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Wild Horses Misinformation and Bad Science: Corrupt Government Agency and Non-Profits

“The fact that we live at the bottom of a deep gravity well, on the surface of a gas covered planet going around a nuclear fireball 90 million miles away and think this to be normal is obviously some indication of how skewed our perspective tends to be.” ― Douglas Adams, The Salmon of Doubt: Hitchhiking the Galaxy One Last Time

Why do we take issue at the lack of good science data with what is called today, Pesticide PZP (and the ever-present oncoming experimental GONACON)? Because subjectivity, or False Narrative with bias, and science remain two separate situations. The dynamics of each very different. Many of us find Pesticide PZP (and up and coming GONCON) nothing more than subjective rhetoric while selling a toxic chemical – the results on our Public Lands of this endeavor remains quite negative, with no good potential results foreseen in the future. Wild Horses are going extinct! False science, misinformation, ignoring of Ecological demands, and corruption the reasons why . . .

The wild horses on America’s Public Lands is falling victim to what many of us simply refer to as bad, and incompetent white-paper gibberish. As history shows us time and again, government agencies seem to attract this type of research, calls it science, and as history shows us, time after time, until we see the outstanding negative results, in this case a species going extinct, do we finally realize the mistake.

But only over time is the burden of responsibility taken to task, the fingers point to those who cannot defend themselves, and these elements of destruction, these non-profits and BLM who promote this Pesticide PZP scam, simply move-on to other schemes and scams to obtain taxpayer money differently, is all . . .

Well, as taxpayers and American’s it is time for all of us to Stand Up and say no to any further Pesticide PZP or GONACON use. The fact is, there are many more options than simply outright “exploiting” the Wild Horses for profit — and the large Commercialized Non-Profits (now you can understand why we call them Commercialized) know other options exist, but avoid telling Wild Horse Advocates about the other options, distinguished as well as backed by excellent Science. And the other obvious Fakes’, and and those who lack experience, applying to Manage our Wild horses, without experience, and no, none of them “Experts” as I see one refer to himself as a WH Expert, but the years nor the knowledge (his writing as well as the others, simply tell us this precisely, lack of experience and no expert at all!

Spotted Owls in the Cascades

For explanation reasons, I am using the Spotted Owl within the Nooksack River watershed, as well as the Skagit River Valley, both in the Cascade Mountains. It shows us, overtime, the dynamic also involved within the wild horses, even though separate ecological zones, separate species for sure, yet similar in population encounter and census.

The biology, when all the variables considered, show situations that remain overlooked, or even ignored, by Pesticide PZP/GONACON research. Many define, categorically, Pesticide PZP/GONACON as questionable subjective reasoning of combined-information only, bias in reality, merely passed-off as science –

“If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?” ― Albert Einstein

Many of us accept this fact of facts, as there simply exists too many variables left unexplored from the Pesticide PZP/GONACON data gathering, to be any type of acceptable science what so ever. Way too many significant data situations ignored or even not thought about what so ever (horses die often, from people who do not know what it is they do not know) which would show beyond a doubt Pesticide PZP & GONACON, a questionable situation at best, and non-useful. The reasoning why significant variables left unexplored? Well, let’s take a look at some of the more obvious, and viability of our wildlife in general.

A census of the Spotted Owl may show twenty-five owls exist, but perhaps only seven are of a reproductive age, and only five sexually active. The outcome of this, within a good biology context, would likely be five-owls, not twenty-five. To assimilate across the board a 20% to 38% increase, as they do with wild horses, is simply bad management, untruthful, and no good-science or biology would back up such claims what so ever – as variables do exist on this planet, always.

When we refuse to consider significant variables, that do exist and apparent should not be ignored, then we have to question the supposed science involved. On the same scale of research, if we ignore the habitats, or Ecological Zones that exist, deduction through subjectivity only, and as if Pesticide PZP not harmful within any circumstance – but never explored, through due diligence and good data gathering, we never find out if harmful or not in Ecological Zones of any type. . . Used on something like Wild Horses, we become very concerned at this monumental error in judgement, that certainly lacks scientific responsibility, and one can also attest, irresponsible within an ethical or humane context as well . . . – John Cox, The Cascades

But taking this further, and moving on to the twenty-five Owls located at Skagit River Valley. We may locate also twenty-five individuals. Within this group, two owls may be contributing genes to future generations; the birth rate here would likely be two, as good biology and all variables considered, will show us.

Good biology, coming from truthful research, shows us this as facts, and only when all variables explored, data gathered, and the data then studied within an objective understanding of the data, which only then gives us the results to use in the research.

A hypothesis-test is completed, and through experimentation and sound mathematics, we come up with working proof, whether the situation a valid circumstance, in this case population control by use of a pesticide – or simply would be harmful, or of no use what so ever, and disruptive rather than helpful. Yes, the hypothesis can become positive or negative, and truth must be told, otherwise . . .

Without appropriate data gathering, all variables inclusive, we find throughout history good science with objective circumstance prevails – subjectivity and opinions does not, and is not good science at all.

We can now understand how far off subjectivity can lead research, and into realms not of science what so ever, but into commercialized product sales-only situations. Within the scenario above, or good science combined with good biological Laws of circumstance, the actual objective counts will always be lower than the census size, because not all individuals contribute equally to reproduction, again, as good biology shows us consistently.

Biologically, when the variables considered, we can average census counts at about four times higher than effective population. This situation ignored in total, in another word, good biology has been ignored for a more commercialized, and truthfully a far more harmful product within our Public Lands, and imposed upon America’s Wild Horses.

We also find, within good science and all variables considered, fifty-owls, at the bottom of the genetic basement, may actually translate into a census count of a few hundred birds. To maintain a census of 500 owls, for example, several thousand individuals would require protection.

View all the presumptive numbers cautiously, until variables enter into the equations; which, only then do we find more to population viability than genetic uncertainty. Demographic and environmental stochasticity must also be taken into account. In reality, and what makes any type of population control drugs or pesticides questionable, is the fact that the demographic character of any given group, in this case the wild horses on America’s Public Lands, is never certain, in real-time.

Species Extinction Variables

What we have done, in order to understand extinctions, complex and variable situations become consistent; actually, these are variables that remain overlooked by any Bureau of Land Management data gathering, as well as not meeting requirements to use population control drugs at all, and on our Public Lands. . . The best example is, we discover, Ecological Zones require wildlife diversity, not single-species-selection as a priority (i.e. cattle), which in real-time, and as history shows us consistently, will always destroy Ecological Zones, and will lead the majority of significant wildlife to extinction — and for several reasons – variability-census must be gathered as entry data into any good scientific research:

  1. Genetic uncertainty, or random changes in genetic makeup due to inbreeding (one of many other negative downsides, becoming more and more consistent weekly, to Pesticide PZP and other population control drugs and pesticides) et al., which alter the survival and reproductive capabilities of individuals;
  2. Demographic uncertainties resulting from random events in the survival and reproduction of individuals in populations;
  3. Environmental uncertainties due to unpredictable changes in climates, predators, weather, food supply, and the population of competitors, predators, et al.;
  4. Catastrophic uncertainties from such phenomena as hurricanes, fires, droughts, etal., which occur at random intervals.

A viable population is one that maintains vigor (health) and the potential for future evolutionary adaptation – The reality? Wild-Horse-Populations face increasing risk as their numbers decline, in a very reality-based future, they are heading to extinction – and yet, Pesticide PZP still in use upon them as if this situation did not exist at all. We can define ignorance here, as the uncooperative mind-sets ignore the obvious. Money is involved, make no doubt, and does make people blind to many facts.

Once again, we look at the supposed research of Pesticide PZP, and find the data obtained to be extremely narrow in scope, with significant variables unavailable, or purposely left out entirely? And, once again, we find subjective-opinions, placed into a science category, awkwardly at best, is destructive, especially to the wild horses.

We can state beyond a doubt, that those who say they support, or work with BLM are indeed corrupt as well – as one does not work within corruption and cannot avoid becoming corrupt themselves – History consistently and undeniably shows us this truth.


Until we understand the complexity of our Public Lands and forestry’s entirely, inclusive of its Ecology and entire Environment Complex, whether it be the Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management, or non-profits who partake in contracting for taxpayer’s money, then we should simply leave it alone – as currently it is being destroyed by nothing more than ignorance! And on many different levels! We must understand Ecological Zones in order to understand more of the variables that exist within the use of Pesticide PZP within any Environment. This includes our wilderness environment as well. To even consider a single-species (non-indigenous cattle for example) management paradigm, is not only destructive to any environment, but is simply an ignorant and not well thought out situation, nor is it any type of science what so ever.

It shows us just how broken our government wildlife and wilderness area management situations are today – and the use of Pesticide PZP only acceptable within this broken wildlife management paradigm.

Then to compound such ignorance with a pesticide and other population control drugs, that inhibit wildlife growth, and under the guise of misinformation at best (there exists no over-population of wild horses on our Public Lands what so ever), then we have an incompetent government agency compounded by very ignorant non-profits who are making a lot of money, all the while destroying America’s Wild Horses.

But then, we find this type of misinformation, lies, and corruption quite often, within America’s history. We have the option, and no excuse, because we know, and must acknowledge change is needed within the Bureau of Land Management as well as the regulatory capacities of non-profits. They must now take responsibility for their partaking in the very blatant Wild Horse destruction, and road to extinction as well.

We need many changes here in America, and it is simply time to start with saving our wild horses on our Public Lands from extinction. This is all-inclusive of placing Wild Horses back onto our Public Lands, leaving them and other wildlife alone.

This paradigm, alone, will provide as well as promote extended Ecological Zones, when diversity finally takes hold, of both vegetation and wildlife. But here we must understand proximity, size of healthy Environments, and the actual connections between land mass and all Ecological Zones, which provide, eventually, a very healthy environment for the human species to live upon this planet, as well.

As no human can remain an island upon themselves, neither can our environment, and will actually thrives upon the connection of all and to all . . . John Cox, The Cascades


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