Wild Horses: The Truth – Facts, The Percentages, The Corruption Unchecked

19 Feb

john along the williamson sunsetThe time will come when diligent research over long periods will bring to light things which now lie hidden. A single lifetime, even though entirely devoted to the sky, would not be enough for the investigation of so vast a subject… And so this knowledge will be unfolded only through long successive ages. There will come a time when our descendants will be amazed that we did not know things that are so plain to them… Many discoveries are reserved for ages still to come, when memory of us will have been effaced.”
― Seneca

In this period of American history we find many contradictory situations. Frankly, the Wild Horses of our Public Lands, merely used as pawns, in the game to riches and government budget building, increased payrolls, and outlandish equipment purchases, maintenance of the same equipment, as well as price of fuel. . . in both the Forestry (USFS), and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

The American Taxpayer, or Donator to non-profits, continue to be taken for the ride on the tails of misinformation, lies, pursuit for the mighty dollar as their god, and simultaneously disenfranchise honesty, or truth, for this mediocre dishonest false-premise of saving our Wild Horses. Amazing that many people even go for the scam what so ever – but you can fool some of the people some of the time . . .

Currently the ruling classes (the 1% wealthy) simply protect themselves. Monetary profits have never been higher, 40%+ now within the standard corporate premise of business, above and beyond anything else throughout the historical Industrial-Age in the matters of Capital Gains or profit margins.

No doubt politics taken over by business, actually socialism is the term and defines the situation quite well. Representative-Democracy, in reality, no longer exists. But on a positive note, the youth of today is not accepting neither the Industrial-Styled Democracy of socialism, nor the sacrifices it presents in order to maintain such a system. Change is inevitable, but slow in coming, unfortunate for the Wild Horses today – as many led by large groups that have acquired a mentality to support deception, lies, misinformation, as well as just blatantly bad propaganda . . . but people will be human, will they not?

Even though we consider ourselves a Humane Nation, in truth the term merely a convenience, rather than a truth. We provide ourselves with an ethical mind-set, in name only. Conclusively, we seem to follow the unethical and those who lack scruples, most often due to empathy or an odd willingness to be led, rather than think individually, or with common sense as a premise. . .


Somehow, beyond reason, this has become popular; which, along with hate or animosity directed at, well, whoever the group or mob manipulators point to. These manipulators are the 15% of criminals who function within our society, unhindered by law mostly, and have become corporate executives, politicians, government agency Administrators and budget personnel, wildlife administrators’, as well as sit upon boards or committees who perform oversight, mostly derived of legislators also, or the leaders-Administrators of many non-profits as well as others who subordinate much of the Humane-Nature perspective toward ethics that we use to have years ago. . .

A Little History for the Romantic

  • In the 1800’s when grass was knee high in all the western states, over 2 million wild horses roamed the West along with 60 million bison.
  • By 1900, the bison were nearly exterminated and the wild horse population drastically reduced.
  • From 1950 on, a campaign to save the last remaining wild horses and burros was begun by a Nevada rancher’s wife – Velma [Bonn] Johnston known as “Wild Horse Annie.”
  • As a result of a massive letter writing campaign in 1971, PL 92-195 “The Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act” was passed unanimously and protected wild horses and burros from slaughter, harassment, and capture on public lands.
  • The Act acknowledged, “Wild horses and burros were fast disappearing from the American scene.” In 1974, the first wild horse and burros census counted 60,000 animals.
  • Today, the numbers have been cut in half – 32,000 animals and declining rapidly – in spite of the law clearly stating that wild horses and burros ranges (HMAs) should be “. . . devoted principally but not necessarily exclusively to their welfare”

Wild Horses and a 1971 Law Ignored Today

So off we go down the road of misappropriation of taxpayer money, or one can say also, those who contribute to non-profits also, only to discover later their support ignored, and their money simply increased the non-profit’s administrator’s lifestyle – especially large non-profit, no different in the case of Wild Horses actually, then contributing and supporting the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). But wait a minute, these non-profits, as their rhetoric state clearly, is to protect America’s Icon’s the Wild Horses from the BLM, not support BLM falsehoods or negligence, or abuse . . . but they do – sadly.

Oddly, we do not find the amount of representation, from many large non-profits, that come close to not only their promises toward resolution beneficial (in this case scenario) to America’s Wild Horses on our Public Lands, but find a mere 1% to 3% of donation-money, spent toward these same assumed potential resolutions. We also found, and even more troubling, they never bothered to even show up at 68% of the situations they collected money to resolve, and yet lied about being there and taking part – or very distastefully, took the credit for another’s endeavors in saving our wildlife or horses, on occasions. Yes, very disgusting people, undoubtedly.

Isn’t it odd, we live in a country made up of Laws, but many people, those who their god is money, do not, apparently, have to abide by these Laws – Interesting to say the least . . . so they say . . dart-abcess2.

Isn’t it odd, no doubt as well, many of these people assume they are what their job classification is or is not, and within or part of the size of their large group – and the power-base for these ignorant people, these mind-sets of simplicity, the vulgar, the inept, and the good little Nazi’s, or the good little (fill-in whatever large group you wish here) and off we go down the road of manipulation, of a tenacity of crude behavior, and ignoring-Law in place of whatever the need that does develop – that they assume their group better than, and subjectively re-do the Law in accord with their corrupt behavior – I suppose they assume we do not notice this fact of all facts.

Photo is a Pesticide PZP Darted Horse, Abscessed — very common Darting- Result BLM, HSUS, or their supporters care to admit!  Also, they do not want the public to know the Pesticide PZP often does not work, nor does it control population — but the extravagant situation of removing stallions (shipped directly to slaughter from the roundups — or cutting them) and use the numbers of less birth within a false premise and nothing more than misinformation . . . one of many maneuvers of the BLM / HSUS monopoly of Pesticide PZP and their misinformation campaigns.


  • Since 1971 wild horses and burros have been removed from 102 ranges (Herd Areas) representing a loss of approximately 13 million acres of land. (There were 303 Herd Areas – now only 139 Herd Management Areas [HMAs] remain, but weekly may change, becoming much lower, indeed;
  • Wild horses and burros now reside on 34,549,570 acres of the 261,950,378 BLM acres..
  • Today, the wild horses have the greatest genetic diversity [little to no inbreeding] compared to any particular breed of domestic horse in our country (Dr. E. Gus Cothran – University of Kentucky);
  • Fiscal year 2005, BLM reduced populations by 9,300+ wild horses & burros, bringing numbers far below the levels suggested for maintaining healthy populations by the University of Kentucky – (E. Gus Cothran- Equine Geneticist );
  • Although nearly 70% of the HMAs have less than 100 animals, the absolute minimum number of wild horses and burros in each HMA should be 150 animals to prevent loss of the genetic diversity (Dr. E. Gus Cothran-University of Kentucky). This figure is based on optimal conditions and does not take into account Acts of God such as drought, deep snow, fire, etc.
  • With the above minimum number – the absolute minimum number of animals should be no less than 30,150 horses and burros under optimum conditions. BLM plans to reduce animals to 23,000, or when accomplished, to send to extinction via Pesticide PZP;
  • In the 2005 Federal Omnibus Appropriation Bill, Senator Conrad Burns (R-MT) attached a rider that gave BLM authority to sell – without limitation [slaughter]- wild horses over the age of ten [the prime of life of horses]. 8,300 wild horses fit this criterion. The rider also specified that any animal not adopted in three adoptions attempts would also be sold without limitations – 100 animals fit this criterion;
  • The 8,300 wild horses now earmarked under the Burn’s rider for slaughter were never given an opportunity to be adopted but were sent immediately to long-term holding pasture sanctuaries, not holding corrals;
  • The cost of holding the 8,300 wild horses in the long-term holding sanctuaries for 2004 was $6,800,236.00 in BLM’s overall budget of $839,848,000.00 – (Wild Horse and Burro program represents only 4.6% of their entire budget- $39,062,000.) Opposition states that the majority of BLM’s wild horse budget was used for the long-term holding, which is inaccurate;
  • Because of the lack of a quality-marketing program, BLM has been ineffective in promoting adoptions, especially of older animals. Although BLM has adopted out more than 200,000 animals since 1976. This success is due to more than 65% of adopters returning to adopt more animals. (The product sells itself.);42
  • The majority of Herd Areas contain more livestock than wild horses and burros.
  • Wild horses and burros receive 458,508 AUMs while livestock receive 7,101,592 AUMs (2002) [An AUM is the amount of forage required to feed a cow and calf per month or 1 horse or 5 sheep.]
  • Due to droughts in some parts of the West, BLM has conducted unnecessary emergency removals of wild horses instead of implementing CFR 4710.5 “closure to livestock.”
  • CFR 4710.5 was designed to protect wild horses and burros during anticipated droughts and other Acts of God by closing the HMAs to livestock grazing. This CFR is rarely implemented. In the few cases it was implemented, wild horses and burros were permanently removed while livestock returned a few months later.
  • Cattle on public lands represent only 2.6% of the beef eaten in the U.S. The rest of the beef comes from private ranchers who pay $20 to $50/AUM to lease private land.
  • The cost to graze cattle on public lands is $1.79/AUM. All of this goes into a Slush-Fund, within the forestry and BLM book keeping process of this money, which in turn is returned to the BLM/ Forest Service “Range Betterment Program.” These monies go back to the rancher for range improvements. The Public Lands Grazing program costs taxpayers one-half billion dollars yearly.
  • Based on the annual economic income growth from 1990-1997, the loss of all federal grazing in 1997 would have caused income growth in eleven western states (ten of which wild horses and burros are located) to pause for eight days. This means that direct income and job losses could be made up in a matter of a few days by the normal expansion of the economy. (University of Montana – Missoula). . .


Strangely, many horse advocacy groups, corrupt in nature and following the Pesticide PZP band-wagon of lies, misinformation, and bad childish propaganda, have become nothing more than large and extravagant hate groups. Donated money is nothing more than used for extravagant life-styles of the administrator of these groups, or new trucks, new homes, but the truth is very little goes toward saving wild horses. In the past 15 years, with these current groups at the helm, we see not much has changed what so ever.

We have also seen the situation of the Pesticide PZP come full circle for use, using misinformation and lies only. The 7-year process it took to register the Pesticide as a Pest-Control product for population control, was dead-in-the-water before HSUS become involved – then suddenly (i.e. payoffs?) the pesticide was registered – and registered as a pesticide (as Mr. Hebert explains, it is a pesticide and proper labeling required as such – and the register-administrator of the pesticide at the EPA) due to the destruction that takes place in the wild horse, or deer, or whatever, to control the pest population – see registration documentation for further study, if you dare.

Confusion is the BLM, their supporters, and HSUS’s game plans; although, it will be a short ride, when people actually realize how destructive and costly, both in sacrifice of America’s Wild Horses as well as money.

Until it is understood the wild horse’s world is corrupt, in total, BLM, Forestry, and non-profits alike, nothing will change, and the Wild Horses will go extinct!  NOW YOU KNOW — YOU NO LONGER HAVE AN EXCUSE TO ACCEPT MISINFORMATION OR LIES ANY LONGER! —


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4 responses to “Wild Horses: The Truth – Facts, The Percentages, The Corruption Unchecked

  1. Craig Downer

    February 19, 2017 at 9:26 pm

    It is indeed extremely reprehensible how the wild horses and burro have been so unjustly targeted and set up for failure in the wild, thus defying the true and core intent of the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971. The wild horses and burros were meant to live freely in nature not become victimized wards of a corrupt bureaucracy catering to greedy and selfish, blind-tradition-bound people! We can change this! We must!!!

  2. Deborah Miley

    February 20, 2017 at 6:08 pm

    If there are any of you that choose to use the truth to save Wild Horses rather than than use the information for misuse for personal gain ,dilliberate obtuse refusal to acknowledge the correct information because you are in your comfort zone of dilliberatly gaining what ever it is your gaining from using or abusing information let your consciousness be your hounds of Hades.Is there not one or two of you within the BLM that could see fit to acknowledge the laws on the behalf of the Wild Horses that were intended to protect rather than finding than small loophole that even let’s all corrupt the law for ranchers and those that take the largest percent of donations to further the Extinction of Wild Horses.An oversight committee needs to be established to root out this Evil be it intentional through personal gain or through the blindness of ignorance because they are ranchers at heart not Savers of Wild Horses. These are the spreaders of the most misinformation.But God Sees All and none shall escape from the dilliberate part they have in The Continued support and success of the Extinction of The Wild Horses.If all with their false good intentions would step back and let Nature cure it’s Own the Wild Horses will revitalize their selfs.No cattle on their land.No PZP.NO KILLING OF THE WOLVES FOR THEY REJUVENATE THE RANGE AROUND THE RIVERS AND CREEKS.SO FIND YOUR HEART NOT YOUR POCKET PURSE AND EDUCATE YOURSELFES AND REESTABLISH THE LAW AS IT WAS INTENDED TO BE USED.PRAYERS SENT FOR YOUR CONCIOUSNESS AND INTEGRITY AND ETHICS.

  3. Barbara Warner

    February 21, 2017 at 7:41 am

    Clearly the 1971 Wild Free Roaming Horse and Burro Act is being broken and the facts ignored. Thank you , John, for the proof . This article needs to go viral.

  4. Beatcoin.Info

    February 23, 2017 at 10:44 am

    I’ve recently started a web site, the information you provide on this website has helped me greatly.
    Thank you for all of your time & work.


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