WILD HORSES, PZP, DEFORMITIES, AND DEATH; American Public has a lot of question about the Pesticide PZP that need answered! Editorial

29 Feb

foal“If our government continues to look for solutions in the area of manipulated science, special interest needs, and technology only, rather than establish Ecological Zones for the habitat and wildlife as a priority, the result will be to worsen the situation.” — John Cox, when discussing Ecological Zones as Eco-Reserves for Public Use and Education and the Tragedy of the Commons

The process of learning is tremendous. Doors open when the Truth involved. We are now finding many questions, in the matters of PZP Pesticide use – results of the pesticide on horses as well as surrounding wildlife. The information involves the BLM and the Department of the Interior and simply bad science from 1994 to the present, in the matters of the experimental Pesticide PZP.

BLM employees and administrators refuses to answer, and are not answering pertinent questions, but previous employees are talking, and more will talk — and research of photos taken in the Nevada Desert show questions must be answered, sooner than later. They speak of neglect to record the happenings and developments directly involved in PZP use, and how Administrators simply refused to develop, or did not develop pertinent records, a situation to actually show the public the real long-term results of PZP used on America’s Wild Horses!


Now we see results such as the more well known, and of course less hidden, wild horses in South Caroline – but merely the tip of the hidden truth of PZP. It was known by a few, but those few said nothing — the researchers knew as well – Coverup? Obviously! Cowhands in the Oregon and Nevada deserts find many of the bones of foals and yearlings as well, deformed. . . PZP usage? Who knows for sure, with known corrupt government agencies such as the BLM, will the truth ever be told?

We also started looking at the Wild Horse Bone-Pile photos found at bottom of cliffs, once again and due to this information. Yes, there exists many bone piles at the base of cliffs in remote areas of Nevada and eastern Oregon. The BLM involved? Have they ever admitted to such? Of course not, it is an atrocity, but the piles there, or were before we brought the subject up a couple of years ago –

BLM Police nor any other investigative agency looked into the matter, nor did they look into the matters of Inventory Lists where Wild Horses disappeared from the range – that taxpayer’s paid private contractors $345 million (cost of roundups by private contractors of wild horses that disappeared only – vouchers were paid), are these part of that inventory of horses that disappeared? Who knows why or how, as no one investigated.

Anyway, when looking at close-ups, we see many deformed bones, both foals and mares and older stallions – we assumed for the past years simply another tact, BLM running wild horses off cliffs perhaps, mainly for their sick amusement, and promoted a more efficient method of killing Wild Horses when no one around – but now we discover even more reasoning behind the genocide . . . Will we ever know for sure?

So smoothly BLM and science contractors, together, made the transition, basically of researchers not speaking about the Pesticide PZP in public. Instead, they gathered BLM supporters and what they call BLM Assets (did you wonder why, ever?) that were, and remain, very ignorant in the matters of science, and were sold facts that never had to do with the actuality, but rather the misinformation and lie about PZP (i.e. included much more sales than science). Mainly, people that never knew enough to ask the proper questions, and naïve enough to pass the bogus information on to other horse advocates and the public as well – A well known and highly promoted government tactic when coverup involved. . .


Government at its very worst, and private contractor’s at the shallowest and worst – Again! No one surprised, but now they need to stop using the PZP, as we discover more information, and on situations such as this, weekly discoveries, of course, will develop. But a Wild Horse Overpopulation on Public Lands – It remains as big of a lie as it was yesterday, the week before that, and the decades before that!

First, BLM and their Supporters, will attempt the condescending remarks toward those discussing the information and coverup – as they do currently toward those who disfavor the use of PZP – yes, BLM employees involved and mustering up numbers of people, such as pro-slaughter people, and even naïve horse advocates that know better, but become involved anyway – and promote fairy tales of assisting wild horses, but they are not and do not – just another part of the BLM scheme;

BLM employees will then refuse to discuss questions, and discuss the falsified Over-Population of Wild Horses to the Public, and insist Overpopulation exists, by their numbers – percentages actually that are developed from a falsified premise and placed into their computer templates to falsify the wild horse herd numbers even more so – yes, they have been caught previously as well;

The BLM followers and supporters will Rant and Rave about PZP being safe, and request more money, via donations, to remain supporting PZP, or some will even ask, ironically bold, for donations to investigate;

Then we will hear more appalling truth about the pesticide PZP, and the actual nightmare-results it gave to mares and foals over the long-term situation, we will hear more about deformities of foals, and yearlings or older, toward their slow and sickly death – does BLM employees care? Not really, just less horses they have to deal with, at least in their minds;

Then we will hear about the harmful effects about Wildlife in all the areas where PZP used previously, and why, for example, the Apex Predators no longer exist in many of those areas, or are quickly becoming extinct within those same areas – PZP death toll perhaps mounts – but hey, according to BLM employees, no records, no one there, so why say anything, why not just not say anything, and when asked just lie. If it sounds like business as usual at the corrupt agency, BLM, and DOI repeating the lies, it is unequivocally , Business as Usual at these government agencies – and they wonder why their reputation is so bad.

Then eventually and quietly PZP will simply be shelved, again, for a later date by this totally corrupt government agency, the BLM . . .


Why is there no long-term scientific data for PZP?

Was there a coverup in the deserts of Nevada, and in Eastern Oregon – Burns District and Klamath Falls District, with deformities in foals not recorded? We do have people talking from the range, so BLM is going to have to answer these questions honestly – or they will attempt the end-around-maneuver, and ramble and misinform, as usual —

At deformed foal sites, and PZP mares, who mysteriously died at wildlife/predator sites (not from predator attack), and wildlife dead as well, why was it not recorded?

Why were sickly mares, and foals not recorded years after the mares and PZP used, and found dead, foals deformed?

Why have there been no studies to show the effects of this Pesticide PZP within Ecological Zones and on Wildlife — as the EPA documents make it quite clear, and repeatedly, it remains stated an UNKNOWN — ?

More questions are involved, but this is a good start – perhaps this government agency will become transparent, as should be done anyway to America’s taxpayers and who pay their wages and retirement? Or, tell the truth? Aw, never mind, that’s not going to happen in the near future until our representatives make them transparent, and make them tell the truth!

The realm of irresponsibility, within not only the research, but its use by a government agency, and so much that is UNKNOWN about this particular Pesticide, overwhelms its use — America Demands its USE TO BE STOPPED UNTIL FURTHER INVESTIGATION!  IGNORANCE IS NOT AND NEVER HAS BEEN AN EXCUSE TO USE SUCH PROFOUND PESTICIDES ON OUR WILDLIFE — EVER!


As time move forward, we discover many more things of a negative attribute in the matters of Pesticide PZP, but below we can directly connect this problem with the problem above — but confirmation unavailable, as they euthanized the foal before blood or tests completed to see if Pesticide enhanced or involved in the situation — one thing we know for sure, the researchers were involve and can speculate, truthfully, they did not want the foal tested — Why?  Read below:

SHARE! The old hypothesis — that PZP merely blocks sperm attachment — has been disproved.

By Marybeth Devlin, Wild Horse Advocate & member of Protect Mustangs

Kaur & Prabha (2014) found that the infertility brought on by PZP is ” … a consequence of ovarian dystrophy rather than inhibition of sperm-oocyte interaction.” They reported that PZP’s antibodies induce ovarian dystrophy, oophoritis (inflammation of the ovaries), destruction of oocytes in all growing follicles, and depletion of resting follicles.

Despite all the hype about PZP being non-hormonal, the manufacturer himself knew that it had an adverse hormonal effect — significantly-lowered estrogen. In 1992, he reported that ” … three consecutive years of PZP treatment may interfere with normal ovarian function as shown by markedly depressed oestrogen secretion.” Thus, PZP is an endocrine disruptor.

Worse yet, Sacco et al. (1981) found that PZP antibodies are transferred from mother to young via the placenta and milk. The transferred antibodies cross-react with and bind to the zonae pellucidae of female offspring. This is bad news because BLM regularly administers PZP to pregnant and lactating mares, who transfer the destructive antibodies to their filly-foals. Thus, the fillies get their first treatment with PZP in utero, while nursing, or both.

Nettles (1997) found an association between PZP and stillbirths. READ MORE here:



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9 responses to “WILD HORSES, PZP, DEFORMITIES, AND DEATH; American Public has a lot of question about the Pesticide PZP that need answered! Editorial

  1. grandmagregg

    February 29, 2016 at 7:44 pm

    It’s PAST time that Congress held a legitimate hearing to examine the BLM about their bull$hit and make-believe population counts.” Example: BLM “said they counted 1,378 burros on AZ Black Mt. HMA but their documentation (photos) only showed 72 burros! What did we pay four people and a helicopter nine days days and many many dollars for if they only photographed 72 burros? BLM is one of the biggest SCAM artists in the country.
    Complete Report:
    1378 burros supposedly counted (hand written notes)
    72 burros documented
    1306 UN-documented burros

     A BLM aerial count of the Gold Butte HMA, NV, in 2007 found 80 adult burros and 3 foals, a 3.75% reproductive rate. Yet BLM applies the same 20% reproduction rate to estimate wild burro populations.
     BLM’s over-inflated reproductive rates used for estimating populations clearly illustrate that there are far less wild horses and burros on the range presently than BLM claims. Population estimates appear to be skewed so as to maximize populations without taking any losses [mortality and capture/removals] into consideration
    Allocating funds to capture and warehouse wild horses and burros based on unsubstantiated population increases is most certainly fiscally irresponsible. There is strong evidence that the reproduction numbers the BLM applies are fraudulent.

    Click to access Report_Congress_BLM_WH_B__Program_FY11.pdf

  2. Barbara W.

    March 1, 2016 at 9:42 am

    NAS study found no evidence of an over-population yet BLM ignored their own report and uses PZP.and now wants to even spay ( read kill) wild horse mares.
    Here’s another cover-up : and it’ still happening.

    I’m an old advocate now and it seems to me the corruption and the BLM’s “management for extinction” just keep getting worse . Calls to D.C., comments against BLM roundups , Emails , etc. have not done any good because the public believes the BLM lies or just doesn’t care. If only wild horses would get the publicity that the Super Bowl does . And now Thrump .

  3. Barbara W.

    March 1, 2016 at 9:44 am

    Also research by Karen Sussman is being ignored by the traitors and BLM.

    • Maggie Frazier

      March 1, 2016 at 3:27 pm

      It certainly IS! How shameful is it that people are so fascinated by “celebrities” that apparently do nothing but exist and the animals that make this planet what it is are ignored & treated as though they are unimportant. We have all these so-called reality shows on tv – some showing wild animals – all so far from REAL! Why is it not possible to show the truth? Not enough profit? Karen Sussman has made such progress documenting these herds and the difference between them – it really ticks me off. There are many many educated, experienced people “out there” – including John Cox, Craig Downer, Karen Sussman, Ginger Kathrens, RT Fitch – so many – and the word still isnt getting out. I hate seeing the split between different horse advocate organizations. How can we really make a difference when we are divided? The haters (pro slaughter) must love this!

  4. Rhonda Curran

    March 16, 2016 at 3:26 am

    I will never understand how you can live with yourselves after taking the lives of the beautiful horses on there land that were here way before the Government.

  5. Photographer and Journalist

    May 15, 2016 at 4:54 pm

    A Special Note here: Yes, there is a deformity from foals, on rare occasions, called Windswept. Most often with horses that are not given the horse or band Pesticide PZP. In this case, what biologist’s and veterinarian’s who do honest research state clearly, because the Pesticide PZP was used on this herd/band, it s a very suspicious event, higher in percentage than normal Pesticide PZP more than likely the cause. Since its usage, horses are sterile, and deformities are many, as well as an upswing on foal death — to ignore these situations and explain it as non-pesticide PZP occurrence is, well, arrogantly ignorant and not of scientific conclusion.

    In this case, as well, is the irresponsible actions of those managers within this situation. The fact is blood panels should have been drawn from the foal, which died. Many people involved in the distribution of the Pesticide PZP, that indeed, do not want facts but will stick with the non-recorded-research criteria that essentially has no references of scientific quality — other than Mr. Fitzpatricks statements of them being in his mind only, and never had time to write them down.

    So was there blood drawn? No. Why? Was there DNA taken? No. Why not? Other than having the ability to still walk after being injected, or rising up after being injected, seemingly to these researchers was proof enough the Pesticide PZP works appropriately, well, to others that simply is not the case.

    The Human Society had to have many portions of the registered Pesticide waived, as no research available to prove it is safe for all animals, horses, or deer, or the environment and safe in ecological systems — this is troubling because no one knows for sure if it is or not. we are finding questionable situations in the mountains, currently, of death and fatal deformities in animals the Pesticide PZP was being used with, and plenty of them.

    And indeed, it does lack longevity within biological systems, but that does not decline the situation of the overwhelming fact many wild horses, are sterile now and Pesticide PZP is the main influence of their history — of the herd/band behaviors destroyed in total — which also destroys a wild horses education within survival skills in the wilds, and often learned from the family band structure. . .

    So yes, there exists plenty of questions to ask about the Pesticide PZP, because we are seeing the results of its use — Are these results noticed and noted? No, not by the Pesticide PZP crowd, as they are still making excuses and statements that it is not a Pesticide, even though it fits all — I repeat all of the Criteria for registering it as a Pesticide — and in accord with EPA guidelines on hazardous materials . . . There is much more I could reference, but this is more than enough information for now.

  6. Photographer and Journalist

    May 16, 2016 at 7:52 pm

    Where the comments are certainly appreciated, I am simply the writer on this controversial subject. I do represent, however, several Biologists, 3 PhDs, 2 Veterinarian, and 4 Large Mammal Research Scientists.

    I break down in writing and communicate my concerns as well as theirs. I send all comments, when any science involved, to them. So if you do send something, on this very controversial subject, and especially when stating anything about the Pesticide (i.e. EPA Registered) PZP, then please include your credentials, as opinions, or material taken from a book or sales literature, opinions with lack of references, is simply set asides – and I will forward legitimate communication to the appropriate individual who will read the response — as well referenced science as well as scientific discussion is always welcome — opinions from those who lack credentials will not be accepted. Thank you for reading this material —

  7. Barbara W.

    May 17, 2016 at 1:06 pm

    PZP destroys natural selection. No credentials– just horse sense . This is important IMHO.

  8. Hung Wingate

    April 18, 2022 at 2:22 pm

    Can I simply just say what a comfort to uncover a person that truly understands what they’re discussing on the web. You actually realize how to bring a problem to light and make it important. More and more people have to check this out and understand this side of the story. I was surprised you’re not more popular since you definitely have the gift.


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