Truth and How the Wild Horses Always Lose When it comes to Donations actually going to Them!

17 Jul
Horse Camp
Article by John Cox

We see a lot of articles and writing, in particular from commercialized non-profits, and DOI/BLM, in regard to Wild Horses. We analyze data as well as these articles, for content, and purposely search for misinformation, or disinformation-outlet campaigns, and how they stitch their False Narratives together.

How to identify false narrative or disinformation is simple, once you know how to look, as observation is a taught situation, in order to do it well. We leave out bias, and simply look at the raw data, if available. How much of it is correct, how much of it is a lie, and how much of it is simply meant to manipulate.

First, we look at the content. Often, when people write their articles, they remain shallow, little to no informative content, but a lot of rhetoric, in an attempt to make it appear worth reading (i.e., many journalists do this for advertising in their papers, or television news-story-sets).

Yes, the commercialized non-profits compete for the donation dollars, as well as taxpayer funded Grants. Very competitive. In government, the competition between agencies, for larger budgets, is just as vast a competition for the taxpayer dollars.

The reality is, many of the articles about the wild horses remains very superficial in content – due to being written by those we call “Arm Chair Warriors”; or, within another explanation, people that do not know what it is they do not know, and most lack field-experience or any experience with horses at all, or simply not the athletic type, so stays clear of horses, yet writes about them from reference-materials only.

This is also a sign of manipulative articles, as how would they know how to resolve something, with no direct experience with the subject? Well, as we see constantly, their resolutions has nothing to do with resolving the matters or problems at hand, but rather, opens the door to perpetuate more income, i.e. from donations or taxpayer grants, and why we see, over the past 20 years, extreme profits made by commercialized non-profits. The DOI/BLM inadequate, or, their fraudulent communications of the same nature, while they also perpetuate their extreme government agency budgets, and welfare rancher subsidies via Disinformation Campaigns (i.e. blaming the wild horses for everything). We also discover nothing really positive develops for the wild horses, other than being Darted with a Pesticide.

Yup, we cannot make this stuff up, and it must be placed into perspective. The past 20 years of commercialized non-profit involvement, and the only thing we see, from $-millions of dollars in donations being given to them, the situation for the wild horses simply worse, their numbers going down, and Fraudulent activity, in both government and commercialized non-profits, going upward. Tremendous profits follow . . .

Their research is accomplished on the Internet, reference material, et al. Then for photos, they will go out, find perhaps a small band of wild horses, take their photo with the horses in the background, then tell us all of their adventures while observing the wild horses. Or, the city “Arm Chair Warriors,” will simply obtain photos from the Internet, as there are plenty to draw from. So, what is it that separates the good article or informative article, from a not so good, superficial piece of tripe, with no informative content to grab hold of, for the reader to become well-informed?

First, you have to remember, within this greedy realm of profiteers and grifters, is the fact they do not want you to know a whole lot of the subject matter – about wild horses; rather, the required “just enough info” to uplift a little curiosity, then padded by emotional outcry of how they just “love” the wild horses, and “Poof” the disinformation starts to flow, and plenty of it. The reader is left with an assumption only, and assume they obtained a lot of info for future discussion, until they start discussing the info with someone that knows the subject very well, then reality kicks-in.

So, what was left out of all this information? Content of a truthful nature, or reality. Often in propaganda, or the other term for it = Disinformation, is cloaked with rhetorical phrases, rather than actual reality-based content – Sales folks. Reality is boring, and achieves low sales-margins. Place a little drama into the equation of their rhetoric, and sales boom skyward. This equates, in the commercialized non-profit world, to enhance their donation trains, for consistency and high profit margins, as well as less-knowledgeable dedicated-followers of non-profit groups, et al.

But what is hidden, by rhetorical distractions’, or false narratives, is the writer’s experience with wild horses; thereby, we can explain the superficiality of the writing, when one leaves the article feeling as though something was missed, something not communicated, and worse yet, the feeling that too many things left unknown. In another word, we read the article to obtain information, but no true information was given. The writer simply pandered to the readers lack of knowledge about the subject, so simply made stuff up, to make themselves sound knowledgeable. Yes, ethics has left the building.

So now – you know. Yes, many have difficulty, oddly, “not supporting” those who lie to us all. Bias, I suppose, and the “wanting” to believe these people have a resolution. Then the years pile up, and we see no resolutions at all, and then realize we’ve all been sold a bill of rhetorical bullshit, mostly from wind-bags and grifters. None the less, people remain supporting these same liars, ironically, and some people defend them.

Resolution-Paradigms are meant to fix the problem. The more serious the problem, the more detailed the resolution will be. Good writer’s point out the problem, the science, the data, the statistics, and a history of the problem, from experience . . . Most often, this information cannot be retrieved from the Internet or library, but field work must be accomplished, and most often over years of observation and data collecting — not a week or two in the field, and now ready for resolution, and more articles to draw-donations to them, calling it field work.

Feel free to ask me, or others who are truthful about sharing good, or quality information, how to “read” or identify bad writers, bad science, or rhetorical bullshit that really means nothing at all. We see it in many of the commercialized and competitive non-profits articles, so just start there. The fact is that any of those commercialized non-profits that support Darting, write nothing but propaganda, meant to  stir up emotions through Disinformation Campaigns – but they are not really that good at it, even though profitable.

{Note} A disinformation Campaign asks the donators for Direct Action (i.e. Contribution). The Action? To file a TRO (e.g. Temporary Restraining Order) mid to late year of the donation year. This sets up a end of year donation drive (i.e. from Disinformation) to file the TRO in Federal Court via donations received. The fact is, any of these commercialized non-profits will receive anywhere from $15,000 to $150,000 to file a TRO, which purpose is too start a Federal Court Proceeding – but, often just the TRO is filed for, costing anywhere from $850.00 to $2,100 (you see the profit margin take hold here, just for show-sake and nothing more.

Once the TRO filed with the courts, and time passes, into the next year, the TRO forgotten about, no follow through ever developed, and at high-dollar donation stream = commercial non-profit Net becomes very high, and the proceeds only cost $850 to perhaps $2,100. If we assimilate the higher margins, we find a $2,100 underline cost, and a $147,900 profit – and no court action beyond the TRO takes place. A year down the road and all the donators have forgotten, and the commercialized non-profits onto yet another Disinformation Campaign for Donations.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is Your Donation Money at Work – for the commercialized non-profit, certainly NOT for the Wild Horses! In no way, shape, or form. You have just been “Had”!


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2 responses to “Truth and How the Wild Horses Always Lose When it comes to Donations actually going to Them!

  1. karenmoulder

    July 17, 2022 at 7:11 pm

    It is just disgusting John and the horses and burros the victims

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  2. joyhog11

    July 18, 2022 at 6:10 pm

    Totally agree! Your writings really open my eyes. Thank you.


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