BLM, Wild Horse Herd Roundups, Grasslands and Lies

04 Mar

Our government, or representatives of all Americans, were placed into a position of responsibility, as the Constitution states, “. . . of the people and for the People,” but they often displace and ignores the general populations concerns.  Despite the reaction toward Wild Horse Herd Roundups by the American Public, it remains ongoing, with a callous “could care less attitude” toward the public and by those we all as Americans vote for every few years.

The BLM’s primary mission is to balance multiple uses of public lands so that one doesn’t preclude the others.  This is not being done, and just the opposite happens, this despite a 94% of Americans recent Poll (Voters) stating, beyond any doubt what so ever, that American’s want their lands available to the public and kept as a resource, which includes Wild Horse Herds as well.  Within a similar Poll 80% of the American voting public want Horse Slaughter discontinued.

The fact is ranchers, to include BLM employees and private contractors, make a large profit on taxpayer’s money, with no return what so ever toward the taxpayer, and is in an odd way covered up, but laughingly, yet seriously very visible to many.  Information continues abundantly about the deplorable behavior and abuses of BLM’s employees, and it becomes quite obvious that soon Government Justice will “have to” put an end this out-of-hand situation.

Public Lands?  Certainly an easily definable description; although, not according to the Department of the Interior and the BLM.  Let’s talk “Reality” here.  This is surmountable to being invaded by a foreign element, and that element, the taxpayers Department of the Interior is among us, and paid for by taxpayers.

Never in history has there existed such an arrogant, contemptable, and pervasive government agency as this.  Make no doubt the employees at these agencies dislike American’s — but like American’s tax dollars.  Many Americans stand appalled at this situation, and all understand this “Should Not” exist what so ever, and yet our legislators continue to do nothing to stop this run-amok agency, and the deplorable abuses conducted by not only BLM employees, but private contractors; abuses that would make Nazi’s or Russia’s historic leader Stalin blush.

“BLM employees continue to flip-the-public-off every time they are questioned about their activities or an explanation in regard to their expenditures; especially when directed toward Supervisors and administrative staff with the BLM.” Mark Chase, Undercover Private Agent.  “This is a “tribal mentality,” no different than the organized criminal activities conducted today by common thieves, except they are government employees.”

Allow me to repeat, “We Vote for Legislators Every Few Years to safeguard taxpayer money from situations such as the BLM pose today.”

By the way, BLM employees never answer the questions and they are never investigated by Federal Officials in these obvious, questionable, and certainly illegal activities; especially when concerns about taxpayer money are involved and in regard to:

  1. Outright animal abuse;
  2. Outright payments to ranchers, never giving information as to why, or if legitimate, although theft of wild horses (see interview of an informant, Peer Review White Paper) appears to be one element of many;
  3. Avoiding actual research and studies of grasslands to avoid Wild Horse Roundups being canceled as not needed;
  4. Awkward and displaced range management costing millions of dollars yearly, with no return to the taxpayers what so ever;
  5. Government BLM employees theft of Government Property;
  6. Private Contractors theft of Government Property and while being supervised by BLM employees;
  7. Continuous conflicts of interest between a few legislators, Lobby Groups, Ranchers, and taxpayer money;
  8. Extreme cover-ups of outright Felonies, and misdemeanor/Felonies, from the 1990’s onward, with canceled and no further government investigations;
  9. Obscure and undefined budgets;
  10. Questionable eligibility of private contractors in order to perform what most consider an unneeded job, an unethical job, and also what many consider to be abusive toward animals (videos on the Internet are many, showing these abuses);
  11. Private Contractors extremely padding their budgets, as well as being paid for jobs misclassified and non-existent, using helicopters fueled by taxpayer money on private journeys or commercial use as well.

Yet these activities, despite their obvious unnecessary use, cost taxpayers millions of dollars yearly, and billions over several years.  “In November the Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility filed a scientific misconduct complaint with the Department of Interior that says the BLM intentionally removed a study of grazing disturbance from the agency’s $40 million Rapid Ecoregional Assessments project to map ecological trends throughout the West.  Further, Scientists were asked to choose the “change agents” such as fire or invasive species that would be part of the study. According to PEER, when the scientific teams were assembled, BLM managers told them that grazing would not be studied due to anxiety from “stakeholders,” fear of litigation and lack of available data on grazing impacts.”

Later we discover this evolved around the subjects of harmful range degradation by cattle, and the actual and real absence of degrading land value by Wild Horse Herds.  This is detrimental subject material when considering how much taxpayer money wasted on Wild Horse Herd Roundups under the guise of saving the grasslands environment.  Disgusting BLM conduct is more appropriate of a definable term here.

The previous is an obvious and intentional conflict of interest, by not only Government Agencies, but directly involved a few congressional leaders that wrote and passed the Burns (Reid) Amendment (review previous articles by this Journalist), due to questionable Grasslands availability, which essentially did not, and currently does NOT EXIST.  This Burns Amendment, under deplorable and outright fraudulent conditions, has remained in place even today.  When do we take these people to task for such lies that cost American taxpayers millions upon billions of dollars – And why has this not been done yet?  Where are the legislators to straighten this obvious and fraudulent problem out?  Well, we vote for them and it is up to us to vote them out as well.

One has to consider the implications here, of avoiding legitimate Grasslands Studies, as we are constantly told the Wild Horse Herd Roundups are conducted on Grasslands Studies – which by the way do not exist.  So everything is legitimately placed into question, and yet nothing done to resolve these issues, except to keep spending taxpayer money at a tremendous rate before they do get shut-down.  The BLM’s most recent response, by their PR person, was to call other American’s names, and virtually define those who asked questions about abuse and taxpayer dollars being spent in a questionable manner, as “. . . those peole are Dishonest.”

Ask a BLM employee about why it is the Roundups takes place, and they all state, “Because the Grasslands Studies show there is not room for Wild Horse Herds on Public Lands.”  What Grassland Studies?  Or, please show use these studies and where it indeed states that precise element, that led to the detruction of many hundreds of America’s Wild Horses, and within an abusive and inhumaine way. This obviously must be stopped sooner than later.

This is because of the ongoing abuses taking place daily of our Wild Horse Herds by BLM employees and significant in the explanation of the deplorable leadership and disgusting BLM employees that take part in all of this.

It is time for this to stop. America’s property, the Wild Horse Herds, must be taken back to their rightful arena, the wilderness areas they were taken away from.  Then they must be managed in a reasonable, ethical, and healthy environment, obviously not by BLM, as they have already shown Americans they cannot be trusted.  Only this will partially resolve a deplorable and disgusting situation brought about by our government, the Department of the Interior leadership (or lack of leadership), and the BLM.

We are currently searcing for answers, the BLM needs to supply those answers, as well as their connections in Utah and perhaps the drug cartels in Mexico.


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3 responses to “BLM, Wild Horse Herd Roundups, Grasslands and Lies

  1. Leslie Peeples

    March 4, 2012 at 11:51 pm

    Thank you for this “gloves off” article. It is about time we call it like it is and fight fire with fire!
    There is a definite disconnect with our government. For instance when I have said to BLM officials that these wild horses and burros belong to us “the american people, the public” I have been told “no, they belong to the government”.
    Excuse me, who in the hell do you think the government is? Nothing but a representations of the people! Remember, we are a “representative republic”.
    Get a grip government on the statement “Of the people, by the people and for the people”!!

  2. Teresa Alana Grant

    March 5, 2012 at 3:04 am

    This is the plain and factual truth! They must be stopped! Thank you for being our voice!

  3. Kerry

    March 7, 2012 at 2:59 am

    the wild horse issue is, in it’s purest sense, what the fight for our country is all about. This country was founded on certain principles that both conservative and liberal agree on, and the fight for these ideals is found throughout this fight to save the wild horses on public lands. They (the wild horses) are in so many ways, still a symbol of this unique country.


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