Bureau of Land Management Abuse of Animals, Taxpayer Money, and Information

21 Aug

“. . . to ensure the survival of America’s representative democracy, that the “government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

The fact is this, the BLM gets away with their tyranny and bad decision making via the Department of Justice.  It is  having to go to court to fight against their bad decisions that makes, most often and when not affordable for the common taxpayer, harmful to wildlife and our Public Lands.  BLM employees must be made to take responsibility for their decisions, and that means taking-away their abundant access to Department of Justice Attorney’s, paid by our tax dollars.  They must take responsibility for either their bias and narrow scope of decisions, primarily for special groups, or their false information that they spread throughout public documents.

The Gettysburg Address was designed to protect the common folks from the questionable conduct and venues’, then and now, from government agencies such as the Bureau of Land Management and the Department of the Interior.  These government agencies say those Advocates that call for justice are “radical” or worse, provide the public a “sky is falling” context.  The truth of the matter is this, Advocates are American’s, they are demanding the BLM and DOI to stop conducting a costly stream of misinformation to the public at large, stop breaking laws, stop abusing animals, and adhere to the very foundations of what America was established upon!

BLM/DOI and Misinformation

“But government or media messages are only two potential components of misinformation campaigns. It could be said that, in general, the true power of such campaigns lie with the public, or audience, and how thoroughly they accept messages.”1

Horse Advocates’ conducts themselves with finite references and photos toward Animal Abuse and questionable conduct in regard from BLM employees and their private contractors, and remain concerned over the Wild Horse Herd Roundups.  Substantial evidence exists both within the photography and referenced material that BLM is caught, what most describe as BLM/DOI “Wrong-Doing.”

“Government Speak: “After reviewing instances of alleged animal abuse during the recently completed Triple B wild horse gather in Nevada, a Bureau of Land Management team has found that helicopter contractor Sun J Livestock generally demonstrated appropriate, humane handling of wild horses over the course of the six-week gather that ended August 31. . .” This is what BLM employees consider acceptable abuse? But oh, there is so much more and this tale continues below. . .” 2

Of course as we discover later as outlined within their “own” document, “The U.S. Bureau of Land Management’s internal review of a wild horse roundup in Nevada found some animals were whipped in the face, kicked in the head, dragged by a rope around the neck and repeatedly shocked with electrical prods, but agency officials concluded none of the mistreatment rose to the level of being inhumane.” As recorded within a BLM document, by eye witness testimony, and further covered in the Las Vegas Review Journal, and posted on the Internet March 26, 2012.3

We find beyond a doubt that BLM Media people and DOI media people take almost verbatim from the WWII Nazi propaganda machine, how to disseminate information to the public.  We all know where this leads, don’t we?

BLM and the LAW and False Claims

Make no doubt to the seriousness of this situation. The False Claims Act (31 U.S.C. §§ 37293733, also called the “Lincoln Law“) is an American federal law that imposes liability on persons and companies (typically federal contractors) who defraud governmental programs. It is quite obvious there is an illegal act committed by both Cattoor Livestock and Sun J Livestock, both BLM private contractors’ doing current Wild Horse Herd Roundups – among many others and continuously – then why has BLM administrators ignored this?4

Not to be ignored is the illegal activity that transpired here, in regard to false information given to the government, but as usual the BLM employees and private contractors ignored, and at the expense of many horses being crippled and killed as well, including foals. This is unacceptable, and there is just no excuse for this type of incompetence and/or attitude within our government agencies and their employees/contractors. To actually allow felonies to occur, and being paid for the felonies, is beyond doubt an unscrupulous and uncalled for situation.

BLM the LAW and Contractor Helicopter Pilot Conduct

Also ignored is the illegal actions, that consistently ignore FAA Laws. The law is FAA PART 91—GENERAL OPERATING AND FLIGHT RULES § 91.13 – Careless or reckless operation.4 The law is quite clear, yet ignored. This Journalist says “ignored” because there exists video taped evidence, in abundance, on the Internet, which is not edited what so ever. This is a felony, and as outlined in FAA Part 91–#91.13, as well as within many state and federal jurisdictions on Vehicular Assault upon people or animals.

“Officials for Sun J Livestock in Vernal, Utah, the contractor for the Triple B Roundup between Elko and Ely, did not return messages seeking comment,” as the reporter at the Las Vegas Review Journal states in the article when asking them about the obvious abuse within the BLM report.2

In this Journalist’s opinion there is guilt written all over this situation, via photos, testimony, and many other documents to include questionable budget expenditures, consistently — and why? Because those abusive situations did happen, and will happen again because these people get away with the abuse, supported by the BLM administrators! And, I might add, get paid with tax payer dollars quite well, for abusing the horses. Ignoring this situation, outright felonies, simply escalates the problem.


Since the 1990’s Horse Advocates have been documenting and photographing and video taping Wild Horse Herd Roundups.  Throughout this time Horse Advocates have been asking for a current investigation (one was done in the early 1990s, over 1,000 felonies found, in excess of 400 or 500 misdemeanors found, but canceled the night before taking this particular paperwork to the Federal Grand Jury—well documented and on

What is and remains false, and shrouded by a constant stream of lies and misinformation, is the BLM and the DOI conducting Wild Horse Herd Roundups, and the information as to why they are being conducted.  Is there something not understood by BLM/DOI employees and their status as Americans, or is greed and criminal conduct exceptable within these government agencies.  And of concern, why are criminals and people like these even hired within a government agency, and worse, allowed to run sli-shod, ignoring laws, and using taxpayer money to do so?  These questions need to be answered!

So we as Americans attempt to remain within the grasp of what Abraham Lincoln told fellow Americans, and we do not pay our taxes and remain American’s for the BLM or DOI to become their own government within themselves, Separate from America.  No, this government is run by agencies within Our government “. . .  for the people, and of the people of these United States.”


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  1. Barbara

    August 21, 2012 at 8:56 pm

    Excellent article with facts but when is Congress or the President going to act to stop the extinction of our wild horses and burros ? Surely they are aware of what is happening.


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