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Wild Horses Should Remain on America’s Public Lands — Those Taken Placed Back Onto America’s Public Lands


To know what is right and not do it is the worst cowardice. — Confucius

** BLM & Welfare Ranchers, Horses & Taxpayers! **
~ “We demand Wild Horses be placed back onto Public Lands” ~

HERE IS WHAT I FAVOR — Whether it be right now, or wafting for the new stream of incoming and reelected legislators — Due to the rapid increase of the Bureau of Land Management appeasing not even 1% of the taxpaying Public, in truth ignoring 99% of the taxpaying American, and mismanaging America’s Public Lands so incompetently and badly, and within such a narrow scope, We as Americans, and I speak for many, Demand the Following:

1. We demand Wild Horses be placed back onto Public Lands;

2. We demand a discontinuance of what is termed, and classified as Welfare Ranching, or ranchers who hold Public Lands Grazing Permits, their subsidies to be cut-off immediately, and cattle grazing on Public Lands to stop (cease) immediately;

3. We demand a cut/layoff of BLM employees, administered as
Financial Cutbacks in the exact amount that was spent for Unnecessary Wild Horse Herds Roundups over the past 4 Decades, and paid for by American Taxpayers, and under false pretense, bad science, and incompetent decision making;

4. We also demand that the Department of the Interior is simply too large to administer America’s federal lands, as well as subordinate agencies administered and managed by DOI, under the guise of current Laws and Policy, and demand a large cutback of employees and subordinate government agencies alike, that in truth many redundant agencies should simply be discontinued;

5. We demand of the legal government agencies, within the Constitutional Framework of jurisprudence and Check-n-Balance system of the current democracy style governing bodies, that a investigation on actual laws broken, on fraudulent behavior while being a government employee or government contractor, who generated or gave the correspondence to the public of falsified information, all be administered and all employees found guilty be immediately withdrawn from government employment as well as face charges within a Federal court system in regard to their illegal behavior!

These are simple, and common sense solutions to the present conduct and criminal behavior of many employees within government agencies of today — whereas, these resolutions are only a beginning to resolve the worst of the worst government employees now being paid by tax payer money.

~ John Cox


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Bureau of Land Management Refuse to Accept Responsible Budget Restraint or Conduct; Taxpayers Pay for BLM’s Arrogant Attitude – An Editorial

murderer's creek horses

“In the laws of the land, we have no rights; in government we have no voice; and in spite of another principle recognized in this Republic, namely, that taxation without Representation is Tyranny, we are taxed without being represented.” — An American Patriot

“A federal judge ruled Monday that the U.S. Bureau of Land Management once again violated federal laws when it issued grazing permits instead of analyzing how grazing. . . U.S. District Judge B. Lynn Winmill found that the BLM failed to consider stopping grazing in any of the proposed management plans in the agency’s Burley Field Office.” Federal court rules BLM wrong on EA By KIMBERLEE KRUESI, Associated Press Published: Sep 29, 2014

“The BLM failed to analyze existing . . . conditions in the four allotments, Judge Winmill wrote, which he described as “particularly troubling” because the species is a candidate for listing under the Endangered Species Act. . . He also wrote that the four allotments are degraded by livestock grazing. . . Judge Winmill agreed that the BLM is allowed to automatically renew grazing permits without conducting lengthy environmental reviews. However, it must still comply with federal laws requiring the agency to consider ongoing rangeland degradation and observe the Fundamental of Rangeland Health regulations during allotment renewal.” Ibid.

Once again the Bureau of Land Management employees, i.e. Rangeland Managers, decided to ignore Law, ignore appropriate decision making process based on good science, and pretty much went about their own decision making process of placing special interest first, despite the destruction their decision would cause on America’s Public Lands, and at taxpayer expense.

Going to Federal Court costs the American taxpayers anywhere from $1.5 million dollars to upward of $12 to $18 million dollars in the past. . . Multiply this by the approximate 70 to 85 times yearly this government agency is taken to court, just within the parameter simply making bad decisions – and these figures escalate into an extremely large amount of taxpayer money spent questionably.

But this is not unique at all to those of us who watch what the BLM does, and how they go about their irresponsible daily business.

Wild Horse Herd Rounds

As the example above shows us, and many more are indeed available from the last year or two (even though we can reference up to 20 years ago quite readily), the wild horse herd roundups are unnecessary, where decisions made from false, and even politically manipulated information.

When managed properly, through a horse herd’s natural ability to keep their breeding minimal, horse herds only grow 2% to a high of 4% (i.e. study groups as well as experience in observing horse herd interactions quite clear on this particular subject) – with predation decreasing herd size as well. This would cost taxpayers a few thousand yearly, not $billions as it is currently. Yes, this simple.

I mention this, and keep it within just this marginal situation, to quickly describe the BLM and their ambiguities, their incompetence, and their narrow scope of decision making — just within the mess they have created with the supposed wild horse herd numbers on Public Lands. Yes, their horse counts seriously flawed as well

Yes, they created a mess from their very beginning of wild horse herd management. They established a base-data platform that has been shown time and again to be erroneous at best. So they, in reality, created the mess . . . Then to attempt correction further down the decision making process tried to adjust it, which created more of a mess. Then they had to cover up their reasoning for making the adjustment which created an entire new mess; then to cover this mess up they created an entire system of lies – which today we call BLM Speak. But in truth, their mess simply piles-up profoundly over time, and now it is a huge garbage pile of a lot of messes, or corrective actions, and even corrective legislation transpired as well. This all, quite costly to taxpayers, in truth resolved nothing yet.

Yes, taxpayer’s pay for this all – every bit of it, and not so surprisingly, no one knows how to stop the mass situation of lies, innuendo, and false information given to the public by this agency. So they, meaning Senators, Congressmen, along with BLM administers and management people, simply stand back and watch the mess grow in proportion with the destruction of America’s Public Lands and the abuse and killing of America’s Wild Horse Herds. Then they simply throw more and more money at their whim to whomever, and no one really questions what has been ongoing for decades – that is — Until these past few years . . .

Another easily obtainable fact – The Bureau of Land Management, along with its oversight government agency, the Department of the Interior, remain two agencies that are constantly in litigation, or have lost 98% of their litigation over the years due to bad decisions for one reason or another. Your tax money at work!

These two agencies are literally spinning out of control, very obvious to many —


The fact is taxpayer’s are paying for unnecessary Wild Horse Herd Roundups amounting now to $billions of dollars; we are also paying subsidies to Welfare Ranchers, who demand these unnecessary roundups as well, in the $billions of dollars unnecessarily, and in the meantime there is nothing given back to the taxpayer or American’s in general.

As a matter of fact just the opposite occurs, and welfare ranchers feel entitled (i.e. yes, they Demand Taxpayer Money) for more taxpayer support and money — yes outright mooches all of them. This is what pays for their cattle, their cattle ranching efforts (most are non-competitive and operate their ranches at a loss – subsidies are their income – their yearly domestic sales receipts less than 1% overall) airplanes, new trucks, and that extra wing on their mansion out on what used to be a normal ranch house – and at taxpayer expense – and all the while disrespecting the taxpayer while demanding more $$$$.

Right now the American Public and the American taxpayers need Representation. When it comes right down to it, our tax money is being spent for things we do not want it spent for! Taxation without Representation is ongoing before us right now, and on our Public Lands!

We need someone to put their foot down, and make the statement, “WE DEMAND THIS TO BE STOPPED! WE DEMAND IT TO BE STOPPED RIGHT NOW! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!”


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