A Short Note on Wild Horses and Saving Them

14 Jul

murderer's creek horses

“A leader should always be open to criticism, to never silencing dissent, but rather applaud it. Any leader who does not tolerate criticism from the public fears their dirty hands to be revealed under intense scrutiny. Such a leader is dangerous, because they only feel secure in the darkness. Only a leader who is free from corruption welcomes scrutiny; for scrutiny allows a good leader to be an even greater leader.”  – John Cox, Cascade Mountains 

The very premise of the Wild Horse and Burro Board is and remains corrupt. They break the Law on a continuous basis. There is no way, and others should be of the same mind set, that Horse Advocates who truly have the Wild Horse’s safety and life of freedom on our Public Lands in mind, would indeed neither attend nor even pay attention to such corrupt situations as the BLM, the DOI, the Humane Society, commercialized non-profits inclusive of AWHC, WHE RTF, Cloud, and many others who exploit the Wild Horses for profits – are, indeed, run by grifters, or the WH&B Board.

The significance here is the aspects of also the Pesticide and GONACON. Both supposedly a birth control. This birth control is used upon an under-populated species, the Wild Horse. When we consider the situation within its entirety, we see a couple of major points, negative toward the Wild Horse’s longevity and freedom on America’s Public Lands:

  1. It provides a birth control situation so more Wild Horses can be rounded up and sent to holding corrals, without concerns of increased foaling populations developing, and they simply disappear (to slaughter);
  2. It provides access to Kill Buyer’s, while wild horses whether captive or being rounded up, at taxpayer’s expense, to go either directly or indirectly to slaughter;
  3. In reality, real-time realty, the Pesticide PZP, CONACON, or other birth controls, combined with the WH&B Board, the Humane Society, commercialized non-profits — combined with BLM and DOI and Forestry Corruption (mind-sets and perspective corrupt as well) simply make rounding up the wild horses easier; indeed;
  4. they disappear easier from the BLM inventories, and much easier to convince the public of false information (i.e. over-population, immunocontraceptive false narratives, based on their erroneous interpretation of Humane) when compared especially to cattle, when indeed on their legal and prescribed HMA, and in accord with law, the Wild Horses are and remain Under-populated.

The corruption increases exponentially with what is allowed; which, equates to corruption in total. Joining the corruption does not, nor ever has been favorable toward any type of positive resolution for the Wild Horses – Look it up, it is history, and well defined.

Getting Corruption out of government, is the only resolution that will assist the Wild Horses. Anything else simply caters toward the Wild Horse’s demise – As we are seeing today if we look at the situation within a truthful, non-prejudice nor narrow perspective, we see it is simply developed from bias. We must not donate to commercialized non-profits, as their option is not the only option available, and their option does not save Wild Horses, at all — so why donate to them, as they lie, and their information based on no evidence, nor any science, at all.

To actually cater to corruption and misinformation, developed on False Pretense, not only does not help the Wild Horses – But will lead to the very extinction of Wild Horses! And this will happen much faster than ever before in the history of Wild Horse Roundups – it is much worse and much more efficient today, as well as much more misinformation to the public, false narratives entirely, is given by government and the Humane Society and oh so many other commercialized non-profits, as well.

We give our options on Saving Wild Horses and how to do so, yet these good science and management paradigms ignored — and then, the only option commercialized non-profits develop are merely, and obviously, favorable to them and the corrupted BLM only, and not the Wild Horses — in another word, Killing Horses for Exploitation, then to slaughter — all the while darting them with Toxic Pesticides that have nothing to do with “saving them” what so ever. . .

STOP THE CORRUPTION and We SAVE AMERICA’S WILD HORSES!  — Written by John Cox, The Cascades

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2 responses to “A Short Note on Wild Horses and Saving Them

  1. Barbara Warner

    July 14, 2016 at 3:10 pm

    Corruption is so widespread in our country today it has ruined it.BLM/DOI is even allowing fracking
    Your poem is beautiful , John.

  2. joyhog11

    May 5, 2022 at 9:51 pm

    I agree. I believe our whole government is corrupt. Each dept/agency has an agenda where they lie, talk the talk (no action), misuse of our tax dollars, and want our wildlife gone (the list goes on). The thing is, these are the very federal agencies charged to protect & preserve our wildlife. How can we get our WH&Bs & wolves removed out from under these corrupt federal agencies, along with the funds, so they are actually protected? When I write my congressional leaders I am just writing other corrupt humans or humans that could care less & respond with a “canned” response or include just a little bit of compassion in their response hoping it will shut me up. It doesn’t, I keep writing. What else can we actually do? I have a t-shirt that reads: Protect the Mustang. It has a gorgeous pic of a black stallion in it. My t-shirt is 30+ years old. My point is, that is how long (and longer I know) the fight has lasted. And, as you indicate, their treatment & demise all these years later is worse.


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