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Wild Horses: Under-Populated Species yet sent to slaughter and breed controls used upon them

These Wild Horse extinction and slaughter mind-sets existing today within our society, discussed below, seem to run parallel with one another, as the end-result the same – No longer will Wild Horses run freely on America’s Lands. . . Perhaps one can concede that America has lost its last Iconic Symbol of what America is about, and has been the Beacon for the World – which is – “Freedom”, but the reality? Well, it is being sent to slaughter or sterilized out of existence. . . This is very-telling about where we are at, within America right now – Change Needed and Right Now —  John Cox, Cascade Journal

Despite all of the dramatic rhetoric we see, daily now, on wild horse populations on our Public and Federal Lands, the FACTS and EVIDENCE remains quite clear – In Reality, there Exists No Wild Horse Over-population at all and yet there exists people that want to continue Breed-Control programs on Our Nation’s Under-populated species of Wild Horses. The information here speaks from Evidence, their rhetoric speaks from undocumented opinion only, and in the form of sudo-science and outright lies, that simply does not exist at all.

In truth, it is very expensive, this unconscionable “Extinction” mind-set cloaked within the corruption of a government Grazing Permit Program for the Cattle industry, which also promotes Slaughter of our Wild Horses.

What we are finding, currently in early 2019, is an overabundance of misinformed and outright lies about wild horse populations. . . Fly-overs, actually being present on the Public and Federal Lands, as well as consistent observation at several large sites, where wild horses “were” located, we now discover either a low-population of wild horses, as well as many Zeroed-Out completely, of wild horses — a sad fact of our present culture based on mythic lies and ignorance  — many “Horse Bands” on many HMA’s, sadly, do not existent any longer.  Almost an all-telling situation of where America is going, downhill and to extinction, symbolically within the wild horse tragedy as well.

Rhetoric and Lies

We find “rhetoric” in the matters of the “Slaughter-Pipeline” conversation has increased, along with several old and worn out excuses for taking wild horses to slaughter . . . This very ignorant classification of being “Livestock” tells us just how arrogantly our political process, as well as how apathetic our Industrial process has become, and assumes these mind-sets as some type of a reality, when indeed the wild horse is of Nobility, of a Stature that represents what America was built upon. . . and taking its freedom with such profound ignorant ravings that lack any type of proof or truth at all . . . Adverse to what America is, or was, about what so ever.

We also find a major flow of misinformed-rhetoric, and even an odd robotic “canned response” in the use of “breed controls” (i.e. Pesticide PZP one of many others) conversation, and within the “Pro-Extinction” groups, that feel taking them to “Extinction” apparently to them, remains far more Humane than slaughter, or just, in fact leaving them alone and on the range itself; whereas, good legitimate science shows us “Moderation” of all wildlife population develop when left alone over time — (i.e. E.O. Wilson and many others) . . .

Pro-Extinction Groups

Ironic, to say the least, is the fact the “Pro-Extinction” groups apparently assume they are saving the wild horses, even though evidence plentiful that shows that to be untrue – but with no evidence supporting this as any type of fact, other than their rhetoric, is quite telling in the matters of just what type of participation many of these groups and their followers or members take.

Ironically, “Pro-Extinction” groups “canned-responses” never admit the “Extinction Conversation” exists, but statistics, observation, combined with a very steady flow of obvious evidence, serves as a continued reminder, that there is not only a lot of confusion from those who never come out to the HMA’s or range at all (e.g. in the inner-circle of legitimate research and observation, we call these people CPWC’s or Couch Potatoes with Computers), but misinformation on wild horse populations in serious error, and are indeed under-populated — yet Breed Controls used upon them, ironically, as if to save them.

Yes, this is very questionable conduct by people, and ignorance alive and well, as we see it on the increase in America – and yes, as ridiculous as it sounds, their mind-set of saving an under-populated species of wildlife by using Breed-Controls quite telling within its “reality” concept and usage.

Percentages’ and Reality

Percentages of population counts, without evidence of any “Control Point” of authentic statistics-gathered, as a basis toward any percentages used within a management paradigm, which “good research” criteria and process always have and within the starting point of any Field Research, in truth, remains non-existent within all research and from Bureau of Land Management (as history shows quite well) Range Management of wild horse populations; which,  promotes a false-type  of scientific research (often referred to as Malicious Science – political agenda driven or special interest information only) that is and remains not-quantifiable, and not backed by neither reference nor any type of precise evidence that could be used within any moderate decision making process.

Conclusively, this deplorable type of research (which is not research at all) does “not” create or develop any type of future or appropriate management decisions.  This is the ways and means of outright Corruption, and with no oversight, this government agency getting away with it quite consistently over the years – at the expense of taxpayer’s money — and many useful programs for the American Public and taxpayer’s, simply left without budgets, and these useful programs discontinued, to cover this BLM Corruption within our Public and Federal Lands, and within their corrupt Grazing Permit Programs, especially.

All of this, in truth, simply enhance the misinformed “wild horse population counts” given to the general taxpayer, and we still see BLM and DOI and their wild horse counts not only flawed, but extremely exaggerated.  So, taxpayer money used, once again, under very corrupt circumstances, and a lot of it —

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