Bureau of Land Management Costs Taxpayer’s progressively more and more as their Pesticide PZP Program, based on lies and misinformation, Continues

11 Jun

“There comes a time when we have to look at these very costly government programs, and see exactly what the motivation as well as the outcome beneficial to taxpayers, in reality will become. Those, programs, such as the BLM’s Pesticide PZP and Birth Control Programs, have progressively become more expensive, more outlandish and obviously based on lies and  misinformation of wild horse band counts on Federal Lands.  But worse yet, a travesty that creates destruction of our Federal Lands from an overpopulation of cattle.  This situation is not beneficial to taxpayer’s what so ever, but destroys elements within our nation’s food chain, that is extremely significant, but sacrificed for a mere less than a 1% market sales share of beef domestically. . . ”  — John Cox, Cascade Journal

The choices we make, often many can find motivation for them. My choice, for example, in defending wild horse herds on Federal Lands, is without monetary motivation. I do have a “Total Respect” for wildlife, and for wild horses in common with domestic horses. I do not receive any “financial returns” for writing and investigating all those involved in the wild horse world.

We have found, and continue to observe, a “Coyote Syndrome” developing within wild horse herds. This happens when nature readjusts from its primary ecological habitat to the intervention or kill-off, or sudden displacement of well adjusted (e.g. in nature habitats adjust for particular populations, which in turn or natural progression moderate the breed, or actual birth control, over time and when human’s do not interrupt the natural process) indigenous wildlife, that take significant part in enhancing the ecological zone.

The kill-off generates a progressive adjustment, whereas, more birth happens over a short amount of time, until the habitat can re-moderate, over a longer period of time, the circumstance of breed control itself – but continued kill-off or displacement interrupts the ecology permanently.

At that time the population becomes less (as good science shows us nature has the ability to also moderate its own type of birth controls – and its adjustment more co-existent with each habitat than a human-perspective of what the habitat possibilities can become), and a nurturing situation once again takes place within a natural ecological habitat process into a healthy environment –

We see human intervention develop into awkward circumstances for ecological systems to remain or even become healthy, thereby, the system reacts negatively, and the human-intervention simply destroys the habitat. Add to this a single priority-species human paradigm, cattle, which outnumber the wild horses at least 50+ to 1, and we have a destroyed habitat. Bureau of Land Management knows nothing about nature’s laws, wildlife breeds, vegetation complex, water systems, or how to establish healthy Environments – as their consistent actions show us over a long period of time.

In my perception, from numerous aspects of evidence and other miscellaneous information I have found, as well as my small group, those that do receive financial awards, for example within a donation context, and yet, do not follow through as to why they received the donations, is simply taking ADVANTAGE OF A “Tragic Circumstance” America’s Wild Horses have found themselves experiencing today . . . i.e. being attacked not only by corrupt government agencies, but Welfare Ranchers and yes, even Advocates – all to acquire monetary $$$$$ gains for themselves.

“. . . the assertion that the use of Pesticide PZP (i.e. EPA Registration documents) does not “harm” the animals or “disrupt herd dynamics” is scientifically baseless. The few scientists that have actively promoted the use of PZP on wild horses, like the late Dr. Jay Kilpatrick, primarily researched the efficacy of the drug on controlling fertility (e.g. small deer bands). Pro-PZP researchers have never directly researched the potential effects of the drug on the animals themselves.” Neither has there been experimentation and references through good data gathering on the use of this product on a larger scale, than small deer herds – and the information still lacks refined scientific data, to reference or confirm any type of positive situation to continue its use on wild horses.

Independent research, however, shows that PZP—which is derived from pig ovaries and is registered as a pesticide by the Environmental Protection Agency—can have lasting adverse effects on wild horses. According to Dr. Cassandra Nuñez PZP is associated with ovulation failure and can alter the birthing cycle of wild horses, resulting in birth out of season where the foal can die for lack of available food.

“Dr, Nunez also found that PZP has significant consequences on social behavior of wild horses. Normally bands of wild horses are very stable, and mares will stay with males much if not all of their lives. However, when they have been treated with PZP and mares cannot get pregnant, they will leave bands. This creates instability in the bands and effects the health of the group members. And worse, the disruption causes, eventually, uncontrolled birth year around. . .”

The reality of Sterilization does exist, also, at a high percentage – but other occurrence, much more serious exist, within the disrupted cycles of the mares, and some progressively younger mares giving birth at best awkwardly, which are not capable to handle a new foal mentally, and run-off without the initial life-giving nutrients’ the foal requires to remain alive.

Currently, there is no confirmable “positive” situations to use Pesticide PZP on a government-based program, as we find throughout history — government quite questionable when birth controls are used ambiguously, which, as history shows us quite often, are used abusively and without ethics or regulatory codes attached.

By day’s end, those that advocate for the forcible drugging of America’s wild horses lack any type of broad vision in regard to actually improving the future for any Federal Lands. Their knowledge of wildlife withn those same Federal Lands, just as the BLM or DOI, apparently highly questionable within appropriate or qualified skills to manage America’s Federal Lands.

There is also the fact, conclusively, that the Pesticide PZP information is not referenced with confirmable research data on wild horses, or deer. What is found remains non-confirmable sales-rhetoric on what is believed to happen internally, within deer mostly, and horses as some type of Ad-Hoc circumstance of rhetoric. The outcome so inconsistent, and the supposed facts of outcome, over the years, on the east coast, for example, we discover is nothing more than several situations, other than Pesticide PZP use taking part in the breeds being controlled in those locations. One extreme example is the high tides in winter, and the wild horses that roam within that tidal zone being swept out to sea often and confirmed by many people within those areas.

Thereby, myself and others find no ethical background to support the use of any birth controls on the wild horse populations on Federal Lands – and simply perceive it as a very disgusting type of Experimentation, conducted by very disgusting people that are simply taking advantage of a Tragic and government manipulated circumstance, for some to obtain profit $$$$ — while the Reality of the Tragedy always prominent – The Wild Horses Sacrificed for Monetary Gain – nothing more than Outstanding Greed!  — John Cox, Cascade Journal

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One response to “Bureau of Land Management Costs Taxpayer’s progressively more and more as their Pesticide PZP Program, based on lies and misinformation, Continues

  1. grandmagregg

    June 12, 2018 at 4:01 pm

    The bottom line is that there are NO EXCESS wild horses and burros on their congressionally designated legal lands.


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