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Debate to Resolve: Indigenous Status for Wild Horses

– John Cox, MA, Cascade Mountains

The Debate without Evidence is no Debate

Just a quick communication here, for ammunition to debate-against the Non-Indigenous status of Wild Horses’, This explains a lot of the evidence, not all, to prove our side of the debate – against their side, which they have no scientific evidence, nor patterns of life-forms consistent with Wild Horses going extinct for 10,000 years (evolution does not “just-happen one day — it is spread over long periods of time, with “no” gaps i.e. Samulson 1991, Godfred 1987 et al.) – The non-indigenous theories are simply all surmised from a base of misinformation and hearsay, with conjecture & opinion added into the false paradigm. . . in another words No Evidence . . .

It’s estimated 11,000 to 13,000 years ago the Wild Horses went extinct, or at the end of the Pleistocene era. But we disagree with those numbers, as well as the extinction-theory, entirely. We discover many problems with the common Carbon-Dating method that establish these numbers for accuracy, due to the averages associated with the Carbon-Dating creates within its process, which can be off by 450-500 with some objects, and within some areas and with examination by testing bone-piles as evidence, 800-1,000 years off — at times, upon each test result – for example, 3 separate bone femurs from supposedly the same horse, could all be “off” by 1,000 years. We know this cannot happen logically, so this is a worthless situation to provide as evidence. . . and to send a species to extinction, simply is just not enough credible evidence to do so.

I will remain generic here, as a paper is in the making, with more of a technical discussion and more elaborate facts . . . Another problem is many resources, out of convenience, simply discuss Alaska, where many mammals, inclusive of Wild Horses, supposedly went extinct (as well as Bison), and after the Pleistocene Era. Keep in mind bone-piles were not available to archaeologists in modern-times in those digs, or areas in Alaska, (“Absence of Evidence does not mean Evidence of Absence”, an old quote by Dr Carl Sagan – means, in a very simple term, that, if there is lack of evidence of presence of a thing, does not always conclude to the absence of that thing totally). What they neglected was the remainder of the southern United States, or the lower 48, as well as British Columbia.

Opinion and conjecture, once again, and absence in limited areas, formed the non-credible yet accepted, terms of non-existence. Then we find it was “. . . noteworthy not to challenge this belief, if one wanted to maintain their credibility in the field of Research (i.e. Smithsonian Inst. Et al.)”

This bias was allowed to become the evidence, only due to – no one wanted to decipher the truth of the information; nor, did anyone really have the equipment at those times, to actually do an accurate job.

It remained, similar to the propaganda that exists today, with the Wild Horse Over-Population on Public Lands. Once again, today, we find the same types of bias, when we find their categorical classification as “non-Indigenous”, as well as designated “Pests” for industrial profits, not based upon any science, at all. This was accomplished approximately 8 to 10 years ago, to use Pesticides on them legally, and in accord with Federal Herbicide and Pesticide use laws – but indeed violated the WH&B Act of 1971. . .

 Then we go to PEER 2015 — detailed in a report how the DOI/BLM dropped cattle from “research” on all Public Lands, and disqualified any researchers that would promote any agenda to do so; then, would assure no funding go to a researcher if they attempted to do so, so destruction in any research papers by cattle would automatically defer to Wild Horses).

The point is, when anyone discusses this particular extinction of Wild Hoses, they are only discussing Alaska and vicinity, as those were the only areas where digs existed when they developed this unsubstantiated opinion into an unproven hypothesis – yet, accepted as truth . . .

The noted extinction of Wild Horses, among other mammals, also grazers, and found direct conflicts exist, with e.g. the Mammoth, Pygmy Mammoth, Cave drawings of horses, and horse bones dated currently within the lower 48 states, at that time as well. et al. In the lower 48, during this supposed extinction episode, they did not go extinct at all. Evidence outweighs the hearsay, currently, but the government and the Smithsonian, for example, refuse to budge on their opinionated history only, that has no evidence to back them up, at all – other than hearsay.

But we see the same things, as we see in several research papers, upon the use of Pesticides as a Birth Control situation, and most, at the start of the Technical Research papers, state clearly, “. . . it goes without saying, Wild Horses upon Public Lands are Overpopulated. . .”

No – it does not go without saying! It would be very significant, and necessary information, to show credible statistics, and rise in populations, if not managed differently.

For example, ratios of horses per land-space, per each state – then compared to cattle and sheep populations, but researchers do not show that; birth and death rates do not show that; even the overly extended numbers from DOI/BLM do not show that; nor, is there any solid evidence that clearly shows us, there is any over-population at all on Public Lands.

Evidence to back the DOI/BLM about much of anything having to do with Wild Horses, does not exist. A lot of hearsay, a lot of conjecture, a lot of DOI/BLM employees that are obnoxious to the public if any one disputes them, and we find no credibility in the DOI/BLM presence on Public Lands, at all . . . for several significant reasons. All Corrupt!

First, no one investigates nor does appropriate research of this “supposed” Wild Horse Over-population even exists; secondly, no one discussed the facts that the DOI/BLM “do not enter” not only Roundup-Deductions of Wild Horses taken off Public Lands, but Birth Rate Ratios vs Death Rate Ratios, are not considered, at all . . . Basic “averaging” of Statistical Data is based upon all of this, but is not done.

The fact is, we have a problem with the way Horses in general have been treated over the centuries. Especially the Wild Horses. Yet, evidence shows us, quite clearly I might add, the evolutionary process never stopped, of the Wild Horses in the Americas. As evidence shows us through simple eDNA and mDNA . . .

We also find, nearly 5,000 – 6,000 years ago, at the beginning of language and the written form of communication, there existed the phonic origination of words (Rome and Egypt, started the basis toward an alphabet for writing purposes et al.), and the symbolic origination (i.e. drawings and symbols – China and Siberia, et al.) of communicating in written form, from China, both Siberian and Mandarin languages, and those traveling bands of Siberian tribes, in the Ancient North Americas. Many finds of lettering and symbolic communication both, drawn upon cave walls, or rock faces in River Gorges, et al, discussing Wild Horses during a time they were supposedly extinct. Many dated found to be 3,000 to 5,000 years old. 1.) Hieroglyph, a character used in a system of pictorial writing, particularly that form used on ancient Egyptian monuments. Hieroglyphic symbols may represent the objects that they depict but usually stand for particular-sounds or groups of sounds. 2.) petroglyphs, or a rock carving, or engraved into stone, especially a prehistoric one.

This information alone, carries the weight of Evidence quite well. This is contrary and directly in opposition against those who want to send America’s Wild Horses to extinction. The government agency corruption & corrupted non-profits and corrupted industry on public Lands, essentially, have no evidence at all for their opinions. Frankly, it becomes nothing more than conjecture, about Wild Horses be non-indigenous.

More on this in the weeks to come.

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