Ecology Sustainability Wild Horses and Truth

29 Apr

A lack of knowledge, or ignoring good science, and what nature is telling us, is no longer an excuse to not do the right things. We find illiteracy in many different, at times ironic, places. The wild horse advocacy is something of a quagmire of this situation. Let’s take a look, and confront the contrary conditions of horse advocacy, and we will see many in leadership rolls, which those have taken upon themselves, in reality inadequate in knowledge, or lack the education in many instances, as well as the power of observance, to actually do the right things to resolve situations.

The existence of any definable positive developments, by either horse advocacy or BLM Management, remains “0” productivity toward any positive-resolutions what so ever – the matters have simply gotten worse, with rhetoric and lies far more abundant than previously. . . This is mostly due to ignoring good knowledge, or many being totally ignorant of honest, resolution-type knowledge from truthful and good data collection and observation, honesty in horse counts on Public Lands, or simply honesty in general. . . What does exist are pretend resolutions to situations, that indeed, those resolutions simply make the situations far worse . . . and the reason this is worth discussing.

Coffee – Sun Grown versus Shade Grown

Interesting example, and thorough discussions abound. Let’s look at something we all know, and love – Coffee. . . Ready for Reality?  I will spare you the history, market displacements and incentives, for the more direct, and discussion driven information.

Sun Grown Coffee – grown as a monoculture that uses heavy doses of pesticides and fertilizers, which turns the coffee farms into ecological deserts. As well, impacts to humans develop, as sun grown coffees often require the removal of trees from steep mountain slopes, thereby, it causes erosion, runoff of contaminated water, and landslides. Hoping for better yields, disease resistant coffee, lower costs of conversion, and cheaper prices on the commercial markets created the mutant coffee monster, and devastated soils and lands negatively. Ironically, the coffee turned out to be of a less quality, equates to lower prices . . .

Shade Grown Coffee – Now this is where it gets interesting, a “natural process” really does mean something, actually it means a lot. This methodology is a much cheaper method of producing coffee, quality coffee, and with lesser needs for fertilizer (because decaying leaf litter feeds the coffee plants), and less pesticide use – if at all (because trees attract birds that eat a diversity of bugs, to include the archenemies of coffee farmers, the coffee borer). The final bean yields a better tasting cup of coffee (healthier as well), which can mean a higher price per pound. Also, as one coffee farmer attests, “The trees give the coffee more taste, more force. . .”

Sustainability / Biodiversity and Wild Horses

Many of us who observe and understand biodiversity and sustainability, defend within a support-complex of good science, as well as compare to Nature’s already well defined roll, within survival on this planet.  Because it works, and Nature no doubt knows what it is doing.  Human’s?

Well, we strive to aggressively create Change, for the beneficial and positive change for wild horses, supporting the natural progression of Nature’s Methodology, and establish the Wild Horse within its Natural Environment . . . This compared to the already attempted and lacking resolution paradigms, or Human-Management of Wild Horses, based on bad-science and often no rangelands’ management truthfulness, that includes rhetoric and lies.

“One of the overwhelming things we have on our side, and none others understand it nor will do it, and not so ironic, we do not have to show photos of the Cold Creek horses suffering from Pesticide Poisoning from a creek nearby, and then have politicians tell the general public they are starving Wild Horses on Public Lands — Because we do not have to lie about the things we discuss — We know from experience, from many accomplishments already transpired, with no experiments required, nor needed.  We started, we worked with Wild Horses, and domestic Horses over many years, and we know what the end results of our actions will do, and will not do.  We also know, and see quite well, the inexperienced others, in Horse Advocacy as well as Pro-Slaughter POS, and we see, definitely, things and management paradigms that will not work, at all.  May of the others is simply crazy-stuff, put together with crazy glue, and will unfold, come unglued, and we will se the Wild Horses as well as the Domestic, falter and die out.  Armatures merely learn to be armatures, from other Armatures.  No pros, no knowledgeable people, will be swayed by liars, and others who promote themselves falsely.  We all just as soon they go away, underneath the rock from which they come out from under.” — John Cox, Cascade Mountains

Within this type of Natural-Order, or progression of things, we remain concerned about the spatial complexities within healthy ecological systems. The truth is, neither cattle nor modern ranching situations provide healthy Ecological Systems – and not only America’s Wild Horses suffer, but a vast range of wildlife wiped-out; which, all the while our own human species is placed into a very threatening situation, with our future appearing very gloom, indeed. All of this is from incompetent management paradigms, or immediate-reactions stirred by political agendas (equates to special interest only paradigms of lands and wildlife management) – which both destroy land and wildlife alike.

The un-natural items, pesticides and fertilizers, we are currently using within our wilderness areas, and ecological zones, and simply do not know the overall effects of its use, neither in the wilds nor within the wildlife, undoubtedly destroy our lands – for nothing more than very low-quality products of limited usage, as well as financially-profit-base-driven situations within a system where, truthfully. . . Just as knowledge important to save our planet, Nature also must be allowed to do what it does – and this will save our planet. . . Through knowledge, we will understand this – through ignorance, our planet will be destroyed in a few decades.

Short term pretend-solutions, in use by many government agencies of today, disregard soil as one of many critical links; spatial densities certainly yet another concern for viability and natural progression of self-controlled populations of wild horses – apparently overlooked due to lack of knowledge base, or truthful science. . . or a robust form of total-ignorance in the matters of how relationships of wildlife and land-mass exist, especially in matters of sustainability and within healthy Ecological Zones.

Spatial Wildlife Livability

We can use as an example here of the “cruising-radius” of a mole, just for something to think about and place into a proportional mind-set of circumstance. A half-mile may be seventy-five times its “cruising-radius”, which represents only 1 percent of the area a solitary Cougar traverses.

Another very good example of this situation, or landscape-scale of livability for wildlife, is the Grizzly Bear and old-growth forests, and the boundaries within them; or, productive HMA’s and the non-virtues of them being over-populated by cattle, which again we discover cattle serve no purpose what so ever in our rural or natural environments – it is a myth, which remains destructive and within a drastic proportion directly effecting our planet . . .

The fact we attempt to work within the confines of corruption, we attempt to assume we have a voice of authority within a politically corrupt system, or we assume resolution and yet ignore the reality that it is unfavorable to corruption, or continue to ignore the facts that it could even be possible to achieve, any type of resolution what so ever, within a corrupt organization, is and remains merely faulty perception or mind-set, and those perceptions indoctrinated within us from childhood —

This is a situation lightly touched upon by wild horse HMA’s, but at such an elementary and non-conclusive level, and so mismanaged, that we can assume the HMA’s really remain nothing more than political footballs, tossed back and forth by political pundits and lobby groups, directed toward special interests only, and what is actually non-definable and in real-time consequences.

The fact is when terms and names of situations to replace the actual life or living-evolution of an animal (the term Feral for example, attached to wild horses and represents such an overwhelming number of them, actually means nothing at all); which, is an oxymoron none the less, and used by those who really know nothing of the situations of America’s wild horses on Public Lands. Yet, another term to cover-up what one does not know or understand at all — as it does take time and patients to do so, and knowledge to understand what one is looking at, to actually define in principle anyway, a known situation we can understand better; or grasp the real-time methodology or paradigm toward resolution.

We can measure, quite often as a matter of fact, the bullshit-paradigms that do exist today, simply by placing them into categorical anomalies, or real-time occurrence models, and find they really do nothing – yes, gravity exists, and when throwing an apple into the air, it indeed plummets back down to the ground – start speaking about feral, and the vastness of the undefined term simply nullifies itself – yet government agencies have attempted to establish definable boundaries for feral horses . . . which perpetuates the lies of wild horses not being indigenous in America — and of course, welfare ranchers acquire much more cattle pasture by using the term quite freely, and even to liquidate our wild horses — and yet???? a mere term which means nothing — and oddly, no one admits their ignorance, and need to learn more . . . Wild Horses die!

Ecological Connections – Landscape Scale

What is developed, from all the loose terminology within the political and lack of good science spectrum, is the reality of a landscape scale of appropriate use. Yes, from one reserve boundary to another, the actual dis-connect of ecological connections, so much required within a functional and healthy ecological system, as well, becomes disconnected in total. Out of ignorance? Most often, and Ecological Diversity or Sustainability remain words tossed around by many, but never really understood. The wild horses suffer from this tremendous lack of knowledge almost daily now, and their numbers becoming less weekly.

The bothersome situation here is, if I am correct and there is evidence to show I am within a well-defined situation of science and biology alike, with the hierarchy theory being correct also, then there exist emergent properties at each different level to the extinction of others, are and remain misleading.  We question the truth, once again.

Cattle only, for example and assuming it is a management priority type of paradigm, is and remains ridiculous, and certainly within a proper biological perspective; as well as any necessity at all of financing or business venture (other than to obtain taxpayer money similar to a welfare basis of falsified needs), shows us extensively!

Cattle is a specific intrusive element of non-indigenous animals, and the cost so inflated, due to corruption and on several other levels attached to it, not only wild horses suffer but all wildlife, indigenous by the way, as well as taxpayers alike.

In another word, not to consider the genetics, with viability concerns as well, of our wild horses on Public Lands, and be truthful about them, and protect them at the same time — then disregarding biology and its necessity, and simply going by their general characteristics only, and in walks the bullshit term “feral” once again — and yet, many are realizing today, that indeed one must look at the over-all diversity of an Ecological Zone, with everything included — and that insures the wild horse’s viability and continued genetics will exist — not done by any types of birth controls what so ever — which merely, by the way, perpetuates the bullshit term “feral” once again.

The inhabitants of predators as well as all other low-range, mid-range, and large wildlife must exist there as well – in accord with the viable habitat and environment. The BLM and DOI, among others, overlook these very basic biological-principles of a healthy Ecological System today, and yet call themselves Rangelands Managers?


Proper wildlife counts, to include horses on our federal and public lands, essential. Viability, and being truthful about genetics, of our wildlife as well as vegetation and soils and trees, remains just as important. Understanding this will save our Planet. Ignoring this, whether out of ignorance or for profits, will continue to destroy all around us.

We must confront the realities of what we, as American’s allow, and what our responsibility of our citizenship within this universe, indeed is and always has been – and our effect on everything around us. For so many, this apparently is difficult to understand . . . — John Cox, The Cascades 4-2017


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