Note: A statement about Wild Horses! And they make decisions on this type of ignorance!

17 Jun

A reversal of that long-held belief of Wild Horses being indigenous in America, could have the effect of moving the native horses to the front of the line when divvying up the precious water and forage in the arid West. A Blatant Fact, yet ignored by many in government and politicians, in favor of cattle and sheep only, on our Public lands! This, despite it is in direct-opposition to the American Taxpayer’s, and science as well.

And yet, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), maintains the horse advocates are perpetuating a myth (about the indigenous nature of Wild Horses – yup, ya just cannot make this stuff up), and many ranchers claim it’s part of a ploy to push livestock off public lands.

Science does not make this claim at all — Science also opposes BLM in their decision making process, as well as their ultimate management actions, toward wild Horses, directly!

So BLM employees thoughts, and decision making processes, as we have observed over the years, go side-by-side with this County Commissioner, out of Reno, Nevada . . .

“There are plenty of horses out in the Nevada desert,” said Tom Collins, a Clark County commissioner who has a ranch outside of Las Vegas, and has run cattle on U.S. lands in Arizona, Idaho and Utah — (heavy Conflict of Interest one might add here, as it is quite obvious) . . .

And in the matters of Horse Advocates? Well, ignorance and bigotry prevail within those who oppose Wild Horses being indigenous, as he goes on in his conversation — “Most of these folks, maybe their father slapped them or their mother didn’t love them, so now they are in love with these wild horses that aren’t really wild,” he said.

The most outrageous, and undeniable fact is — this is the type of mind-set that is now Managing our Nations Icons, the Wild Horses!

Taxpayer’s have to ask, one day soon, just how many decisions are based upon elements of ignorance such as this, in the DOI/BLM government agencies of today? This poses many more questions, but we see the devastation industry is doing to our Public Lands, then blame the Wild Horses, and yet we find no one to speak with that is sane enough to resolve Public Lands issues, or even to speak with about them, within any type of knowledgeable aspect of conversation.

Cost to taxpayer’s yearly, for this ignorance? $-Billions of your taxpayer dollars!

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One response to “Note: A statement about Wild Horses! And they make decisions on this type of ignorance!

  1. Dave Gudelauski aka Pasco Dave

    June 18, 2022 at 10:43 pm

    I have been involved with horses both wild and domestic for well more than 20 years and I truly believe that wild horses belong where they are. Every researcher who doesn’t work for the BLM or ranchers say they are indigenous. My observations do not show them destroying the range. I now am caring for sixteen horses in central Nevada (thank you mustangs) and am happy to do so. My Momma loved me and my old Dad only wopped me when I deserved it. Them cowBoys only care about $$$$.


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