this claim at all — Science also opposes BLM in their decision making process, as well as their ultimate management actions, toward wild Horses, directly!

So BLM employees thoughts, and decision making processes, as we have observed over the years, go side-by-side with this County Commissioner, out of Reno, Nevada . . .

“There are plenty of horses out in the Nevada desert,” said Tom Collins, a Clark County commissioner who has a ranch outside of Las Vegas, and has run cattle on U.S. lands in Arizona, Idaho and Utah — (heavy Conflict of Interest one might add here, as it is quite obvious) . . .

And in the matters of Horse Advocates? Well, ignorance and bigotry prevail within those who oppose Wild Horses being indigenous, as he goes on in his conversation — “Most of these folks, maybe their father slapped them or their mother didn’t love them, so now they are in love with these wild horses that aren’t really wild,” he said.

The most outrageous, and undeniable fact is — this is the type of mind-set that is now Managing our Nations Icons, the Wild Horses!

Taxpayer’s have to ask, one day soon, just how many decisions are based upon elements of ignorance such as this, in the DOI/BLM government agencies of today? This poses many more questions, but we see the devastation industry is doing to our Public Lands, then blame the Wild Horses, and yet we find no one to speak with that is sane enough to resolve Public Lands issues, or even to speak with about them, within any type of knowledgeable aspect of conversation.

Cost to taxpayer’s yearly, for this ignorance? $-Billions of your taxpayer dollars!

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Wild Horses – Options Available But Ignored

Article by John Cox, Cascade Mountains

We carry-on, in Wild Horse Advocacy, as if no options available for the Wild Horses. We are told this by certain grifter-groups i.e. commercialized non-profits, where their financials outweigh any type of positive resolution for the Wild Horses.

The DOI/BLM, state the same thing, of “no options” other than . . . and carry on, also, as if they expired all other resolutions (one hand feeding the other in their taxpayer money over-dose), and only Roundups, and programs promoting the use (one has got to change their mind-sets and indulge in the extremely arrogant and ignorant terms of Acceptable Animal Abuse), or to indulge, in toxic chemical use and other pesticides; which, are darted, or taken in pill form, into Wild Horses.  Very profitable for those involved, not so for the Wild Horses, and often rounded up anyway, or die. They have saved absolutely nothing, by the use of Pesticide PZP or Pesticide GONACON! When the questioned asked, Why? These groups simply demean those who ask the questions, as if an appropriate answer, and aggressively – this is how ignorance and bias works.

Where does this premise come from?  How do they get-away with such corruption and misuse of taxpayer money?  Here we look at certain truths, and expand upon it, rather than listen to the corrupt groups and government agencies. Many options available, and the list narrows when we speak of things that “will work” and will sustain our environment, our natural food supplement chains within nature, and will positively effect sustainability for Wild Horses on our Public Lands. These “truths” establish sustainability as well as diversity, in both wildlife, domestic livestock, and our terrestrial habitats. Cost to Taxpayers? “0” Zero taxpayer dollars.

The benefits here outweigh any debate – that is, Sustainability for our Natural Environments as well as for Wildlife, and Wild Horses. Populations, on all counts mentioned here, improve our living environments, as well as our Natural Environments within a progressive and natural “cause-and-effect” management paradigm, as nature, not humans, allowed to manage within a natural occurrence – science backs this, as well, and we look at versions of ReWilding, Trophical Cascade Effects, as well as enrichment of our Ecology via Diversity of Wildlife – Keystone predators as well as herbivores, and, as science again shows us, populations of Wildlife and the Terrestrial Habitats healthy.  Also, the effect of Global Warming decreased logarithmically, and over time.

The fact is, or truth, the DOI/BLM held captive by their industrial clientele; or, structurally bias (via their “regulatory” rather than a long term “mission” statement) toward their developmentalist paradigm of confusion; so, in reality, they remain closed institutions to taxpayers and the common folks in America.  Regulatory government agencies are bound to this often-corrupt management paradigm (which in reality manage nothing at all other than specified industries, beneficially), and continue to expect taxpayers to foot the bill for such corrupt behaviors — i.e. the Grazing Permit Programs on America’s Public Lands.

But what of this thing we refer to as “a natural cycle of decay”?  This is where policies that are unacceptable by DOI/BLM, for example, and Policy or “regulatory” change of any type, especially when adverse to profits, in these regulatory administered agencies.  Environmentalism, or even Wild Horse Advocacy, in these examples, are considered extreme, too extreme. Pay-offs to these groups, from taxpayers and through the DOI/BLM (unknown to the taxpayer public due to no transparency at all in the governments Grazing permit Programs) is a corrupted venture right from the “get-go”!

Now, for the “regulatory” adverse effect – where these aforementioned government agencies must appeal toward their Public, but their “regulatory” Public is Industry.  This results not only in less transparency, and combined with less “oversite”, the actual ignoring of Laws becomes much easier – corruption increases and it goes unchecked. This means it simply becomes more and more decayed, or more corrupt, similar to a neglected Cancer . . .  

These structurally bias, or closed institutions, become nothing more than profit-streams for government budgets, as well as commercialized non-profits, who are essentially being paid-off via grants and stipends, under imaginary and not so good Wild Horse Management paradigms — very faulty paradigms, and very abusive, darting toxic chemicals into Wild Horses!  The end result of all of this, is it “insulates the “Administrators” from the Public at large, as well as interest groups, or truthful non-profits who are “not” commercialized, which, insulates them from pressure to abide by the Law, or regulatory restraints.

Resolutions can be conducted, first, by establishing Real-Time Mission Statements, within these government agencies mentioned above.  Taking the premise of “regulatory” results out of the equation, and we take-out the politics as well as a lot of the corrupt behaviors toward what government agencies feel are their survival ratios.  In another word, through corrupted “regulatory” maneuvering, we not only discover (both government agencies and commercialized non-profits) perpetuation of their budgets (which these, in particular, government budgets today based upon fraudulent activity at best); but, not so ironic, no regulatory situation to cover the extreme corruption within DOI/BLM, and primary laws to protect our Wild Horses ignored, cloaked in regulatory situations, that in truth do not exist at all. Confusion is also a distraction, and DOI/BLM do it quite well.

Ultimately, within this limited context I speak of here, we find that it is transparency, as well as a firm Mission Statement (i.e. MS) to be established. But they must be bound by Law, to manage our lands and wildlife by the MS, that we can provide a better environment, and enhance our food-chain supplements, enhance and sustain our Wild Horses and all wildlife, reduce Wild Fires, and at the same time allow our heavily polluted Water Supplies in America to clean up itself, as well as the Air we breathe, and for Climate Change and Global Warming to actually “expire” . . .

There is nothing positive, for any form of life, when government agencies responsible for the health of our Public Lands and Wildlife, are essentially not doing their jobs in a competent manner.  Then there is what we call, the “Human Stain”, This is a progressive form of “corruption”, and industrial-based.  For money mostly, when we look at the $-Billions yearly (e.g., $-618 Billion over the past 20 years in subsidies from the Grazing Permit Programs on Public Lands) . . .

We discover through “simplicity of facts”, or what we refer also to as “truth”, actually resolves many issues.  We find it is the truth that will save Wild horses, and from those who feel, both academically and from common sense through experience with Wildlife and Wild Horses, that it is this “truth” that always wins.  It is just a matter of time, or actually, when do we accept the truth, rather than what is ongoing today – lies, false narratives, wayward corruption, misrepresentation of facts, or allowing the inexperienced to manage wildlife or wild horses – screw things up, and perpetuation of more lies and false narratives, to actually cover up the cover up from decades past. 

In the meantime, horses die, significant wildlife from our wilderness habitats die, and here we are – looking at Global Warming, our waters we drink for health is actually polluted (we have to purchase filtered water now), the air we breath is polluted, even the dirt we plant crops upon and in wilderness areas, yes, polluted today!  We have the answer, the response, and how to clean it up.  And yet, we deal with corruption in our government of today, as though it is some type of reality, where there is no options – and yet, here it is, the best Option — or, the best option for industry, certainly not the Wild Horses.


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