Activists, Government, Wild Horse Herds and Responsibility

28 Mar

Being an activist, or taking a vigorous and sometimes aggressive action in pursuing a political or social end, is a strange and often difficult task for most common folks.  Some activists are termed anarchists, or somebody who believes that governments should be changed or abolished.  This is not the roll of most activists, and those that remain active against Wild Horse Herd Roundups remain synonymous with positive attributes.

Change is Inevitable and Positive Change is not an Easy Task

Within a wayward definition, an anarchist and supposedly an activist, as opposing authorities believe the term, also defined as somebody who tries to overthrow a government or behaves in a lawless way.  Neither definition provides a likeable term toward activists, who, simply defined, are people that believe something wrong should be corrected.  Without activism the reality is we would have lost our Rights as citizens of the United States many decades ago. As it is there are not enough activists to uphold “all” of our current Rights.

Demonizing Activists

The other and more significant problem is demonizing the activist, so popular and used by politicians loosely in today’s media.  Some Journalists fall under this situation quite a bit, especially describing the opposition or those views contrary to the politician’s.  But when needed for their votes, suddenly activists become a popular necessity, and in reality can and often do sway results.

These terms are used by those who believe “hate” is acceptable in our culture.  One must wonder if politician’s consultants tell them that’s what a politician should do, or behave like, in today’s social environment; this compared to simply confronting and to actually resolve a problem or controversial situation.  Then activists would not be needed.  No, hate is not acceptable!

Rights to All Americans

Americans have Rights upheld by the Constitution and within the Bill of Rights.  There is no confusion within either document, that is, until our government agencies, and their employees attempt to persuade us toward confusion, especially when caught doing something contradictory toward either document.  Attorneys argue before our Courts, whether the arguments honest or being paid to be an ass, never the less many are most often dishonest and contrary to our existing Rights as Americans.  Fortunately, often our Rights remain upheld, whereas, there have been additions to the Bill of Rights, but nothing taken away or any existing situations edited for a different result.

Rights and the Law

Here is a quick example: Under other than perfect circumstances someone sees one of the lost arguments, although contrary to our Rights, and indeed lost in a Court of Law, assesses the questionable situation as a truth and the confusion begins; even though a quick check would show the error.  Confinement to a government agency’s Policy is another characteristic confused by most, often assumed law, but just as often contrary to the law and unenforceable; certainly debatable.

Common Folks and Activisim

Whichever the definable attribute is accepted, what makes many common folks activists today is motivated most often by our government and the way people in the government go about their daily responsibilities, or lack of. . .  Often the way our civil servants, who are responsible for safeguarding, for example taxpayer lands and wildlife, do so in a questionable or disrespectful manner toward those who actually own, in this case, our lands and wildlife and owned/managed by the government body, defined as American ownership, as the government is made up . . . for the people and of the people of the United States of America.

Manipulated Confusion

The difficulty arises when there is too much communication, or an overabundance of information, which often confuses many people; for example the controversial National Debt situation, with an overview and breakdown of the reality on the Internet and referenced here.  The breakdown of debt percentages may be enlightening to most, demonstrating that receiving the correct information most often corrects future problems of controversy.

Open Debate is Good for the Country

An Open-Debate platform, having correct information is good for our country, good for our freedoms of speech, our freedoms of daily movement and activities, and the very foundation good decisions are made upon.  Thereby, the necessity is for transparency in all matters concerning any government body.

This confusion, or overabundance of information, becomes a vast road-block to many activists that have, indeed, taken upon themselves the responsibility of correcting something wrong in our government system.

BLM and Dishonest Horse Counts

Good examples are the way the BLM do Wild Horse Counts, or how they are paid-off illegally and their fraudulent activity, or their theft of government property (steeling horses from BLM land and BLM employees paid to “Look the Other Way”) being okay, when it is not okay, and is a felony.  The BLM has the same responsibility toward upholding the laws of our nation, just as we do.

When the common folks finally have enough of this type of behavior from government employees, the common folks then become activists.  The reality is making something right, whether it is behavior or saving wildlife or icons such as our Wild Horses as far back as the 1950’s.  This roll then becomes a difficult task at best.

Activists are Patriots Make No Doubt

True-Activists are true patriots, believing in the American system in their attempts to develop the truth of the matter, in this case the lies and overall illegal nature of the current BLM activities, in the attempt to resolve problems.  As a Veteran of a foreign war myself, I can attest to the fact the roll of activist is not the same, but similar in performing an ideological and patriotic act.  Make no doubt these people that take on the activist roll are warriors, attempting resolution in an appropriate manner, legally.  It is one of our Rights as Americans; the Boston Tea Party participants were activists and patriots, as was our first Congress and President.

Sometimes I may not agree with an activist’s belief, but I believe in American Rights, and will again defend any American to have those beliefs and Rights as prescribed by our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Picking and choosing which Constitutional Right, or choosing only a few Rights from the Bill of Rights, and benefits me only, or any I may agree with and toss the others away, is simply wrong.  If that makes me a radical, or other derogatory remarks made by those wanting to usurp my rights, then whose wrong here?

Why Information Confusion?

Our government uses confusion and the overabundance of information, as well as derogatory terms and name-calling in order to side step controversy, to cover up questionable events, cover up theft and other felonies as if our laws inAmericaare not applicable for them as well.  Currently they do this often.  This needs to be stopped.

Activists Love Their Country

This is what true activists do out of love for their country, their environment, or their condition of living standards, make no doubt about this!  Joining rather than condemning activists is good for the human spirit; positive contribution always uplifts all of our spirits.  If a person has knowledge of government crimes, yet says nothing, then later yells about their rights when violated, should perhaps rethink their living arrangement or redefine how this country become free in the first place.

Our freedoms being upheld takes cooperation and involvement from us all.  Perhaps our country is the way it is today due to lack of involvement, hate, and information confusion.  So it’s a matter of stepping forward and stating such things as, “. . . the BLM is doing things in an abusive and illegal manner”.  Then demanding our legislators fix the problem, and if they don’t then asking, Why Not?  Too many excuses are present today to hate, when none of the excuses, in reality, are real and this equates to dissention and nothing getting done.


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