BLM’s Betrayal to Public Trust Betrays America and Taxpayers Get Nothing

25 Mar

We’ve become so numb of our government agencies betraying our trust, that suddenly we awake one morning and realize the devastation it has caused.  Shortly the feelings of wanting to do something follow.  But what? (see link below to sign petition)

This conflicts and then dominates our soul and inner spirit because of the seriousness of the occasion.  In this case it is the useless slaughter, and what the BLM wants us to believe is “acceptable abuse” of animals and of our wild horse herds.

BLM Researchers Speak Out

Here is what BLM’s own scientists have said about their Grasslands Research and information.  Grasslands research and availability is part of the very basis of what the “other” more dishonest BLM employees’ state, without a doubt, the reasoning for removing the wild horse herds from public lands.

This is not meant to fulfill a complete and in-depth explanation, rather simply a brief perusal of information available in many documents. Previous BLM Researchers speak:

  1. BLM remains committed to maximizing livestock use levels, yet exempt them from any type of research data, and have done so for many years. This is just now coming to the forefront of the many issues and mismanagement principles the BLM continues to generate, irregardless of the consequences, i.e. the extermination of wild horse herds under false data presented;
  2. BLM’s refusal to ignore the premise of the “total landscape” and failure to admit such, has serious consequences – which are — the consideration toward a reduction in grazing allotments is unacceptable to BLM administrators, at the sacrifice of our public lands as well as taxpayer dollars. BLM scientists have suggested, but were ignored, the fact that environmental and economic resources would best be served by a reduction in BLM issued grazing permits;
  3. Industry domination of BLM has led to disastrous results, for example, “During a severe six-week drought in the West, BLM actually allowed grazing to increase. Meanwhile, BLM has fostered the destruction of thousands of natural springs and wetlands by encouraging grazers to construct troughs, pipelines and reservoirs as “range improvement facilities.”  Overgrazing (cattle only) has also led to the systematic extermination of wildlife, like the bighorn sheep, and now the wild horse herds, that were said to compete with livestock for resources on the range;
  4. BLM Grazing Fee incentive proposal is a shell game. They reward supposed “good” rangeland practices (but realistically create negative environmental impact), by offering up to 75% grazing fee reductions, and shown time and time again to be counterproductive, as well at a heavy cost to taxpayers, who receive nothing in return;
  5. BLM has no ability to monitor range practices, and the best example being livestock trespass, which is common on public lands, create overabundance of cattle in one area, and totally devastate the area. This is hidden by BLM employees and from their BLM management information, and the ranchers hide it from the public as well, which in both situations can be considered a crime in regard to falsification of filings of federal document laws;
  6. Worse yet, BLM lacks reliable rangeland condition data needed to measure range deterioration or improvement. All BLM administrators make it impossible for the BLM to collect stocking rate and carrying capacity data, yet quote this type of data in public documents. Again, falsification of necessary information, being an illegal activity, and only made by a “pretense” of being legal by using constructed and manipulated phrasing within the technical reports;
  7. Incentives proposed by BLM encourage those holding permits to construct rangeland improvement facilities, thereby creating an equity interest on public lands and fueling the political and legal attempts of ranchers to secure private property rights in order to redeem their economic investment. Again, falsification of documents, and only a “pretense” of being legal due to key word phrasing, that when broken-down into proper grammar usage would undeniably be of an illegal nature, and false.

Many Questions Unanswered

Overall, this information tells us that not only are significant issues being ignored, and information is manipulated to show false information as being correct, but we also find mismangement and incompetance.  This situation, or lack of, being leading factors quite costly to taxpayer money as well as destruction and slaughter of wild horses.  This is unforgivable, irresposible conduct, and just plain bad people running this government agency.  Because of the “Acceptable Abuse” and death standard, may God have mercy on their souls because the public will not!

Small Special Interest Groups

As usual, very small special interest groups win here, and taxpayers continue to receive nothing. The money goes into the ranchers’ pockets, who just happen to be friends of local and federal legislators, who also receive vast amounts of taxpayer dollars.  The fact is this region produces less than .012% to the beef industry in the United States, but will give the public erroneous information, as being a 3% contribution.

The problem also is they do not attempt to cover this up, and it is obvious this 3% figure is fraudulent, but due to lobby efforts or money-oriented belief systems, remains overlooked.  “Acceptable Abuse” toward our wild horse herds then becomes the norm, rather than the exception, but exemplifies how obscure and how far-off in responsibility and judgment both the BLM and this situation indeed is.

Information and the Truth

False information, especially when dispersed and given to the public by a government agency, leads to this information becoming referenced, then somewhere along the information highway it becomes real; That is, unless “Open Debate” exposes this type of fraudulent information for what it is, extremely destructive!

The fact is Horses from the wild horse herds die from this type of government agencies betrayal to the Public Trust.  It needs to STOP – NOW!

Wrong Information Leads to Destruction

The fact is these falsehoods from uncaring and irresponsible BLM employees and Department of the Interior employees, to include management and administrators, is just Wrong and on many levels.

The fact is the premise of horses being detrimental to this same environment is false.  This is proven time and time again, and yet, ignored and even demanded by BLM management and administrators too indeed leave this information out of “all” technical data and reference materials.

Need for Open Debate

If you have followed any of this Journalist’s previous articles, then understanding the need for “Open Debate” remains first and foremost of significance in order to change this deplorable situation of unneeded sacrifice and greed.  No balanced-debate of the issues exist, or have for quite sometime, due to the lack of correct information being given to the public.

The fact is the BLM favors the cattle industry, and at a heavy cost to the taxpayers, to wild horses, and everything that is of significance in America.  The lobby efforts of this industry place a lot of money in legislators pockets, and not only BLM employees but the Department of the Interior employees alike.  Make no doubt conflicts exist, and have been shown over the decades to exist, but covered up.  This situation continues, make no doubt.

These violations toward Public Interests can either be resolved, and illegal and certain questionable activity stopped, or simply another agency needs to take the management of our public lands over, with far more responsibility toward the Public Interest and toward wild life and horses, than has been the outcome so far.  It is irresponsible of our legislators as well, to allow this group to continue these questionable activities.

Conclusively, the general Public would rather spend $3 or $4 million dollars to investigate and punish this irresponsible conduct, rather than put $3 or $4 million dollars in the pocket of a friend of a legislator or BLM executive, and for nothing much more than being their neighbor, all the while killing our wild horse herds.


A White Paper by BLM Researchers titled, “Public Trust Betrayed: Employee Critique of Land Management Rangeland Management.  This can be obtained:, for your further consideration if interested. – Articles exploring other questionable practices and management principles of BLM’s lack of Public Trust and betrayal to America.


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4 responses to “BLM’s Betrayal to Public Trust Betrays America and Taxpayers Get Nothing

  1. Barbara

    March 26, 2012 at 12:59 am

    Very well written . If only the public knew the truth. Congress needs to have A Congressional investigation of the DOI/BLM.

  2. LisaN.

    March 27, 2012 at 7:07 pm

    The conflict of interest is no longer hidden, it’s right there for anyone to see starting from the secretary of interior down to the BLM advisory board. Since the justice department refuses to enforce & prosecute, I have to assume they are involved also.

  3. katdfinns

    January 3, 2014 at 5:56 am

    If this is how one agency acts toward our laws and rights, I can only assume there are many other agencies that have no one’s best interest in mind. Investigate them all.

  4. Michele McGorky

    January 3, 2014 at 9:42 pm

    It is hard to hear our government is by the people for the people. Where is the logic, where is the by the people part of these decisions.
    Everyone is out for their own personnel gain. Why not catch the horses, geld them and release. The herds would eventually lessen in numbers, and slaughter, abuse , cruelty miinimized.


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