Not knowing what one does not know — Harmful to Wild Horses!

03 May
Article by John Cox, MA, Independent Wild Horse Advocate, 2021

Disinformation is a very powerful tool. Our government has been using it for 20 – 25 years now, and in the matters of our Public Lands. If one actually looks, with an educated and open-mind-set, we find government manages our lands and wildlife, within a corporate mind-set, or an industry takes priority mind-set; thereby, the Disinformation. The Wild Horses, in this case scenario, lose.

I was in a discussion the other day, and there have been several like this (I defer here to just how powerful Disinformation is and ongoing right now). A person with a loving heart, and good intentions, told me about a fellow that has seen corrals around his area, with very healthy wild horses in them; Thereby, his conclusion was that advocates were full of crap, most often, and those horses were getting fat in those corrals, where BLM-Forestry pay to those ranchers a $-Buck a day to be there. So, in his mind, how indeed, could advocates be “right” about what they say?

This is interesting, because those particular corrals he is mentioning, are in Reality, Holding-Pens for Wild Horses, and yes for the BLM (yes the corruption continues, despite their stating it does not, imagine that) . . . But – those corrals, as we know as fact, are holding pens for Kill-Buyers, to eventually pick up those Wild Horses in them, and take them to Mexico, for Slaughter.

These are what we refer to as Remote Holding Pens/Corrals, and we see when perusing our overall aerial photos. They are used-regularly, often full, then emptied every few weeks, then full again – No one the wiser – and done right under Wild Horse advocates’ noses – with commercialized non-profit people/supposed advocates, that take part in it, as well.

In the article, Wild Horses To Slaughter, years ago, there was an interview, between a BLM Police Officer (which those involved in this investigation were fired when they completed it) and a Kill Buyer. He was quite clear, that no Wild Horses were stolen from Public Lands, “unless” a BLM employee was there to over-see the situation, entirely – then off to temporary holding-pens (being discussed here) went the stolen Wild Horses . . . More bothering — he was asked how high-up the BLM employee ladder this knowledge went. He stated clearly, and signed the document to certify the comment, “All the Way to the top, because there is none that don’t know.”

Unfortunately, at the advent of pro-slaughter people and their invasion of honest horse advocates, we find now it is not only wayward and corrupted BLM government employees, but corrupted advocates as well, are there seeing it, and say nothing. $$$$. Yes, the photographers, the darters/shooters of toxic chemicals into Wild Horses, and BLM Private Contractors, alike, and today, all know, and never say a thing.

So, we have a problem with people not knowing what they do not know, or consciously, attempt to ignore the bad things, and move on to attempt resolution via – well, resolution cannot happen in these types of scenarios, what so ever. Wild Horses Die! UNTIL EXTINCT!

The fact remains, one can, specifically, keep supporting the non-profits and BLM, and nothing will become resolved. Or, you can wisely not-support corrupted non-profits, nor the BLM, and we “can-do”, as American’s, truthfully resolve these issues.

As long as advocates remain complacent about these very serious and truthful situations, by ignoring them, nothing good will happen for the Wild Horses’ – Absolutely Nothing. They will continue to be darted with a dangerous Pesticide, GONACON (with a Tuberculosis Microbe Adjuvant), and the Roundups will continue; whereby, to the Absolute Death and Extinction of Wild Horses, becomes a reality over all-else. Ironically, as I mentioned, many folks do not know that today we see a rise in Tuberculosis in the United States —

One has to wonder about this incompetence from the BLM and our own Government, about this fact. Many questions come-up, due to this situation of exploitation of our Public Lands — it is called Accountability! Perhaps it is time the BLM, the USDA Forestry, and several commercialized non-profits become accountable, both legally and ethically.

Advocates support corruption, whether knowing or not, corruption just becomes worse, and once again, Wild Horses Die until Extinct!(photo: myself with domestics in a pasture in the mountains. Wild Horses should never be behind fences, nor entrapped within them) . . .


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