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Wild Horse Herd Counts and BLM and Non-Profit Corruption

Bait trapped horse
“One of the penalties of an ecological education is that one lives alone in a world of wounds. Much of the damage inflicted on land is quite invisible to laymen. An ecologist must either harden his shell and make believe that the consequences of science are none of his business, or he must be the doctor who sees the marks of death in a community that believes itself well and does not want to be told otherwise.”   ― Aldo Leopold, A Sand County Almanac

Here is a quick example of a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Wild Horse Herd Count. Ironically, many non-profits and individuals today arrogantly acknowledge this misinformation to be in error, then in an arrogant methodology assume it to be okay and actually profit from the misinformation.

Yes, the exploitation of America’s Wild Horses for money, very prevalent. Corruption at its worst and becoming far worse, and involves not only a lack of Humane Principle’s, but assumptions built on a false premise in total.

Many support BLM’s erroneous statistics and numbers for several reasons. Currently we see these numbers provide excuses for low-brow and disgusting experimental birth-control situations on the wild horses and other wildlife as well — the use of Pesticides called PZP, among others.

Yes, due to lack of appropriate scientific information in the matters of the EPA Registered Pesticide PZP, for example, and still obtained by the BLM Voucher and Contract Process (i.e. even though non-qualified to do so within the legal and government policy and regulatory situations), non-scientific and cumbersome experimentation on America’s Wild Horses on our Public Lands remains ongoing – and then to roundup and slaughter.

This is mentioned because the entire program, costing taxpayers billions of dollars yearly, and the false premise it is based upon, can be discontinued easily – but is not and remains corrupt in total. No one really knows how extreme it is, nor the total cost, as it is a non-transparent government agency, with no oversight. So for your understanding, the following . . .


But for easy explanation, let’s start here with 500 Wild Horses and do a quick 20% increase yearly (per BLM assumptive numbers) the BLM way – basically the very ignorant way, or is it for other reasons?

BLM 20% Increase Yearly (no mortality / fatality of Wild Horses ever considered) of example starting with 500 Wild Horses (numbers rounded off to closest decimal)

(Note: BLM Assumptive 6-month old foal, and often less, is considered an Adult Horse for Counts, and often fatality occurs within their 1st year of life up to year 3 of their life . . . neglected also is actual adult fatality in Nature as well, and human contact fatalities also not assumed in BLM numbers)

The following is a ten-year time span:

  • 500
  • 600
  • 720
  • 864
  • 1036
  • 1243
  • 1492
  • 1798
  • 2157
  • 2608


Next we use the BLM 20% Increase Yearly “With” 30% Mortality / Fatality Rates, and as should be done within a truthful aspect of yearly counts (the 30% considered low by many) This would also be without human involvement, roundups, or horses to slaughter — big difference between 2,608 wild horses yearly and as the BLM would like us to believe . . .

The following is a ten-year time span:

  • 500
  • 420
  • 353
  • 247
  • 166
  • 93
  • 52
  • 29
  • 17
  • 10



Why is this important? Because we see the fatalities’ rates, (although very low here and in accord with many Wild Horse observers and those in the field to include myself) and many of us see the fatalities from wildlife attacks, or from a birth gone bad, or from the helicopter and trap site roundups as well.

The 30% fatality figure, even though a LOW percentage, is definitively in accord with Reality and the Truth.

How can we reference these numbers? Well, these numbers are merely examples, but the reality is quite telling. We can go directly to the AML’s. When we do the math we can see the AML’s used to coverup the years of the bogus BLM 20% increase of Wild Horses Yearly – and at the same time we can see the liquidation of the Wild Horses in Long-Term-Holding that disappear from the Inventory Sheets. Consistencies do exist in dates and times of disappearance in accord with many of the roundups. But no one checks the holding corrals for accuracy, other than visuals at times, by many of us.blm-sucks

What is the conclusion here?

The fact is my numbers here simply do not lie, nor are involved in political nor special interest circumstances. We are finding an extremely large taxpayer rip-off within the BLM, their arrangement with welfare ranchers and subsidies being corrupt in total, as well as BLM employees involved directly in fraudulent as well as extreme organized corruption — budgets accomplished by falsified information is Fraud . . . yet ignored in this government agency!  Why?

Ironically, this criminal operation is all under the guise of the supposed process of liquidation of Wild Horses from our Public Lands, and under the pretense of being needed! This is untrue and facts, good science and honesty show above all else, there exists no need to roundup Wild Horses what so ever – as their birth rates, by this same example, show much lower than what the BLM or DOI tell us. And yet . . .

When left alone, even though the numbers above an example, show beyond doubt the truthful birth rates of Wild Horses on Public lands. When all is considered, the Wild Horses should simply be left alone.

Time spent regulating fewer cattle on Public Lands, at a much lower ratio of cattle per acre situation, and within true oversight and management of our Public Lands Ecological Health, should become a priority and replace roundups and wild horses held captive in BLM corrals.

Right now, as oddly as it sounds, the truth is the BLM and DOI’s (Department of the Interior) priorities are based on falsehood, false premise, and outright lies, a broken wildlife and environmental management system that needs fixed badly. Mostly need of repair is the fact of both government agencies choose to ignore good science, and replace it with politically motivate science, or false science with manipulated data or significant data left out of the technical research entirely —

This would also assume a much lower BLM yearly budget, as well as affirm regulatory accountability and transparency achieved much better than exists currently. It has become quite obvious that the BLM and its subordinate situations should become more transparent to the American taxpayers as well as regulatory situations and Oversight Committees monitoring their behaviors.

Conclusively, we find that neither the circumstance exists of Wild Horses damaging America’s Public Lands, nor do we find the birth rates to be extreme, as the BLM and other government agencies and for profit non-profit organizations would like us to believe. Even the numbers show us that, and exemplify the reality of the Bureau of Land Management employees to be corrupt in total —


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Is the Bureau of Land Management Legitimate or Simply Corrupt?

blm stop
“It strikes me as odd, that such a totally corrupt government agency as the BLM, can still operate within a system that has access to so much information — unless, of course, our Checks-n-Balance System of Laws in America no longer seem to apply or exist, and to actually protect American’s as well as our tax dollars from such corrupt agencies.”


Is the (BLM) Bureau of Land Management a viable and honest government agency?

NO, and here is why:

  1. Elements of law were designed to keep ranchers from overseeing Public Lands in America, in order to preserve the land along with our wildlife and environment – then ranchers began to infiltrate and take over the BLM, and now we understand in total why law was developed to keep them from making significant management decisions in the grazing situations of our Public Lands – It is currently a Corrupt Government Agency, and does not abide by the law nor does it benefit our Public Lands Management for Best Ecological System Management – total conflicts, within integrity, law, and our environment being destroyed does exist;
  2. The level of incompetence within BLM has reached tremendous proportions, and land management is centered around corruption in total, especially subsidies to ranchers in the millions if not billions of dollars, costing taxpayers a lot of money with no return;
  3. BLM ignore good science, and seen within the destruction of Public Lands quite readily today – they also assimilate and speak a lot about insignificant items, like over-population of wild horses – but obviously to direct attention from the actual destroyer of our Public Lands, overabundance of Cattle;
  4. Today we also see many government contractors, dishonest at best, and have also infiltrated the BLM, and these situations have also come under the guise of BLM Corruption – for example experimentation and use of birth control on Wild Horses and based on a false premise of overpopulation of wild horses when over abundant and over-population of cattle, in reality, destroy America’s Public lands;
  5. Then we go to the total-corruption aspect of BLM and Private Government Contractors in the aspect of sending wild horses to slaughter – yes, the money aspect of both sending wild horses to slaughter as well as experimentation and giving a pesticide to wild horses for birth control – which both have become a Cottage Industry within the BLM, and in direct conflict with many laws and policy situations within government to stop such activity – but all laws and policy ignored in total;
  6. Then we go to the situations of missing and inappropriate paperwork, inappropriate Voucher Process situations for payments to ranchers and Private Government Contractors, and the constant abuse and even neglect of captured wildlife and wild horses by BLM, and we have a very significant situation of a non-functional and quite costly government agency, that apparently has no limitations within law, no premise toward consistent or proper management what so ever, and their hiring aptitude for qualified people simply does not exist;
  7. The fact is this — all the laws that have been originated to not have ranchers manage our Public Lands ignored (due to conflict of interest and abundant potential misuse of tax payer money the premise to laws not allowing ranchers or Big AG to take part within management of America’s Public Lands), and currently the BLM and many of the Commissions and Boards that deduct a decision making process, is a mere superficial landscape that covers up corruption in total, as ranchers have infiltrated all aspects of our Public Lands, and Conflicts of Interest, and corruption, have become insurmountable — Laws ignored — and destruction on America’s Public Lands very abundant!  Frankly, as well, States running this same land situation would even be more corrupt and more destruction would prevail . . .


So the answer to above with just these situations, where many more of incompetence and certainly corrupt and questionable behavior does exist, we who peruse and study this government agency can say beyond a doubt – this agency should be discontinued.  What should develop, but more than likely it will not, all personnel within BLM be scrutinized vigorously for not only qualifications to uphold their jobs, but honesty and integrity as well.

It is Public Lands, both geologically and inspirational, and what ties all of America together — from the Western Seaboard to the Eastern Oceanic Shores.  And this is a truth that needs to be strengthened, and laws provided to protect from not only invasive government agencies and special interest groups, but invasive commercial aspects as well.

Frankly, we see very few employees, currently, that would qualify to work within a government agency, as it is so Corrupt right now, that one has to constantly wonder how it still operates – but in reality it is non-operational and only a ghost, if you will, of a government agency – primarily shrouded by questionable behavior and total corruption at many levels – certainly a blight to the tax paying pubic, which America deserves much better than what the BLM provides for our tax payer dollars.  — John Cox, The Cascades



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