Wild Horses, Politician’s Lies, Corrupt Government Agencies Simply Ignored

03 Jul

Now is the time to take a look at some of the “Skewed” and untruthful Evidence that Politicians, in order to appease Special Interests and Lobby Groups, give to the Public, and other senators and congressmen, in the matters of our Public Lands in America.  The photos of the starving Wild Horses (offered as evidence for “all” wild horses starving on Public Lands), for example, when reviewed, we find to be unique — only out of Cold Creek, Nevada.  They are not, and I repeat, NOT indicative of the Wild Horses on Our Public Lands, what so ever.  Yes, a wayward and oturight lie, yet another of many, that costs taxpayer’s $-millions of dollars yearly, and the sacrifice?

Budget Cuts in many other areas that actually assist the American, the common American, retired people, school lunches, et al., and Veteran’s Programs alike, to name a few cut-budgets, in order to subsidize an antiquated and unnecessary Grazing Permit Program for Welfare Rancher’s on our Public Lands.  The Evidence shows us, factually, their beef products from Our Public Lands, merely have a less than 1% Sales of their beef product (Domestic Sales Receipts show us this evidence to be fact — DOI Technical Reports, USDA Stats, et al.); whereas, the throw away margins alone show us, factually, there exists no need in America for this program to exist — throw away beef products yearly (as USDA Statistics show) reach a high at times of 34% and a low aspect of 26% yearly.

So why do we even have a Grazing Permit Program, that is subsidized in the $-Millions by taxpayer’s, and tax write-offs mainly for Billionaires and Corporate Ranches?  By the way, these Corporate Ranchers pay little to no taxes at all, and, here is the corrupt situation as definable in anyone’s ethical standard or description of corruption and by Law — they receive from taxpayer dollars, under the cloak of many outright lies (Fraud) and misinformation to the public and under the supposed legal aspect of a Grazing Permit Program.  But this exists only as long as no one really asks any questions about it, or actually look into the Grazing Permit Program and obtain a thorough and honest report — which has not existed up to this point, or when the flamboyant aspects of corruption often “Scream” of illegal and corrupt activity, and the politicians and lawmakers heads simply turn away, more often than not.  These photos, that are used to explain the plight of the Wild Horses, that in reality simply does not exist. . .

Similar to Laundering money, this program provides wayward and corrupt government agencies, politicians, and others the money, unobserved, because there is essentially no over-site what so ever, and finding the Administrator of it, is near impossible.  No one claims it.

The Welfare Rancher’s paid, by taxpayer money, hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions yearly, and the Corruption on our Public Lands, and destruction from cattle and wayward industry (our Natural Resources and Food Chain supplements being destroyed, yet ignored in total) that go unchecked, is quite lucrative — and the Wild Horses get the blame for it all, and keep in mind there is no evidence to support Bureau of Lands Management’s Wild Horse Herd Counts, as well as no evidence to support any of their Grazing Permit Programs being necessary at all, for America!

Biology and it’s reality is a good reference here, more evidence, that shows the impossibility of an over-population of Wild Horses even exist.

How best to describe them?  If the Starvation Theory, brought up by those politician’s that promote Special Interests Only, on Our Public Lands?  Well, if they were taken to Federal Court — these photos would not be acceptable as evidence.  Why?  Because they are not applicable to Wild Horses on Our Public Lands, but a unique occurrence at and around the proximity of Cold Creek, Nevada.  In another word, they are not representative of much of anything, other than for a few Wild Horses in one area, only.

On the other hand, and many have pointed this out on several occasions, we have solid evidence to show, and a Court would receive specifically this evidence, that the Bureau of Land Management Wild Horse Counts Fraudulent, and as stated previously, many of them Biologically Impossible to develop or occur, on our Public Lands.  So does the over-population of Wild Horses truly exist, and is there truthful evidence about not only the over-population, as well as wild horses starving on Public Lands?  No, none what so ever. and all but one of these photos is merely limited to Cold Creek, Nevada, and when we look into the Cold Creek situation, we find only a few of the Wild Horses there were sickly, as we see the last photos here, of other Cold Creek Horses, quite healthy.

(This photo represents the all of the other Cold Creek Horses, as well as all other Wild Horses, 99%, that are on our Public Lands)  It is simply time to take a far better look at the Grazing Permit Program on Our Public Lands, and for many reasons, and in particular, the Corruption that exists, and these senators and congressmen and Corporations, all taking part.

There is a whirlwind of taxpayer money out there, and attracts the Corrupt.  It is simply an unregulated circumstance, no Administrative Over-site situations to speak of, other than to spend taxpayer money, and the abuse toward Wild Horses and Burros out of control as well.  The WH&B Act of 1971 violated constantly, and the WH&B Board, put into place of Over-Site, has been taken over by Special Interest Groups only, that have direct involvement in the Corruption.

How do we know some of this to lack evidence at all, in the matters of Wild Horses starving on Public Lands?  Easily, we asked BLM for DNA, and told them we would come out and obtain a few samples to send to our lab. . .  It was obvious to other biologists that Pesticide Poisoning occurred (one of many options that could have developed into fatal-sickness), and all the glaring symptoms physically, seemed to have occurred and to the knowledgeable eye when the photos scrutinized logically and without prejudice or bias.  But what happened?  Well, the Wild Horses we were to take samples from a day later — disappeared; we then we found they killed and burned the evidence we wanted to gather — the Cold Creek Horses in the photos . . . before we could get there.

Conclusively, do we have a Wild horse Over-population problem?  None what so ever!    It goes unproven, and only lies and perverse over-counts all the whole ignoring simple biology, replaces “fact” . . .  as well, only biological inconsistencies and impossibilities exist, within the very dynamic of the Wild horse population estimations. Although, quite costly to the taxpayer’s of Our Country — corrupt management the causation . . .

What we do find, is many motives for a cohesive collaboration of corrupt entities, to include politicians as well, as the free-for-all availability of taxpayer money certainly a motivation, an incentive – especially for those not ethically or morally inclined.  But when no Over-site exists, and irresponsible conduct has no checks-n-balance systems, and people not having to take responsibility for their actions, then we have an ongoing corrupt program, such as the Grazing Permit Program on Public Lands of today.

Obviously, change is needed sooner than later, for a proper management of our nation’s Public Lands and Forests, as the corruption remains quite telling, and actually “Screams and Shouts” for help, and no one in authority listens . . . as their comfort zone may become intrusive, and oh yes, easier to perpetuate the myth, rather than look at the reality!


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