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Wild Horses and the type of Ignorance Fought to save them

6230052936b8ed231aToday in America many of us want to save our Icons, The Wild Horses on Our Public Lands. There is no doubt that the Bureau of Land Management remains incompetent, as well as the Forestry and management of our Public Lands as well, and horses, beyond any doubt what so ever, continue to go to slaughter — Illegally. Yes, Ignorance and incompetence does lead to disaster — always!

The situations that have to do with Public Lands and Forestry Lands are so corrupt today, that many non-profits have developed, and many simply take advantage of the corruptness that now exists on our Federal and Public Lands $$$$$. . .

Currently, a situation developed in South Dakota and within the matters of a Horse Rescue (the oldest and most genuine rescue of iconic value) and Our Nations Wild Horses, rescued, living there. The lessens we are learning, a more proper explanation would be fitting of – In Your Face Lessons Learned, are becoming more and more obvious as the days move forward.

We can now see that the very false-premise of the situation overlooked. We can also see a continuous series of over-dramatized and overly-developed circumstances have choked any “truth” off entirely. But what of this reactionary situation can we learn here, and at the same time provide us with something of, or rather, anything of value?

Well, the first thing many of us who have stepped back, and kept somewhat uninvolved (and yet received insults and rhetoric when speaking truth), are seeing a Twilight – Zonish level of human emotion. The human elements described as ignorance, haltered, superiority, and worse an overbuilt and abundant contempt toward those undeserving people who were simply trying to make ends meet.

Ironically, just like everyone, or a group, who stands within condemnation toward one person, acting as though their superiority has overcome that particular time when something does fail in one’s life (lies to themselves quite abundant within a group setting) – and their life falls into disorder, chaos, and even heartbreaking ridicule upon oneself. . . Yes, being human is all . . . no one really escapes this, although some may want others to believe they have —

Sadly, this situation just like everyone else’s actually, but something went wrong temporarily and become very noticeable – and noticeable to many. And similar to a Twilight Zone situation, the truth was immediately twisted, corkscrewed into an odd reality; which, within a group, those same people who twisted that reality, did so to their own benefit – and that temporary group displacement of superiority over one person, did take place – and does take place, and currently ongoing within a disgraceful human-species display of total ignorance.

The saddest part of all, is the fact those that could have stood up and resolve the situation much better, without the sacrifice of the horses, did not do so. And this “truth”, simply overwhelms all other facts that have become twisted within this menagerie of chaotic contempt toward one individual.

Yes, so we are also seeing, as the days move forward, the sacrifice of the horses so the non-profits, under their own words when supposedly refusing to assist any longer (covering their own ass is what we call it out here), simply could care less about the horses because they are too large of a non-profit to actually worry about such trivial matters, and after all it is only one person – but oh yes, here is a slight amount to support the attempts to save some of the horses – but oh, such a small endeavor when considering a tad-bit more of cash for hay, could have done so much more, and actually saved all of the horses = Reality . . .john-babe-saddle-222266666

So, what we learn here is an individual, with no political significance, and no important stature, other than being Humane and Honest, just common folks like you and I mostly, can and as far as large non-profits are concerned, do not qualify for truth nor assistance – but must be condemned, and “. . . sacrifices must be made. . .” (i.e. Death of a Salesman – or the unrecognized death of the common folks, as the theme goes)

Oddly, the organization I speak of, the United States is within their non-profit name, but their current endeavors, actually and in truth that go back a few years now, pointedly not of United States values, nor within any Humane Principle’s nor responsibilities toward the term Humane what so ever. What has seriously been over looked here, is the fact of the lack of Humane within any definable form being placed into action to resolve the problems at hand, and Group-Hate has taken over entirely.

But wait, there will be more, and donations asked, so this problem will not develop again. But there is not only any guarantee, and assuredly, this problem will develop, and escalate tremendously, and with no help from the large organizations that obtain donations to assist. Yes, Lost is the integrity, as well as truth, within this donation realm of non-profits of this generation. The greedy and unscrupulous have taken over, for a while anyway. American’s have a way of separating the corrupt from the honest folks, and eventually the corrupt simply bury themselves – but unfortunately, they take many with them while doing so!

Yes, ethical bounds have been crossed, and the human-species, in yet another challenge to do what is right, has essentially failed within all Christian, or within any spiritual elements of life, and respect for others; their faith, obviously not of value to those who take part in these hate group-events of animosity and hatred toward others. Worse yet, is many will walk away, supposing they had done something of value, as twisted and contorted as that sounds, but very truthful indeed – otherwise, how would one live with themselves? Ignorance at its foremost worse . . . — John Cox, The Cascades Fall of 2016


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