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BLM Using PZP on America’s Wild Horses: Irresponsible BLM Conduct On Accepting a Non-Thorough Non-Researched Drug In Question — An Editorial


“To say you have no choice is to relieve yourself of responsibility.” ― Patrick Ness, Monsters of Men

Many of us, and for valid reasoning, have several concerns over the use of not only PZP on Wild Horses, but taking Wild Horses off of Public Lands as well. Currently people (in their ignorance or defined arrogance) are messing with centuries of evolution in regard to not only the Wild Horses, but Ecological Habitats and entire Ecological Systems that have over centuries matured to their present working order and condition – It is called Evolution.

We as humans are not only stopping a natural evolutionary process, redoing the family-herds situation of Wild Horses, but steering it into dimensions unknown. This is due to ignorance and creating a monetary profit (i.e. PZP usage on Wild Horses) — rather than be concerned with trifles, within their minds, such as what changes are they creating for the future?

What will become extinct due to these changes? What time-frames are we discussing these changes indeed will take place, or when is it time not to be concerned about changes taking place? No one answers these questions, primarily because the situations have not been researched, or even thought about for that matter, what so ever. How disgusting for a government agency to generate such a unknown circumstance, and deliver something like PZP into America’s natural wildlife and habitat, without knowing the outcome! It is called and well defined as being irresponsible in total!

When will these developments evolve into more destructive situations, as the research has not ever, within the previous 30 years, looked into future occurrence of the PZP what so ever within a natural habitat. It is interesting to note, biologists of different persuasions wonder these same things, and state it is not a question so much of “If”, but rather “When” will the destruction occur . . .

What about the inconsequential effects on nature and our environment? Well, the people introducing a vast amount of PZP into Nature do not really know, mostly because money to them far more significant than reality and life on our Planet; where, by the way, We All Live, not just them. They take a lot for granted on irresponsible assumptions!

Scientists do not really know what the nature-link is toward human life destruction, or just how total human-dependence on our environment is currently, or the exact situation that could potentially destroy both

This is the reasoning to conduct research and gather correct and meaningful data — to not only establish a sound research platform, combined with a firm history of “no effect” from a chemical, or a chemical interacting with different chemicals within each ecological biosphere, but the interaction of changing the evolutionary circumstance over time due to the introduction of chemicals or man-made-designed drugs. So whether or not from nature, synthesized, or manufactured, indeed we want to know, then acknowledge their overall effect or result. This all goes unanswered, and yet they use it on the Wild Horses and in our Public Lands environment, unlimited!

Now is the time to simply stop all PZP use within America’s Public Lands! As well, stop the Wild Horse Herd Roundups from our Public Lands. Irresponsibility is unquestionably not a benefit to mankind, our natural habitat, or to America’s Wild Life, especially the Wild Horse Herds.


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