A Not So Pleasant Reality: A Perspective of Truth About Global Destruction

14 Apr


We as a civilization have indeed remained ignorant over the past few decades of understanding the ultimate consequences of not protecting our wildlife and biological reserves.  Our government, who should be taking a leadership roll in this situation, is not!  Now there exists more need than ever before to protect even the inconspicuous life forms, i.e. especially our wildlife, and within ecological systems, biospheres, and our over-all environment.

Sadly, diminished over the years are the rich historical biological resources that support our planet, and the truth is many will soon become non-existent.

We as a civilization are becoming dangerously close to having no where to go, and our future more vague than ever before.  Currently, there exists nothing to replenish our life-giving resources so needed within our daily lives for health, and life in general.

The urgency is here and now.  As Advocates, we not only see the decay daily, but the explicit details of a not so pleasant future.  We need to impress upon the public that extinction is an act of awesome and unparalleled finality.

Despite our government labeling Advocates as terrorists, or those who believe the sky is falling, and many other choice names, we see this because we are involved directly within it!  In reality, it is Advocates attempting to resolve these issues — the killing of our wildlife uselessly — the killing of our environment uselessly — and the killing of our civilization at it’s very heart and soul!

Unfortunately, our government researchers, as well as those responsible for environmental management, are self-initiated.  They are a regulatory device of Stewardship of this earth of ours, and yet — In reality, these self-proclaimed Stewarts have dropped the ball on this exact element of biology and our wildlife within an irresponsible manner.  Bad decision making a normal consequence and combination of outright ignorance and arrogance, and no sight within the near future of changing.

The Lose of Our Planet

To lose a species is one of a few processes that cannot be reversed.  The unpleasant reality is mankind cannot restore a species; rather, we remain capable and cold-bloodedly, and with certainty, destroy an entire species.  Mankind is right now doing this at an astonishing rate.

We need a support system!  What we do not need is the useless and failed kill-to-manage system, which also eliminates species of choice; unfortunately accomplished by an ignorant minority of people.  This is accomplished by decisions based upon misinformation, political agendas and worse, to obtain corporate payoffs.

Today Our Government Ruins Our Environment

No where in our government system today exists room for corruption.  The financial outlay of budgets are tight, and taxpayers always have to adjust to the corruption; rather than honest and less costly resolutions of a problem corrected by our government.  Right now it is obvious our government does not feel their management principles or paradigms need to change.  But the reflective consequences of our environment, and our wildlife when interpreted within a context of “Truth”, it literally screams the message — and quite loud and clear — CHANGE IT!

As living creatures ourselves, the more we understand the overall concept of life and living, the more we will be able to manage ourselves into a clear and superior future.  This cannot be accomplished by the ever present kill-to-manage-paradigm existing throughout our government agencies.

This equates to the ongoing extinction of many single species within human acts of recklessness and irresponsible behavior.  By permitting these high rates of extinction to continue, we are limiting the growth of biological knowledge as well.  By allowing the high rate of wildlife and biological extinction to continue, it can be comparable to book-burning.  But a far worse situation exists, and it is tantamount to books being burned that have as yet not been read, or deciphered for future understanding.  We lose a lot when keeping such a narrow perspective of politics, personal agendas, and continual corporate intervention upon our public lands, food sources, and our daily lives.

We must consider that the men and women of any generation are but “. . . temporary processors and life-rentors. . . who should not think it among their rights to cut off the entail, or commit waste on the inheritance. . .least they leave to those who come after them a ruin instead of a habitation.” — Edmund Burke


Within the vast array of knowledge we already have, it is simply time to use it rather than scoff at it as if it is such an undesirable element as to burn the resource; rather than use it as it should be — study, compile, learn, then use it as a practical application toward our survival!  Now is that time — because the truth is — We Have No More Time!


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4 responses to “A Not So Pleasant Reality: A Perspective of Truth About Global Destruction

  1. Barbara Warner

    April 14, 2013 at 3:11 am

    Another brilliant article. Thank you.

  2. Louie C

    April 24, 2013 at 6:41 pm

    By Craig C. Downer, Wild Horse Ecologist
    As a wildlife ecologist who appreciates the wild horses and burros and their freedom, I envision self-contained wild horse/burro reserves both in and around the originally established Herd Areas, including where possible other appropriate areas on both private and public lands. Through ecologically knowledgeable reserve design that takes into account as many of the short and long term needs of the wild equids as possible, drastic roundups could be avoided, or at least greatly minimized. This can and will be accomplished by incorporating natural boundaries that limit the equids’ movements and, only where necessary, by the construction of artificial, semi-permeable equid barriers that allow other species of wildlife to pass through unharmed. Crucial to this plan is that each reserve contain appropriate habitat of sufficient size to support a long-term viable wild horse or burro population of around 1,000 interbreeding individuals. Within each such natural sanctuary, the wild equids will be respectfully treated as the “principal” presence, not relegated to mere token numbers and deprived of basic resources to accommodate a monopoly of livestock and/or big game — currently the case! In these equid reserves, natural checks and balances will be allowed to operate, including natural predators of equids such as the puma and the wolf. With relative rapidity, the herds will attain population stability as part of a special, harmonious give-and-take relationship with each unique occupied ecosystem. And the cruel and ecologically disruptive roundups that have tragically set back th e site-specific adaptiveness of the West’s magnificent wild horse and burro populations will become a thing of the past! — Thank God!

  3. Louie C

    April 25, 2013 at 6:15 am

    This is a story that needs to be told…RIGHT NOW….even though more than a generation has passed since.

    Kaho’olawe Aloha ‘Aina A TRUE HAWAIIAN

    Produced in 1977 by the Protect Kaho’olawe ‘Ohana, this program features scenes from the last years of the life of George Jarrett Helm, Jr. as he worked tirelessly to stop the bombing of Kaho’olawe and inspire others to take up the cause of Aloha ‘Āina (love and protection of the land). Video of his classroom presentations, musical performances, speeches and interactions with government are supplemented with news stories and location shots of early occupations of Kaho’olawe. Video footage by Kevin Coates, Stephen Morse, KGMB, KHET and Videololo. Edited by Joan Lander. Produced by Ken Yasso.

  4. Barbara Warner

    July 4, 2013 at 10:04 pm

    Thank you for this, Louie. Yes, the message is needed now more than ever.


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