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A Tavern, Vietnam Vet, and Jim The Greek

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Ya know, Nature gives us all the power of Freedom, and like the Wild Horses, many want to take that away and convince us that it is their perspective of Freedom that is the only Freedom.

Well, Nature and the Great Spirit gives us the choices of Wisdom and Compassion as well. Neither one of what Nature gives us agrees that freedom is only what corporations and our government give us.

This Natural Freedom is within us all. Reach deep, as it is hidden due to all the crap we have had and are right now being pumped into all of us. The Freedom in there is for all of us, and the Wisdom, Love, Integrity, and Compassion as well. – John Cox, The Cascades

In 1971, I come back from Vietnam. One evening and not long after getting back to the states, went down to the Pastime Tavern, with many friends since childhood — born and raised.  One beer and I needed some fresh air. The screen door slammed shut behind me, as I stepped out back.  I took a place and sat down, on the old and worn out brick and concrete sidewalk.  It that had been there, and never changed, for as long as I can remember. . .  Nothing really changes much in a small town.

Anyway, it overlooked the town’s park, and what I thought was simply a beautiful place to see, especially in moonlight.  Mostly, because I made it home in one piece, and as other friends who were killed in Vietnam, never had the opportunity to see their home-town again; which, I knew quite well and in my thoughts constantly.  Most Vietnam Veteran’s know exactly what I am talking about here.

While sitting, just gazing at the beautiful green-colors in the moonlight, in reality, the quiet never felt so good . . . I heard the tavern’s back door slam shut.  I turned and saw Jim The Greek walking toward me – indeed, an old friend.  He was a gambler, a older man and quite the gentleman.

He had known me since I was a child.  Been around town for a long time, Ol’ Jim, and a lot of gambling and knowledge reaped from all of it. He was an old philosopher, and just an all around descent person, and always said hello with respect, ever since I could remember.


He sat on the old sidewalk, nodded a hello, then gazed at the park, quietly.

Jim The Greek:  Glad you made it back. We were all worried about you.

He was a good man, I reached over to shake his hand; gladly I might add.

John:  Thank you, Jim. Good to be back.

We sat there for I do not really know how long, until Jim spoke again.

Jim The Greek: Beautiful, isn’t it. Ya know, I was in a war. It was tough. . . Not the war, really.  But being back.  Being alive. . . when all my buddies were killed.  That makes it tough, I know.

John: I know. It’s . . ..

Jim The Greek: (sitting looking over the park). . . Ya, I know.  You don’t have to talk about it.  I found later in life, the Blues. It dug me out of that ditch, and I could see sunlight. A little bit anyway. It’s the words they sing, like talkin’, it’s their story — but the guitar, the harp . . . It’s the guitar strings, the harp, that’s you’re story.  You gotta feel it, and when ya do, boy or boy . . . Light . . .

Jim got up, he stood for a minute and looked at the park, for one last and long moment.

Jim The Greek:  Beautiful, isn’t it — the moon, the trees, the green . . .

He then stepped over, reached down and put his hand on my shoulder.

Jim The Greek: . . . It’s your song, son.  All of it — and life itself. Standup.  Hell, stare at the sun if you want — and sing it . . . We’ll listen, for sure.  All of us, alive and dead.

Jim The Greek died two days later. I felt I was indeed the recipient of his last words of wisdom, his choice, and cherished them my entire life.  God Bless kind and compassionate people, always . . . as they know . . .

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Notes From The Cascades: The Pesticide PZP – False Premise and Lies

john tree headerNotes from the Journal – The Cascades.  In the mountains 24/7 while Observing our Natural Ecological Systems and Wildlife in the Cascade Mountains of the Northwest.

The Premise of “All Is Connected” on this planet Earth, is an Absolute Truth. It is the very basis of what others and myself write about, photograph, and explain in consistent information given to the public.

Our government and special interests, for the almighty dollar, set this “Truth” aside, as if it does not exist; which promotes lies, they distribute misinformation, and basically sell their false-ideas and gimmicks, just as Snake-Oil Salesman used to do, as some type of necessary truth.

Poor and outright erroneous decisions, within our environmental management, our nations and worlds wildlife, and even our Humane Principle’s, all adjusted to these false gimmicks and ideologies – which equate to the slow demise of our planet and our species.

The fact is the human species, out of greed and illusory Superiority, is destroying our very existence on this planet. Change needed . . .


A Note here – the fact many large non-profits, in particular those assuming assistance for animals and wildlife safety and security and humane treatment (which BTW does not include death as some would like to twist the terms Humane Reasoning) and to safe-guard them, have indeed twisted, and yes, even redone the term Humane. Many, including this writer, now see Humane as catering to an Industrial-Type of Humane, rather than its correct terminology and meaning – “Humane – having or showing compassion or benevolence . . .”

Perhaps many of these supposed animal welfare non-profits should change their non-profit status to a more Industrialized-style of Humane, which is far more truthful indeed, so people actually know and can acknowledge what it is they, indeed, are contributing to – as today it is quite obvious the term twisted, and the actions, in a reality, do not correspond with saving of animal life nor placing them into a safe environment —

Here is one example, and make no doubt many more available, our government and non-profits appeal toward — Today this is exemplified with the Pesticide PZP . . . and within this example —

foal“Interesting that we promote a Pesticide, and make-believe it is a supposed life-saving situation, even though it is a Pesticide — and those who support it, well, lie, misinform the public, and attest that was an error in registration process.

Well, no error what so ever! Over an extended period of several years, and failure to register the product Pesticide PZP with the FDA, that also agrees it is a Pesticide, it was finally approved for, essentially, a marketable product in the United States, and only as a Pesticide and by the EPA. Thereby, it is referenced correctly — The Pesticide PZP, and make no doubt of this classification and genetic alteration.

Then we move to the False Premise of Over-Population of Wild Horses. Well, once again we look at lies, misinformation given to the public, and those who sell the ideas of this Pesticide also lie about wild horses starving on Public Lands (photos of one group of wild horses in southern Nevada being the promoting element of the lies, but derived from a questionable situation down there, at best) — the contradiction here very provable, are the facts of the horses still wondering freely on America’s Public Lands, that are very wholesome, healthy, and vigorous within their environment. Contradictory evidence of the promotion of Lies — yes, this simple, yet apparently ignored by many — IGNORANCE?

Greed and Illusory Superiority is an odd killer of our environment and wildlife today.

Then we go to the fact that Humane-Principle’s had to be changed, warped into an information package of utter irresponsibility, and the assumptive quality only being the fact of developing a birth control that pretty much sends the Wild Horses to Extinction — to supposedly Save their Lives, of America’s Wild Horses — a Commercialized rendition of Humane Principle’s — or Ignorance rearing its ugly face, again and again . . .

No Wait a minute — this has nothing to do with correct terminology what so ever — it has to do with human greed, with irresponsible people in charge of the well being of America’s Wild Horses, and Ignorance.

We need change — and from these types of people that would lie, misinform, and all around assume their objective, and no one else is of paramount significance — and despite the reality — Wild Horses Becoming Extinct, and very soon!

John Cox — Journal Log 6/1/2016 The Cascades

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