Fakery, Disinformation, and Wild Horses: Can Wild Horses Survive Such Disgusting People

07 Jul
The attribute of the bucking horse, when reality meets the bullshit. The Reality wins, always, despite what you say. Actions speak much louder than words. Written by John Cox, Cascade Mountains

All of the analytics, lists, and other pertinent information referenced, is all from Public Domain. I had assigned an assistant to develop, investigate, and create a summary of her investigation. She explored all these groups below, and the people in them, in the matters of being Pesticide PZP Darters and Supporters.

To state conflicts that these groups accepted, as good management paradigms, remain extremely controversial. This is due to the main-conflict, or purpose (one cannot resolve a lie, is to be kept in mind here), i.e. Wild Horse Overpopulation on Public Lands — essentially Fraud, with no evidence to show it is not fraud. But, what is outstanding with all of them, is, THERE ACTIONS IN DIRECT CONFLICT WITH WHAT THEY STATE ABOUT THEIR LOVE FOR WILD HORSES! BLATANT LIES AND HYPOCRISY EXISTS IN ALL OF THE GROUPS BELOW. Wild Horses die due to this, among other just as serious conflicts, that eventually kills them, as well.

Many of them state directly they “Love” Wild Horses; but then, remain totally aloof, and arrogantly ignorant — aggressively-so, at times. They respond to their bad-management ideologies and paradigms directly; which, involve Wild Horses and the use of dangerous toxic chemicals, that are darted into them.

Their “profits-base”, in reality, involves dangerous Pesticides, and other toxic chemicals, that are and remain adverse to many Wild Horse’s survival capacity on the range . . . These same people remain aggressive, as in a Bully or a Red Neck style aggression, toward those who are against the use of all Pesticides and all Birth Controls. Their aggressive behaviors can be compared to “Bully’s” or Red Necks in any given ghetto street block in any city. Apparently, they wish to force the negative-value paradigm, i.e. fraudulent use of toxic chemicals, onto people, just as they force toxic chemicals into the Wild Horses.

Interesting, what was also found, that the people who “push” pesticides, as if they save any horses what so ever, are of low-academic inclined levels of education, as well as very ignorant, and even bias, about and against Wild Horses. Many of these same people have little, to no experience, either with managing Wild Horses, or even in a situation to obtain any knowledge at all, about Wild Horses or Domestics.

We find through computerized analytic software, that the population of those who support Pesticide PZP, for example, remains consistently now, for three years, at 41% of all those who refer to themselves as Wild Horse Advocates, with a .002% error factor.

This means that 59%, with an error factor of .002% as well, Do Not Favor the use of any type of Birth Controls forced upon Our Wild Horses. Those against toxic chemical use, state clearly, NO EVIDENCE show an Over-population of Wild Horses on Public Lands; whereas, birth control use of any type, remains truthfully, unnecessary. This means the Pesticide PZP/Pesticide GONACON, is not approved, at all, by most American’s — and the profit-oriented bravado, and red neck ignorance, of those who support the use of Pesticides as a birth control — well, no matter how loud they yell, and give the rest of us disinformation, they still only provide their option as a truthful and only option.

This is simply wrong to do, and on all levels of humane responsibility. . . and no humane reasoning involved, what so ever, despite their wanting to keep changing the term Humane, to carry with it an ironic Acceptable Abuse toward animals dynamic, as they see fit! History shows us well, these types of disgusting people come, and then eventually disappear into the mist, after being overwhelmed with the truth.

PZP GONACON Cartel Group Members –

The bully’s, the fakes, the ignorant, and the superficial people, in the fake groups, support first and foremost the group they are in – the Wild Horses secondary, if at all, to them!

Yes, after the conflicts and smoke screens disappear, the only thing left is profits, which is their Primary Concern. And here they are, all the groups, and despite what they attempt to make you believe, they are NOT THE MAJORITY of Horse Advocates, and very much the minority — despite what they appeal toward on Facebook or other social media. They remain the minority, in accord with proper data gathering, in the raw form, of numbers observed, and a scientific interpretation of these same numbers, in accord with truthful dynamics.

Non-profits & online groups pushing the use of PZP in Wild Horses:

· Alliance of Wild Horse Advocates

· American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ASPCA

· American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign AWHC – Suzanne Roy

· Animal Legal Defense Fund ALDF

· Animal Wellness Action AWA – Wayne Pacelle/Marty Irby/Scott Beckstead

· Animal Welfare Institute

· Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary

· Botstiber Institute for Wildlife Fertility Control

· CANA Foundation – Manda Kalimian

· Center for Animal Protection and Education

· Center for Humane Education – Wayne Pacelle/Marty Irby/Scott Beckstead

· Citizens Against Equine Slaughter CAES – Patience O’Dowd

· The Cloud Foundation – Ginger Kathrens

· Corolla Wild Horse Fund

· Friends of the Mustangs 8/28/19

· Fish Springs Wild Horse Alliance

· Freedom Rocks facebook group w/CAES

· Friends of a Legacy

· Front Range Equine Rescue

· Habitat for Horses

· Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection Fund

· Horses for Life Foundation

· Humane Society of the United States HSUS

· In Defense of Animals 9/28/19 IDA

· Jicarilla Mustang Heritage Alliance

· Lady Freethinker

· Least Resistance Training Concepts

· Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue

· Lucky Three Ranch 9/12/19

· Montgomery Creek Ranch

· Mustang Heritage Foundation – money from BLM

· National Mustang Association, Colorado Chapter

· Nevada Wild and Free (AWHC) 8/28/19

· Onaqui Catalogue 8/28/19

· Onaqui Wild Horse Alliance 8/28/19

· Oregon Wild Horse & Burro Association

· Pegasus Equine Guardian Association

· Piceance Mustangs – Cindy Wright & Aletha Dove

· Photographers for the Preservation of Wild Horses and Burros

· Pine Nut Wild Horse Advocates

· Respect 4 Horses

· Return to Freedom Wild Horse Sanctuary and Preservation RTF – Neda Demayo

· Salt River Wild Horse Management Group

· Save the Onaqui (Salt River and AWHC) 8/28/19

· Science and Conservation Center partner w/HSUS makes PZP

· Serengeti Foundation

· Southern Sun Farm Sanctuary

· Steadfast Steeds

· SWAT Sand Wash Advo Team – Stella Trueblood

· The American-Canadian Horse Warrior Forum 7/29/19

· The Horse Nation 9/18/19

· United Horse Coalition partnered with SPCA

· Veterans for Mustangs – Cameron Ring

· Virginia Range Wildlife Protection Association – AWHC

· Wild Equid League (Colorado)

· Wild Horses of America Foundation

· Wild Horse Connection Reno Nevada

· Wild Horse Conservation 8/4/19

· Wild Horse Education WHE – Laura Leigh

· Wild Horse Observers Association WHOA – Patience O’Dowd

· Wild Horse Protection Act 12/25/19

· Wild Horse Preservation League

· Wild Horse Warriors of Sand Wash Basin 8/6/19 – Cindy Wright & Aletha Dove

· Wild Mustangs Forever 8/28/19

· Wyoming Wild Horse Improvement Partnership 8/26/19

· Warriors & Ranchers for Wolves & Wild Horses World News 11/21/19


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