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Discussion: Bureau of Land Management and Commercialized Non-Profit Corruption

Over the years we have watched as the Bureau of Land Management and the Department of the Interior, have increased their corrupt behaviors . . . Now those who were advocates for the Wild Horses, most of the Non-Profits representing themselves as defending Wild Horses on our Public Lands, have become a significant part of the Corruption . . . Ongoing . . . Wild Horses die, and the very crude ignorance and bias, simply too costly to American Taxpayers and donators alike.

Placing the Wild Horses back onto Public Lands, to roam freely and as they should, is the reality of good management (precisely little to no management is truthfully required, at all) . . . that is, until Grifters and outright thieves, attempt their take-over of Advocacy, of lobby groups and government, all associated with America’s Public Lands corruption, currently.

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