BLM versus AMERICAN TAXPAYERS: The ugly Truth is just too much, and taxpayer’s being taken for a ride by BLM!

12 Nov


“It is self-defeating to deny the existence of truth. If someone claims that “Truth does not exist,” then we can counter by asking if the claim is True or False. If the claim is False, then Truth Exists, and if the claim is True, then Truth Exists.” — Aurelius Augustine was born in 354 AD and died 76 years later. 1

Why bring this up and discuss this situation? Because the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is placed into our government as a subordinate agency to the Department of the Interior. This agency is expected to perform reliably and responsibly, just as other government agencies are expected to do their daily tasks.

It is also expected, ironically by legislation and law, that this government agency not only tell the truth, but distribute the truth so proper decisions can be developed, then made conclusively in regard to the management of our Public Lands and America’s wildlife! But the BLM remains and has been for quite sometime time now — Unreliable, irresponsible, and out of control — within a criminal perspective.

What is included below is merely a “Start” into what is hoped to be a continuous research and exposure by sound references, of the BLM and their unethical, irresponsible, and criminal behavior — which must stop!

A little BLM History

When we explore the truth of BLM and what is termed BLM-Speak, if an individual does not know previous events about this agency, then often their rhetoric sounds okay. . . The definitive problem develops when their history is known or eventually found-out. Keep in mind this is merely a small amount of incidents, well referenced and some covered-up in the past. Certainly the items below are not what the BLM or any government agency would want the Public to know.

1. Former BLM Employee Indicted for Public Corruption 2 — and Former Bureau of Land Management Official Sentenced to Federal Prison; 3

2. The employees, in law enforcement within the BLM, have always been unfavorable people within the BLM versus Public, and for justifiable and well referenced reasons. Here is only one of many examples:

“The people that have had a bad experience with BLM Ranger Finch are not only growing at an incredible rate, their statements are painting a very ugly picture of the enforcement arm of BLM. It is clear from the numerous interviews we have conducted that Ranger Finch’s superiors had been told of Finch’s dangerous and unacceptable interactions with the public in the form of complaints that were made by Finch’s victims.” 4

3. Outright animal abuse, which involves way too many references, newspaper coverage, and other programs available are simply too numerous to list here — and the abuse remains abundant today, references continuous, toward BLM-Speak or simply stated, Lies to the Public by BLM personnel.

Questionable Daily Conduct

Here is but a small, or limited due to article length, a portion of the BLM’s Daily Conduct, at the expense of taxpayers money. Keep in mind within this framework, the BLM is the most litigated government agency in history. One has to state, within reason, why this agency should be believed about anything what so ever when it comes to managing our Public Lands and America’s Wildlife. By the way, every bit of the following list is well referenced, numerous newspaper articles, documentaries’, and investigative articles cover these subjects.

1. Outright payments to ranchers, never giving information as to why, or if legitimate, although theft of wild horses (see interview of an informant, Peer Review White Paper) appears to be one element of many;

2. Avoiding actual research and studies of grasslands to avoid Wild Horse Roundups being canceled as not needed;

3. Awkward and displaced range management costing millions of dollars yearly, with no return to the taxpayers what so ever;

4. Government BLM employees theft of Government Property;

5. Private Contractors theft of Government Property and while being supervised by BLM employees;

6. Continuous conflicts of interest between a few legislators, Lobby Groups, Ranchers, and taxpayer money;

7. Extreme cover-ups of outright Felonies, and misdemeanor/Felonies, from the 1990’s onward, with canceled and no further government investigations;

8. Obscure and undefined budgets;

9. Questionable eligibility of private contractors in order to perform what most consider an unneeded job, an unethical job, and also what many consider to be abusive toward animals (videos on the Internet are many, showing these abuses);

10. Private Contractors padding their budgets or creating astounding, superfluous, bids, as well as being paid for jobs misclassified and non-existent, using helicopters fueled by taxpayer money on private journeys or commercial use as well.

The Worst of the Worst in History

Of Note: There were four Investigations ongoing at that time; Case #RP-05-93-021-01; Case #NM-960-03-93-021-023SA; Case #NM-960-03-021-020; and Case #NM-960-08-92-021-805 respectively.

The highlights of the Investigations follow:

1.BLM Management personnel have authorized the transportation of wild horses to group adopters at the expense of the government;

2.BLM management personnel have authorized the fee waiver and/or fee reduction of wild horses without delegated authority;

3.BLM management failed to inspect and prepare written reports for group adopter facilities and property prior to receiving adopted wild horses;

4.BLM personnel publicly and openly promoted the commercial us of wild horses, i.e., bucking stock and slaughter house;

5.BLM personnel in concurrence with BLM management, entered false information regarding the wild horse documents into BLM DPS-8000 data base;

6.BLM personnel through their government positions, arranged for special privileges and allowances pertaining to wild horse adoptions;

7.BLM personnel and management knowingly converted to the use of another, wild horses belonging to the United States;

8.BLM personnel and management did knowingly attempt to interfere with an ongoing investigation by discussing privileged information regarding the Investigation with other BLM personnel, some of whom were subjects of the Investigation;

9.Many, many more “lack of document” charges, especially in regard to the Wild Horse Herd Counts and the financial income and expenditures mandatory at each BLM facility, were not completed, lost, or unavailable for confirmation – in order to appropriate funding for each facility;

10.Several more listings expressed concern toward illegal activity, and lack of following directorial and mandated training and compliance of Inspectors, Wranglers, and Field Level Administrators of the Wild Horse and Burro Program.

(For the entire informative packet and interview see Horses Led To Slaughter, Anatomy of a Cover Up in the Wild Horse and Burro Program, PEER White Paper, Number 14, Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, Washington D.C. 20009-1125, , 1997.)

So how did this become a situation where the Grand Jury was taken out of the entire equation here, despite the fact there were approximately 872 Felony Counts; and 1,279 combined Felony and Misdemeanor Counts, to include fraudulent paperwork, fraudulent data input into the BLM computer systems, erroneous paperwork, Employee Misconduct, money laundering, misplaced funds and much more?

One has to wonder, just from this undercover operation, how it is this government agency was left, and remains, unchecked — as those involved in the 1990’s remain within the Administrative and Management levels of the BLM today.


Just by what is written within this particular article is more than enough for simple and conclusive observation, which by the way can and does develop a truthful perspective quite well. BLM will not dispute these facts, never have and never will, as they are all simply well documented as Fact and Truth!

This government agency should, for all intents and purposes, be shut down. It is a waste of taxpayer money, as they do not manage neither our wildlife or Public Lands! Public Lands and America’s Wildlife decisions based on Political Agenda and corporate favoritism is just wrong on many different levels, and based on bad-science and irresponsible conduct by the BLM!

These activities, despite their obvious unnecessary use, cost taxpayers millions of dollars yearly, and billions over several years.

“In November the Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility filed a scientific misconduct complaint with the Department of Interior that stated the BLM intentionally removed a study of grazing disturbance from the agency’s $40 million Rapid Ecoregional Assessments project to map ecological trends throughout the West. This matter was later and conclusively determined to be Truthful, and the BLM reprimanded, but taxpayer money not retrieved what so ever. Today the BLM still does not include, and demands research of our Public Lands to “Not” impose truthful rangeland, in regard to cattle graze, into government documents and reports.

Further, Scientists were asked to choose the “change agents” such as fire or invasive species that would be part of the study. According to PEER, when the scientific teams were assembled, BLM managers told them that grazing would not be studied due to anxiety from “stakeholders,” fear of litigation and lack of available data on grazing impacts.”

Later we discover this evolved around the subjects of harmful range degradation by cattle, and the actual and real absence of degrading land value by Wild Horse Herds (i.e. an untruth and proved beyond a doubt by good and well referenced science). This is detrimental subject material when considering how much taxpayer money wasted on Wild Horse Herd Roundups under the guise of saving the grasslands environment.

“Disgusting BLM Management Conduct” is more appropriate of a definable term here.
The bad situation? Until this is stopped, and lies become unacceptable, and the Truth an acceptable paradigm before decisions made, within the management paradigm of the BLM, then taxpayers, wildlife, and our ecology will continue to be destroyed!

Rather than defend their conduct, the Justice Department needs to investigate, then place criminals in jail, just as they would the General Public. This is no “Keep Out of Jail” situation that exists when the law is broken or usurped. . . We are a nation of Laws, and this creates Law and Order and equality into our Civilization. Once this is set aside, then civilization takes a step backward.
1 The influence of his ideas still pervades all of civilization. Between the years 391 and 395 he wrote a small document with the title: On Free Choice of the Will; [abbreviated in Latin to De Libero]. The document consists of three parts called ‘books’, each ‘book’ being about the length of a chapter in a modern book. Almost hidden in the pages of ‘book’ two is his definition for the word Truth.


3. html



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13 responses to “BLM versus AMERICAN TAXPAYERS: The ugly Truth is just too much, and taxpayer’s being taken for a ride by BLM!

  1. grandmagregg

    November 12, 2013 at 7:53 pm

    Two of the reference links are “broken” – thought you would want to know. (2 and 4)

    • WestDeltaGirl

      November 13, 2013 at 6:16 am

      I just tried them they are working now grandmagregg.

      It blows my mind that they feel they are above the law that the rest of us follow. Their salaries are paid with our tax money yet, they believe they are our bosses!

  2. Barbara Warner

    November 13, 2013 at 12:05 am

    Many thanks, John. How can we get a Congressional investigation done? This is more than enough evidence.

  3. Monika Courtney

    November 13, 2013 at 4:04 am

    This country is so backwards and corrupt, our forefathers would turn in their graves, if they knew. Americans are manipulated up the rear most not realizing it. BLM is a regime, a militia of their own kind, cleverly disguised and in bed with those whom they buy out. Congress… another circus. Washington… a waste of resources for clowns. The only thing that will shake this nation is a revolution, we are being smothered with rogueness and our country is ready to sink into an abyss.
    Talk… will lead nowhere. The PR talents sweat it all the time – so does the latest addition of Jewell, who is another puppet in the industry. Americans are duped, betrayed and used. Wake up people.–0915.html

  4. James M. Walls

    November 13, 2013 at 4:05 pm

    The BLM is a huge waste of tax dollars and destroying our wild horses and land.

  5. Barbara Warner

    November 16, 2013 at 10:42 am

    Please do this as this bill will let our public lands be leased to ranchers for 10-15 years with no NEPA.
    James, you are so right.

  6. Louie C

    November 18, 2013 at 12:38 am

    This should go under last month’s article, but no one would see it.
    Dallas Safari Club: Stop Auction to Kill Endangered Black Rhino.
    At its convention in January 2014, the Dallas Safari Club will auction off the opportunity to go to Namibia and hunt and kill a Black Rhino. The black rhino is “critically endangered,” according to the International Rhino Foundation. Only about 5,000 live in the wild. When asked about offering a chance to hunt a member of an endangered species, Dallas Safari Club Executive Director Ben Carter said, “This is about saving a species, not one animal.”
    Carter says the rhino that will be hunted will be an older, non-breeding male. The auction is expected to raise between $250,000 to $1,000,000.
    The Dallas Safari Club lists its mission as: Conservation, Education, and Protecting Hunters’ Rights. This education ignores the first two and will give a hunter a free pass to kill an endangered species.
    This is wrong. Tell the Dallas Safari Club they need to reboot and give this idea the boot. The message it is sending is wrong and could result in a “sanctioned” killing.

    • Jasmine A Vaught

      April 28, 2014 at 3:22 pm

      That doesn’t surprise me, a bunch of redneck killers bored with their stupid lives, need to go kill something bigger than their small brain, and genitals, so they can be somebody amongst their good ol’ boy buddies.

  7. Barbara Warner

    November 18, 2013 at 11:28 am

    Thanks for this , Louis. This is just sadistic. Signed and shared.

  8. Jasmine A Vaught

    April 28, 2014 at 3:20 pm

    Unless we do something real, not just complain and write letters, and sign petitions! As we see they just don’t do any good, I doubt if anytone even sees them. People in this country are going to have to do something, talk is cheap. Stop traffic, get arrested if necessary, hold a million man/woman march against animal abuse, stop eating meat, organize to stop or at least try the transport of our animals across borders. It can be done, at least it would show support, because going up against the big money is NOT WORKING! Its going to take ACTION, NOT TALK

    • diogenes11

      August 7, 2015 at 6:08 am

      Yup! I will donate. I will comment. I will email. But where are we going to congregate and how many of us will attend? Best done in DC but will we go, can we go? When?

  9. Elaine Brown

    August 7, 2015 at 6:26 am

    Cynicism affects many of us because we have been trying to get on with this for years.Many of us disagree or are burned out. However, we are progressing.

    The death of Cecil has brought three major airlines forth to stop transporting big game trophies from Africa. “No to Dog Meat” is alerting people all over the world not only of Korean atrocities but throughout Asia. Caroline Kennedy spoke out in behalf of the killing of dolphins in Japan last year. Australians are making huge strides against live export. Canadians are protesting more and more against horse slaughter and live export of horses to Japan. And believe it or not, many of us Americans have learned of the plight of our American horses wild and domestic as to slaughter.

    We must keep spreading the word and supporting our litigators. Perhaps a mass meeting in Washington, DC would be ideal. How do we do that? We find the money to travel and the baby sitters for our animals. Those of us who cannot go help others to go and we publicize like crazy.
    We could even have a virtual mass meeting. We have to think outside that box.

    But first those who are well known – famous and wealthy – must be persuaded to help. We must put up billboards in the areas of those in Congress who prevent the Safe Act from passing. We must be smart, work together, and creatively move forward against the BLM and the blockers in Congress. We must spend our money, spout our words, and let those who block us know we are not going to take it anymore.


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