Agency is wiping out America’s last Wild Horses based based upon fake numbers

22 Jul

“My family helped settle Oregon and I’ve always liked going out into the wild to see the wild herds,” says Bob Pritchett. “Now I go out there and don’t see any. BLM is lying. The truth is they are underpopulated.”

So called “humane fertility control”, Pesticide PZP, etc. will eventually manage wild horses and burros to extinction. Overpopulation is Fake News planted to then fear monger the public with BLM’s killing/slaughter proposal yet their goal is to ultimately push for public approval of sterilization using the Problem -> Reaction -> Solution Hegelian Dialectic method. Sterilized wild horses will eventually die off leaving no more Wild Horses on public land. This Wild Horse Wipe-Out is what they want. The American public wants land and forage given to native Wild Horses and burros for their principal use according to the 1971 law.

Right now an independent head count is needed! Demand an Urgent Congressional Investigation and Head Count of all Wild Horses and Burros in Captivity and in the Wild . . .

Marybeth Devlin reports that America’s wild horses are Underpopulated:

Per the guidelines of the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) own geneticist, the arbitrary management levels (AMLs) of 83% of wild-horse herds are set below minimum-viable population (MVP). Further, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature says the MVP should be 16 times higher for the species to survive and thrive.

Sparsely Populated: Wild horses are few and far between.

In Wyoming, BLM limits the Red Desert herds to 1 wild horse per 1569 acres that’s 2½ square miles. In Oregon, BLM restricts the Beaty’s Butte herd to 1 wild horse per 4381 acres (7 square miles). In Nevada, BLM limits the Silver King herd to 1 wild horse per 9591 acres (15 square miles).  *Note: figures are based on BLM’s low AML which is their management protocol.

Fraudulent figures: BLM reports biologically-impossible population-growth-figures. Normal herd-growth = 5%. Here are just a few examples of BLM’s growth-figures:

418% — 84 times the norm — Black Rock Range East
293% — 59 times the norm — Diamond Hills South
237% — 47 times the norm — Divide Basin
417% — 83 times the norm — Nut Mountain
260% — 52 times the norm — Shawave

How many wild horses have been rounded up and shipped to slaughter due to this type of NONSENSE, OBVIOUS FRAUD?

Do you support this travesty, misuse of taxpayer money which subsidizes an industry, Welfare Ranching, that is a mere 4% of Cattle Ranching in the United States and less than 1% of Domestic Sales of their beef in the United States, and there is a 34% Throw-Away (I.e. USDA – USDOI) . . . If you support those who Dart Wild Horses with toxic and disease-ridden Pesticide PZP, GONACON, et al., then you support BLM’s bullshit numbers!


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2 responses to “Agency is wiping out America’s last Wild Horses based based upon fake numbers

  1. Victoria Foster

    July 22, 2019 at 7:18 pm

    Please, don’t let the Cattlemen’s Association along with ASPCA HSUS and RTF, convince you that The bloated figures they are providing with the backing of the BLM are exactly that, Bloated. You have to look long and hard to find them on Public lands. However, finding cattle and sheep is extremely easy. Take care of our wild horses and burros, they are very special.

  2. sisterseaside

    July 31, 2022 at 6:15 pm

    Thank you for standing up against BLM’s a.k.a. NBCA’s lies!!


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