False Narrative and Misinformation in Government and Wild Horse Advocacy – Create more problems than can be resolved!

20 Jan
Government Lands and Wild Horse Managers as well as Wild Horse Advocates, need more experienced people with superior dynamics, that favor lands and wildlife for health, rather than favoring corruption and profits for themselves!

Often, the valley is just too vast to fill with words, when we confront over-whelming problems that need resolved.  We have in-depth human-problems with the Wild Horses on America’s Public Lands.  Frankly, our government makes a vast amount of money by their claim, exploitation in reality, that Our Wild Horses are over-populated and destructive.  Absolutely, none of this is a truth what so ever. . .  The “truthful-evidence” absolutely abundant in these matters, yet ignored by both government and non-profits, profoundly, to make profits and larger budgets for themselves

Wild Horses are not, nor ever have been, over-populated.  The fact is the exploitation under this false narrative of over-population, remains quite profitable for Bureau of Lands Management budgets (irresponsible use of taxpayer money, always, completed by fraudulent statements of non-fact – i.e. lies — and false-narratives, and bogus Environmental Assessments et al. and a Justice Department that supports this activity rather than take appropriate legal action upon the obvious corruption of the BLM employees ), and the abuse of Wild Horses tremendous, by government employees that in reality, have no idea how to work with, nor manage America’s Wild Horses.

“False Narratives’” serve those who promote them, to make profits for themselves. There is no such situation, in this universe, that a problem can be resolved if the problem does not exist – false-narratives’ promote continued profit and larger government agency budget streams, and not a resolution of any type, as a lie cannot be resolved, it simply continues to exist; thereby, profits galore for those who promote false-narratives’ and convince those who know the Wild Horses by name-only, and nothing about them; or, the old saying, “those who do not know what it is they do not know, will always look foolish in the end.”  — john Cox, Wild Horses-Cascade Mountains

We have no reason to look further, to realize the non-profits of today, involved in what they call Wild Horse Advocacy (when we question their sincerity and ethics alike, we find corruption, collusion, and profits the priority, not the Wild Horses, other than to exploit for profits – Ironic, as they are registered as non-profits), is in reality not Advocacy at all – but the actual Sales and Use of the (i.e previous) Pesticide PZP-22, and by all statements by the BLM (e.g. their 2500+ app. Wild Horses Darted with what they call the newest of toxic chemicals and a Pesticide (as Registered), and directly refer to as – GONACON-Equine . . . which is also a Pesticide in accord with the EPA Registration Requirements in the EPA Process of defining toxic-chemicals usage in America.  Thereby, we discover more corruption, more false-narrative, and just a lot of outright toxic-chemical activity, constantly, and for no truthful reasons, at all.

This brings about several questions, about our government and their abilities to re-define corruption as something important, rather than something criminal, which is what it is today – Reality knocks at the door, always, and within this precise situation of the Wild Horses on Public Lands. . .

And who Pays for it all?  The Taxpayer’s, of course.  We have no further to look than at the corrupted waste of taxpayer money thrown endlessly into the Public Land Grazing Permit Program, $541 Billion Taxpayer Dollars over the past 19 years – Credible and reconfirmed via government documentation as well as government oversite budget page – in realty, page after page of fraudulent and illegal activity, disguised as part of Public Lands Rancher’s – Welfare Ranchers, subsidies.

We all know, those of us who investigate these situations, that a “lie” cannot bring about any type of resolution.  The outright fraud and lies ongoing on Our Public Lands, does nothing more than shove taxpayer money to situations ongoing on Our Public Lands, that are not only wasteful and unnecessary, but corrupt, as well. 

An excellent example: Do taxpayers know, or would even favor, that we all pay for Public Lands Rancher’s Well Water (yes, the welfare ranchers had corrupted congressmen and senators enough to pass laws, where they could outright own Water Wells and Water Rights on our Public Lands, and then charge the taxpayers for its use, precisely, for their own cattle – and many years ago — which is currently hidden very well today. . .

Yes, we have many more questions for our government, our government representatives, government agencies, as well as corrupted non-profits – and none of the aforementioned are, nor ever have been, representative of America and what we as American’s want – and worse today than ever before; nor, of our Nations responsibilities toward the Wild Horses, by Law, which government agencies have chosen to ignore these laws (showing us once again how Power-Corrupts, and we need to stop ignoring the obvious corruption), and truthfully, government agencies should NOT have the ability to pick and choose the laws they obey, and ignore those that may contradict their corrupt behaviors. . .

It is time they answer our questions, with honesty and truth – Let American’s decide what happens to Our American Icons, The Wild Horses – I can guarantee, what is ongoing today is not, nor ever has been, acceptable to the majority of American’s, precisely! — John Cox, Cascades, January-2022

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