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The Sun is Setting on the Wild Horses


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A short discusion on Ecologic Habitats and Process and Our Declining Food Chain Supplements on Our Public Lands due to Mismanagement and Corruption in Total

We are destroying the very fundamental situations that assisted in Our Country’s Growth. Our Food Chain Supplements are becoming less and less, due to corruption, to mismanaged Public Lands, and to bad science or no science at all used. The best example being the mismanaged situations and industry that exists upon Our Very Public Lands.  This situation intertwined with not only sever Corruption (Constitutional Violations also exist within this corrupt empire that manages it, the Bureau of Land Management as well as the USDA Forestry) but just plain old bad-management ideologies and paradigms, with no interest directly involved with Science what so ever, and Common-Sense is totally out the window. . .

Our Food Chain Supplements are in need of better management, better science, and less cattle and oil or mining on Our Public Lands, as we are in trouble right now — this is not a future problem, it is a Right-Now problem.  It is an understatement that bigotry, bias, and a crude ignorance exists within management of these government agencies, and many personnel must be replaced, and this includes government contractors as well. 

America, we have a significant problem here, and it is within Our Government of today, and representatives, over-site situations and organizations, and others are simply ignoring it in total..

When we peruse the evidence of all that I and others state here, for example:

  1. The stomping to death of a small burro on the rangelands by a government contractor’s son, Cattoors helicopters, or,
  2. The beating and stomping upon a burro by a government employee and the other employees standing by and laughing. . . ;
  3. We have a problem with these types of employees and contractors alike, and piles upon piles of photo’s and videos, and eye-witness account — and the Justice Department ill not take them;
  4. there is no doubt, as witnesses looked on and in disbelief — many of the situations on video as well.  or,
  5. the outright and blatant corruption of selling wild horses to slaughter-transports (theft), or the occasion of shooting horses, and the animosity and outright psychosis that exists within that realm of mental dysfunction.  And so much more. . . I could go on and on about the several types of corruption, that Taxpayer’s and the American Public simply do not want to support with Our taxpayer money, and many, when this situation known, demand correction, and punishment to these people doing all of this; or,
  6. The ongoing and fraudulent lies of Over-population of Wild horses, the over-population simply doe not exist and fraud committed in accord with Federal Law, and the Justice Department ignore in total — the process of keeping these government agencies in check, to avoid corruption, is not working and ignored every day;
  7. the Justice Department told about these instances, or one example of many more, $3.4 million in theft from illegal Bait and Trap Procurement and payment to government contractors at Murderer’s Creek, Oregon, they simply ignored;
  8. They ignored the abuse situations, as they state they are investigating, but that is a lie as well and feeds the corruption entirely;
  9. They ignore the sales of wild horses stolen from Public Lands by BLM and Forestry personnel; and,
  10. They act as though a Taxpayer has no rights, and should not be saying anything, and yet we pay their salaries;
  11. The current Justice Department defends all of the ongoing Corruption and Mental-Dysfunctional situations of these government agency employees and government contractors, today as as this is being written . . .
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