Wild Horses and the Corrupt World of Horses

07 Dec

“We have a saying, that Power Corrupts.  In my objectivity and observations, I say yes, there is no doubt it corrupts.  Power corrupts not only those who wields the power, but those who submit to it as well.  Those who grovel at the feet of power, betray their fellows to hide themselves behind the cloak of submission.  It, indeed, is an evil thing . . . ”  John Cox, The Cascades

I find the fact that we assume technology has, indeed, assisted our society.  It supposedly has placed our conduct into a more superior, or academic and intellectual mind-set.  But no, it has not at all.  Technology a mere excuse, a façade of the problem no one speaks about?  The conditions of the human mind-set, or lack of . . .

Veterans Of Wars

Allow me to use here, as an example, the most powerful and ignorant of all — War and the Human Species.  As a Vietnam Veteran myself, I watched in horror, as many others had done also.  It was a dismal fate of a high percentage of Vietnam Veteran’s who committed suicide upon arriving home, as well as decades afterward.  The excuse, or one of oh so many, was the fact of the Vietnam Veteran not appreciated, and disliked when coming home. . . Which, under this assumption, our human species simply took out their anger, their hatred toward that war, on the Vietnam Veteran.

Today we have many who have come back from Iraq, Afghanistan, and other countries, and are welcomed home.  Today, everybody love’s their Veteran’s.  At least the façade, or pretense of the day says this — but indeed, pretty much an untruth.  Why do I say this, and use it here as an example?  These Veteran’s of current War’s have a suicide rate often 5 points higher than Vietnam Veteran’s ever had.  Ignorance?  Technology?  Human Conditioning?  Apathy?  Complacency?  Not having to take responsibility?

America’s Wild Horses on Public Lands

What of the Wild Horses?  What mind-set promotes the lies, the hatred, and yes, even the very essence of lack of responsibility by our government agencies to properly manage Americas’ Wild Horses by the Laws put into place to do so — and not to do harm to those innocent wildlife we live on this planet with — as in truth, all is connected — yet ignored, or worse, the presumption, by those Laws simply do not exist, according to those people who call themselves government employees; which, who we call nothing more than groveler’s — or the worst of the worst corrupt of them all, those who submit to corruption.



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5 responses to “Wild Horses and the Corrupt World of Horses

  1. Barbara Warner

    December 7, 2017 at 5:20 pm

    John, I could not agree with you more. Here is what I Emailed you and others a few days ago–I got no replys.
    Dear Horse Lovers, IMHO none of us have all the answers to the plight
    of our wild horses or all of the problems in this world today.
    Corruption is at the root and unless by some miracle it can be stopped
    it seems so much we love will be destroyed. Those who know me know I
    loved animals as soon as I could walk almost 79 years ago. This cold
    AM we found another shivering cat in our barn when we were feeding ou
    wild horse mares and old Arab. It is now in the house of course.
    So back to corruption. For many years some of us old timers have
    been asking for a Congressional investigation of DOI/BLM. Now there is
    a Supreme Court case, 17-703, that was filed by Jerri Tillett on
    11/13/2017. Jerri notified me and said I could share this. So send
    your positive thoughts or prayers or both that the corruption of
    DOI/BLM can finally be exposed if this case gets heard. Personally I’m
    praying that St. Francis can pull some strings with God as all
    Creation needs a miracle now it seems more than ever.
    Barbara in the knobs of KY
    P.S. I credit my wise mentors, Betty Kelly, M.D. , Bobbi Royle and
    Andrea Lococo , who worked for so many years for the wild horses and
    burros. If you have never seen it watch, El Caballo, which Andrea and
    Stephanie Powers made years ago. It haunts me . Amazon has it on DVD
    for a few dollars.

  2. Barbara Warner

    December 7, 2017 at 5:42 pm

    Jphn , it seems some folks may not want to know the truth

  3. Photographer and Journalist

    December 8, 2017 at 4:56 pm

    Followers, especially illiterate or outright ignorant controlled-perspectives, often will not except any type of truth what so ever — look at smokers who in reality deny the negative traits of tobacco. This does not mean we stop writing or communicating truth – it simply means we have inherited human-problems, and as in tobacco, too many people deny the ongoing presence of wild horses going to slaughter.

    Wild Horses have to fear, not people –and until the situation affect their world directly, and fear becomes paramount in their life, things will partially remain the same; Which, the slaughter of innocent horses, as if a tool that is of no use any longer, is simply disposed of — or as a sociologist has explained, “. . . placed and done out of sight, and their activity of avoidance overtakes their common sense, and (e.g. Germany in the 1930’s and 1940’s exemplifies the same mental state of mind) the horrors continue. Complacency and comfort over action becomes the rule in their life.

  4. Louie C

    December 8, 2017 at 6:23 pm

    And sometimes you might be surprised as to who is listening, taking the information and actually putting it to use. They don’t necessarily respond. Most truly effective work is often done quietly and behind the scene.

  5. Louie C

    December 8, 2017 at 8:33 pm

    For Immediate Release
    Dec. 7, 2017

    Jennifer Best, assistant legal director, FoA’s Wildlife Law Program 720.949.7791;
    Mike Harris, director, Wildlife Law Program; 720.949.7791;

    Friends of Animals wins victory for Idaho’s beloved wild horses
    Following a legal challenge from the international non-profit animal advocacy group Friends of Animals, the Bureau of Land Management has withdrawn its Oct. 26, 2017 decision to roundup approximately 150 wild horses from the Challis Herd Management Area in Custer County, Idaho. The BLM planned to permanently remove at least 50 of them and to forcibly drug the mares with the fertility pesticide PZP.
    “Without the help of Friends of Animals, it is likely that BLM would be rounding up the wild horses of Challis HMA at this very moment,” said Michael Harris, Friends of Animals’ Wildlife Law Program Director. “Many of the horses would be facing a life of captivity while others would be subject to being dosed with an unproven and unsafe fertility control drug. But, because of our work, BLM has withdrawn its decision.”
    The BLM tried to get away with not allowing the public to provide comment during the decision-making process, which is a violation of the National Environmental Protection Act.
    “It seems it is becoming routine for BLM to seek to cut corners and knowingly violate the law when it comes to protecting America’s wild horses,” Harris said. “This atrocious behavior will not stand under the watchful eyes of Friends of Animals.
    “This is a victory for wild horses and for Friends of Animals. BLM needs to know that its actions concerning wild horses will be heavily scrutinized by Friends of Animals and its members. If BLM continues to violate the law, Friends of Animals will be there to stop it.”
    The Challis HMA, which is bordered by Salmon, Herd and Road Creeks, encompasses more than 154,000 acres of public land, but BLM only allows a measly 185 to 253 horses to live in this vast area. Despite a recent count of only 244 wild horses, BLM decided to take action to further reduce the population.
    However, the BLM, which treats ranchers as clients, allows 2,239 cattle to graze in nearby allotments.
    Friends of Animals, an international animal protection organization founded in New York in 1957, advocates for the rights of animals, free-living and domestic, around the world.


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