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Wild Horses, Corruption, and the Blues

screen_shot_2014-06-06_at_2_45_59_pm_0“. . . I found the outgoing trail of the wanderers. It led far up into a ridge into an open place surrounded by a hedge-like growth of ceanothus chaparral. Carlo knew what I was about, and eagerly followed the scent until we came up to them, huddled into a timid, silent bunch. They had evidently been here all night and all the forenoon, afraid to go out to feed. Having escaped restraint, they were, like some people we know of, afraid of their freedom, did not know what to do with it, and seemed glad to get back into the old familiar bondage. . . “ — John Muir Collection, track and locating lost sheep, 300 of them, in the Northwest Mountain Range of the West Coast USA

This simple fact, above all else, known for centuries as a human-nature negative, remains alive and well today. Our mentality toward this certainly awkward comfort zone, spurs onward an ignorance very dominant today in saving America’s Wild Horses as well as saving our Natural Wildlife here in America.

When we look at such factual information, statistics mostly from good research and data gathering, we simply find corruption from many sources. We also find, beyond doubt, corrupt agencies paid for by taxpayer dollars (in tremendous amounts by the way) that supposedly Administer and Manage our Public Lands and forests, but not really – not in truth. Because it is managed for Special Interests Only, and to hell with the average American taxpayer who pays the cost, and who in reality owns America’s Public Lands.

Cattle on Public Lands and Horse Slaughter

When there exists an over-population of cattle, that effect our climate, ecological zones, and even our very existence on this planet, and state horses are a problem – when outnumbered by cattle at anywhere from 120 to 1 or worse as some have pointed out, 560 to 1 – well, America has a problem with Ignorance – especially if it continues. Why we state, clearly I might add, wild horses are not overpopulated on our Public lands – Cattle indeed are overpopulated and destroying our country as well – and this is a matter of FACTUAL INTEGRITY – statistical as well as covered in many science research studies and legitimate rangeland studies!

We attempt to solve the problem by rounding up horses, not cattle, and send the horses to market; which is, in truth, a make-believe market by the way of false premise and undeniably an ignorance that is so profound, that it seems acceptable only under debate.

In truth, people who favor eating horse meat, really make no sense when the discussion of health is the extreme downside of horse meat itself. Kind of like debating the difference between how cigarette smoking is healthy or not, and its benefits (zero) compared to its destruction upon human health.

“I recall my Great Grandfather stating how they would get sickly whenever they had to eat horse meat out on the range, when no other food around and they had already had all the cow-pie stew they could tolerate. So even the horse meat on the range, and eating it was a myth – and only done if starving was a potential.” — Jimmy Nation, Northwest Cowboy and Ranch Hand

The beef market has an outstanding Throw-Away situation, ongoing and yearly, of over 34% of its beef product domestically (per USDA) – and yet welfare rancher’s (4% of the ranching industry, selling 1% of their product yearly domestically – per DOI and GAO Reports) demand more wild horses removed or shot with pesticide birth controls, or sterilized, wolves removed, and more cattle be placed on Public Lands.

So the fact is this — until we figure out how to resolve problems with the truth, then our civilization is simply slated to destroy itself. The nonsense that is passed as a truth, which remains nothing more than lies, misinformation, rhetoric of outstanding clumsy circumstance, and facts given so unbelievable that even a child could see the bullshit, well, perhaps we deserve what we get.

The evolution of our ignorance currently, noted through good science and ongoing research for the past 12 years, is changing our social as well as our culture standards. We have hit a low in presentable social and cultural IQ’s, as well as not so profound, hit a low ratio of development toward Humane or Suitable Resolution within issues of significance, or impact.

Until we confront ourselves, our society and culture itself, truthfully, just as an alcoholic or drug addict must confront themselves truthfully, then we will remain in the downward spiral of self-destruction – just as alcohol or drug addiction will do to people who hide themselves from the truth.

Wild Horses and Human’s

So what have we seen, in a type of partial review, just within the past couple of years? Why have the Wild Horses not been saved? And why does it seem we have started to go backwards within the very nature of saving America’s Wild Horses?

These questions easily answered. If we understand what John Muir spoke about in his writing above, then we can grasp an idea of his ideological summary of sheep and being comfortable within “. . . the old familiar bondage. . .” philosophy.

Yes, human-nature quite plain and simple at times. Actually disturbing at times of necessity or responsible actions taken – and never accomplished.

Frankly, when many become more aggressive at saving America’s Wild Horses, with no excuse, with no pretense toward making money from the situation, with a pure comprehension of what a Horse Advocate is and their responsibility – without fear of freedom for the Wild Horses, without fear of complacency, of isolation, of reprisal from government or the private sector, or the really big fear of not having the Wild Horses to fight for any longer because resolution was fought for and won – oh, WAIT! I was not supposed to say this last situation — but oddly, it does exist. Yes, alive and well and quite a functional-negative in the matters of saving our Wild Horses and their very life.

Wild Horses and Statistics from Research Datadungtodust

“There are numerous factors that govern population growth in the wild for wild horses and burros, or lack of population growth. The National Academy of Sciences did a study of the wild horse populations, using 8,764 wild horses, in the wild, as a basis for the following statistics.

It found that 1st year mortality rates annually ranged between 14% and 50%. Beyond this, adult mortality was found to annually range between 5% and 25%. What this means is, that in any given year, equine mortality on the range lands would be anywhere between 19% and 75% of the total population of wild horses.

This brings up a vital question to the reader. With such factors as these existing, that govern wild horse and burro’s populations, along with the unnatural efforts of the BLM, that further degrade these same numbers, what are the true motivations of the BLM for distorting the numbers of wild horses and destroying these vital natural resources to true ecological balance? The answer lies partly in livestock, mining, and energy interests.

In conclusion, the wild horses and burros are a vital component to ecological balance out on the range lands of the west, the benefits of which are innumerable as opposed to cattle. The numbers of these beautiful animals must be dictated, however, by nature itself and not man, through its own mechanisms.

Only in this manner will wild horse numbers be in balance with all other forms of wildlife, including those of the predators of the wild horses. The wild horses are just this, wild, and in the wild, no matter how harsh or how mild the conditions may be, is where their beauty and their benefits exist and can be experienced. The range lands that were once filled with vast numbers of wild horses, and other forms of wildlife, are now quickly dying due to the artificial efforts of our government.” — Robert C. Bower, B.S. Biology, A biologist’s response to the BLM’s wild horse “problem” excerpt.

Yes, the Pesticide PZP Scam, those involved who huddle into the mass of “. . . the old familiar bondage” primarily because there is money to be had, and a lot of it, neglect to inform the public about the NAS stating this and this biologist simply stating the obvious, when selling the misinformed advantages of using PZP (saving the horses while using birth control technology– incomplete science, and state it will save their life?) on the Wild Horse supposed Over-Population, when indeed there is no Over-population at all. Now, the Over-Population of cattle on America’s Public Lands, and keep in mind unnecessary and due to many significant matters of fact, is an overwhelming and very provable fact – yet ignored.

But wait, it gets better. These people, like the old and great Wizard of Oz, finally come out from behind the curtain, and low and behold, they are BLM supporters and applied for grants and still reap profits from donations – all in the name of saving America’s Wild Horses.

ranch-11A Conclusion or a Change for a New Beginning

This is not a matter of me suggesting routes to resolution within this paper. Rather, it is a matter of seeing the truth and how to actually get to it, or obtain the freedom for Wild Horses, in a reality mind-set; because, only through the truth will a resolution be brought about that can be of benefit to the Wild Horses, and actually save them from so much Subjective Reasoning developed through so much “Illusory Superiority” and “Illusional Promises” within BLM, BLM Supporters, Trader Advocate Non-Profits for money-only and not supportive of Wild Horses at all, Welfare Ranching, Corporate maneuvering on Public Lands, once again – large advocate groups who need to make money to support themselves, and on and on it goes, this supposed reasoning and self-gratification over all-else, to include the reality, the actual Destruction of Our Wild Horses for nothing more than small short time profits . . .

Yes, we have a problem we need to confront, and stop ignoring it!

Humane Reasoning is our Objective – Saving the Wild Horses and all Wildlife on America’s Public Lands and in our Wilderness areas as well is, Our Goal – Beyond Profits – Beyond beneficial and familiar bondage in order to stay in our Comfort Zone – and not Fear Freedom Any Longer! This is Humane Reasoning, and it is coming . . .


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Wild Horses, Evolution, Conjecture

grey-horse-lookingBut in view of the rapid pace evolution can take, and the extreme incompleteness of fossil deposits, we are fortunate to have as many transitions as we do. The creationist argument that if evolution were true we should have an abundance of intermediate fossils is built by denying the richness of paleontological collections, by denying the transitional series that exist, and by distorting, or misunderstanding, the genetical theory of evolution.”  — Lawrence A. Moran

Ignorance way too often promotes conjecture, and conjecture by misquotation and the false authority of “common knowledge” engendered by the repetition of abstract legendary histories from one generation, of bitter conversation mostly, or in text books (myth turned to reality) to the next.

So what is needed within Saving Wild Horses, Saving Domestic Horses from abuse and slaughter? Obviously, if the current larger non-profits who have designated themselves saviors of horses, as well as the supposed authority-ridden commercial enterprises, well, the fact is simple — Horses are not safe today – and this fact alone speaks volumes!

We can only hope, presently, that strong new trails and the eradication of the weaker ones, will indeed lead us to a balanced and integrated understanding that Wild Horses need their homeland and roam freely on Public Lands – and Domestic Horses need responsible ownership and strongly regulated breeding circumstances; which, also cannot be forgotten within this context, the Working Horse requires more concerned involvement within their safety and regulatory means to do so – with strong legal actions to punish the irresponsible oppressor.

Wild Horses

When one introduced to the realm of Wild Horses, it becomes quite apparent that today ignorance leads the pack of vultures toward making as much money off of Wild Horse Herds and so to speak, strike while the iron is hot.

Our human species seems to drift on a plain where the creatures of this planet, apparently within our human mind set, are perceived as “below us” within all aspects of life. A non-priority that certainly lacks Humane Reasoning what so ever, or facts stating otherwise, which are mostly ignored.

Then, no matter what the perception, human or animal, are caught in the ever present current of “time”; which, often abandons apparent paragons of development, such as the Wild Horses, for reasons that remain obscure at best – or excuses, which by the way remain unsupported by any facts what so ever, to actually liquidate them – i.e. cattle versus Wild Horses for example, and which species destroys Public Lands (Fact: overpopulation of cattle destroys Public Lands, but is ignored in order to destroy Wild Horses).

Wild Horses – An Indigenous Species

What about the Indigenous Species aspect of the Wild Horses? Well, conjecture and innuendo as defined by misquotation and the false authority of “common knowledge” engendered by the repetition of legendary histories (or myth generated for special interests) from one generation to the next – and suddenly we have aspects of misinformation such as the term “feral horses” of misinformed and ignorantly portrayed laws, such as those developed by the Wild Horse and Burro Board, which many of their recommendations remain not Ratified legally — so contempt in over-riding law by suggestion, and due to special interests and their suggestion, apparently prevails. This is yet another overlooked or ignored circumstance, or ignorance in total, we can truthfully bring to the debate of non-prescriptive circumstance, or invalid.

Yes, ignorance prevails within the Wild Horse establishment, and Wild Horses die, or sent to die in an extremely crude and hateful manner. Yes, ignorance leads to hate, we have found and very clear I might add, which also leads to bigotry, to profound excuse of death by false premise (or bad reasoning); which we can then combine with falsified information, greed, and falsified authority commentary, being extremely out of proportion with any type of reality what so ever. If this resembles at all previous events in history, and what war or revolutions had been based upon, then we can surmise perhaps one up and coming sooner than later – as a historically-based fact in the matters of a historical premise one cannot deny.


The Horse – Domestic and Wild

Keep this mind for further discussion: An estimated 1 to 10 percent of all species that ever lived have left fossils, and, an estimated 1 to 10 percent of those will ever be found.

So when we discuss the legitimate concern of a government agency wiping out “in total” the Wild Horses, we also understand, those that know and have obtained that knowledge in a real-time and thorough process of investigation framework, know Wild horses are Indigenous, and protected by law; but as stated previously, the laws in the matters of Wild Horses apparently overridden by suggestion and innuendo, and not law at all.

How is this possible, then, that government agencies simply ignore the present information? Once again we go to the aspects of misquotation and the false authority of “common knowledge” engendered by the repetition of false legendary histories . . . and overwhelming ignorance, brought about by illegitimate excuse as well as information geared toward Special Interests – or plainly, people are paid off = profoundly ignorant people are paid off, and within many ways. For Example: Politician’s paid off in monetary amounts, government employees paid off in job security, non-profits paid off in grant money, etc…

The true landscape of the Wild Horse’s today? They do not have a chance . . .

Oddly, a species such as the Wild Horse, the origins of which can be traced through a clear progression of fossils, and one of the only species that can do so, is more the exception than the rule. Distraction through different levels of ignorance certainly equates to deception becoming a science also, and government agencies and many non-profits, as well as ignorant individuals within their own perceptions of definition in the matters of Wild Horses, and suddenly we have a heap of nothing more than confusion; which, more Wild Horses die.

But even evolutionary certainties have their doubtful aspects. The Wild Horses, yes, but not within the fossils found, or the carbon dating, or the DNA, all these are quite telling, and factual – no, the certainties that lead to confusion with Paleontologists are nothing more than debates upon their behavior, diet, proximity of grasslands, metabolism, and of course ecology.

Also keep in mind, as a natural fact of this planet, that our current living world is not much different than that of worlds long ago, and those we only surmise through deductive relevance of information, of text books, whether myth or reality – or of any difference at all . . . Yes, this is where our connection with all that is around us starts to become a reality as well.

And the insurmountable fact? Wild Horses, just as then, just as now, have and always will be symbols of heavenly permanence and power and connected with all those who understand them – guided directly to the Heart and Soul of this Universe, which when all is connected, to our human species and our very heart and souls, as well.

imagesWild Horses – Darwin – Christianity – Spiritual Existence

There exist many situations beyond the basic debates of Darwinian Evolution Principles versus Creation Standard Beliefs, or dimensions of Spiritual existence. Yes, there does exist other ways of life on this planet other than competitive, or of the belief our superiority remains priority above all else; which we see consistently out here in our Natural Environment and Ecological Systems alike – yes, Our Landscapes of truth and obtained from fact, rather than perception.

Let’s take the picture of a conventional Darwinian peaceful landscape, which underneath is a seething battle for survival, which in reality, or a truth – whichever you may accept, is nothing more than a picture, an element of the academic; which, in truth nothing more than an artifact superimposed over the physical reality.

So rather than an “if” or an “or” situation of choice, we have the reality, as we stand and look at it in real-time, as well as explore it. We then discover a Circle of Life beyond what, indeed, we have accepted as conventional reasoning, or perception. We find a peaceful landscape is just that, Peaceful – within the Circle of Life. In truth these landscapes have evolved from cooperation among organisms as well as from competition.

If we speak of the finite details of how cooperative organisms can indeed develop, and within a very systematized and sophisticated chain of events, then we can also deduct within a separate system, non-competitive by the way, that a few systems are competitive – but only within their separate chain of events. This is what makes the whole, the positive and negative of the Universe, which established beyond doubt we are all connected to everything on this planet – and it is indeed, in its entirety, the Circle of Life – the Diversity of it all.

To accept one, yet deny the other, is a human species fault, not of Nature, but of swayed perceptions. To accept false-premise, in order to wipe-out an entire species, and neglect the truth of all aspects of the matters of concern, or what that species may give back to its habitat and ecology, and develop contrary falsehoods to do so, is just wrong – on a Universal Level as well as wrong within any Human Species aspects also!

The Wild Horses, currently, serves as a good example of poor Human Species flaws that have developed over time – and it is time to change these flaws to something of a Humane Reasoning Standard of acceptance of all living creatures on this planet.  — White Paper – John Cox, The Cascades

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