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Wild Horses Bears Wolves Cougars: Ignorance verses Humanity

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“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

One thing I learned about animals is the fact they have a lot to teach us. I continue to observe horses, cougars, and wolves and what I refer to as their humane and noteworthy kinship. This is very important for all of us to consider, as it is humans, who have indeed lost the very thread of kinship entirely.

This kinship I speak of holds humanity and respect toward all things together. It is and remains not just the ideology, or perspective of “all is connected” within this world, but a working mentality these animals have instinctually, an in-born cause and effect if you will, of a decency we as people left in our past sadly long, long ago.

We create effective notoriety, take what you need and to hell with the rest, within iconic ideologies such as religion, politics, social structure, media presence, and other things of not really that much significance. And yet we as a social group, ignore in its entirety any perspective or respect toward another life – the reality, to all living matter that surrounds us daily. Ironically, these things I mention were meant to bring us all together, not develop into excuses as to why we can abuse or even kill other people or animals.

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” ― Aristotle

The acceptable mode is comfort in our living rooms, or within heavily controlled outdoor activity; the facts ignored, of the sacrifices developed to have these things. After all, no one really wants to get depressed because an animal was tortured before being put to death for a bite or two of their meat, and the rest most often thrown away . . . How arrogant of those people who would remind us of such things, so the ignorant state in a plausible note of scorn, or excuse to run-down or condemn those who do see this awful reality, and then actually say something about it!

In achieving one goal toward any of these ideologies and or idiosyncratic creations of perspective, we override, essentially sacrifice and forget in total the humane treatment of all animals, our surroundings, and do not even ponder the disrespect we give toward God’s creation and all the other animals of this planet.

Humanity is being left behind for monetary results, egos, and troubled and conflicted minds. The lack of compassion, currently even to other humans by politicians, by representatives of several religions, or by those who know better — is the disease we fight currently – noteworthy as well, it is Ignorance!

It is an epidemic, make no doubt — because ignorance is just that – an unforgiving epidemic that often appears to have no resolution. Who are these people that negotiate better ways of, for example of oh so many more examples that exist, killing Cougars by being hunted down by dogs and shot – even though unneeded – but the compromise exists because of perceptive, not reality or based on facts . . . And those who actually met and negotiated these results feel they should be held with respect?

I say no, that is disgusting – they should be held in contempt, as they have disregarded the very basis of humanity, of decency, of ethics, or of simply living together with others who have just as much right on this planet as they do – Yes, Ignorance is a terrible and disgusting situation human-kind had evolved into on our planet of today — right now, and as I write this down, and while you are reading it.

To better ourselves as humans, within a humane mental outlook and a spirit of love – sadly many people call this an unachievable dream – Really? That is simply too bad, isn’t it — for all involved.

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