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290 Horses Shot and Piled under Tree Limbs and Branches — Now locating more bone-piles on Federal/Public Lands

Darkness develops around an area near Kimberley, Oregon.  290 horses lie dead, mostly remains of bones now, underneath an extravagant pile of tree limbs (on Private Land and cameras guard this area from trespassers) brush, and branches.  Apparent is the gruesome fact, via several witnesses and testimony, the horses shot within the past year.

More apparent, is the line, literally a line of horse bones, shot on Public Lands as well, which “Ups” the shootings to in-excess of 350+ within the past year – all the way to Mt. Misery and on Public Lands as well. We also have found Poaching to be “widespread” in each area, with many deer remains as well as Elk and Bear.

Bureau of Land Management contacted, several times, and state they have no HMA’s in those areas, so it could not be wild horses.  Sadly, we also find the Prineville Area BLM Director being paid off by the Longview Ranch owner (attested by many — Corriente Cattle) – as many of the folks and towns people claim, as well as other witnesses to this fact.

We also discover (within a confirmation process) cattle still being grazed on America’s Public Lands, illegally and contrary to BLM Grazing Permit Contracts, on several levels; which, show October 15, and yearly, is the date “all” cattle to be removed, off of Public and Federal Lands unless otherwise specified within Contract negotiation – This contract shows us no negotiation present nor extensions made available.

The ranch foreman and his wife, both come to town and to this day “Brag” about shooting the horses, and how many horses they have shot over the past year.  Another involved, an Oregon Department of Transportation employee, also “Brags” about shooting the horses, as if it is a “getting even method” of killing horses, and to hell with horse advocates and environmentalists.

Witness after witnesses’ attests to their “shocking statements’, as the horse’s shot were part of a very favored horse herd, running on both Federal/Public Lands and private lands (which places them, despite the reputed blood lineage, within the WH&B Act of 1971 for protection), called the Puddin’ Foot Horse Herd.

The community horrified, and simply feel unsafe with this situation developing in their own backyards so to speak.

This horse herd was a joy for many people in this community to watch, and some would drive out near the areas (where they met their doom), to see them run, play, a pretense of a wild horse herd (the reality is they were of a mixed-blood lineage of several ranch horses and wild horses over the years — Ochecho for one and Steens for another, as everyone knew this as fact), but left unprotected on private lands.  Many had names for every horse in the herd – kids and adults named them, while admiring their stature. (writer’s note: this is very difficult to write, indeed, due to how gruesome this is, as well as how insane this entire situation obviously has become).

The shooting of the horse herd comes as a surprise when first hearing of it.  Many are saddened over the obvious abuse and some assume under the guide of Federal Law Felonies – which, is another yet to be explored fact, but under many abuse laws, and in accord with Federal Law as well, these situations can be reviewed within Federal Court as well as submitted to the Federal Grand Jury also.  Many concerns over Public Safety, assumptive from the participants of these shootings of horses, and so many, as defined as a very Blood-Thirsty set of events over the past months, as it happened every morning, as one shooter bragged to a few others in town.

Trap and Bone Piles in area of: 44′ 43 minutes 45.5 North – 119′ 43minutes 18.6 West Found within a mile . . .

Mt. Misery Bone Piles (chain around base of mountain and valley) 44′ 43 minutes 39.5 North – 119′ 44 minutes 41.0 West

Psychiatrist Responds

I had asked the obvious question to an old Psychiatrist friend – Just how crazy is this, the shooters, and should this community be concerned?

Dr. Chapel responded quick, she remained clinically precise: “This fits all qualification of a Serial Killer Rampage, and within a small group, it does become more dangerous as time moves on, and to the community in that area.  I would not be surprised if “human-remains” found, and located within proximity of the horse bones . . . but forensically, they have yet to go over the bones, DNA, and gather bullets. . . but the mental state of this situation is extraordinary.  I am surprised, and a bit let-down, the authorities have “not” started to investigate . . . as Public Safety is first and foremost their responsibility.”

The authorities in both Wheeler County Sheriff’s Office as well as Grant County Sheriff’s Office have been called, but up to this point no response or call backs obtained.  The same with the BLM Police – All the lands involved, private lands as well as BLM lands, are involved.  The owner of the ranch, living in Reno, Nev., has not responded to any calls up to this point.

Many of us have the coordinates (i.e. GPS) locations, as well as maps directly related to the massive bone piles and chains of horse bones around Mt. Misery and surrounding areas – the dead-horse count is increasing as days move forward, from aerial telemetry and photos.

Many people are now getting more involved in this horrendous situation, and all of us concerned over just how many horses have been killed, both on private lands as well as Federal and Public Lands over there.  Abuse run amok here, obviously.  We will update you upon further circumstances, and will be discussing further, with law enforcement and Federal /authorities again and this coming week — as Our Attorney tells us.


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