Field Notes: Non-Credible Science Needs Challenged

17 Jan

“One of the over-looked responsibilities of those who have developed their education and experience in specific specialized fields, is to have the ability to “Challenge” scientific research and the science community as an entity.  The reasoning here is to develop not only proper resolutions to inherent difficult and destructive situations, ethically, but to develop honest science from credible research, that favors truth, honesty, and secures a proper resolution.” – John Cox, MFA

What we find today is an overwhelming amount of opinion and conjecture, often passed-on as good science, especially about Wild Horses. Information is coming out, just about weekly now, in the matters of credible science versus opinionated, misinformed, non-credible research and science.

We are finding often, much of the government-generated science (i.e., Wild Horses, Wildlife, & Public Lands Science) leaves out essential facts and figures, which develops this non-credible science for distribution to the public, to politicians’, and to other corrupt government agencies and corrupted non-profits. We then find the items, data, facts that are left out, would show in a real-time and place scenario, and very often, truth; rather than, their anticipated outcome for profitability within the non-credible science, while being used as credible-science. . .

The extremes to the situation are:

1. Research shows “… there is no evidence to show researchers, that a Wild Horse or Wildlife kill-off took place before, during, or after the Plasticine Ice Age,” and yet, opinions and conjecture treated as though a firm and solid background of evidence exists, assumptive only – which the evidence simply does not exist at all;

2. Much of the birth control and darting situations on public lands does not have, nor has ever had, appropriate research to confirm the necessity to develop the program beyond e proper research level or capacity, as we discover daily required research to show the pesticides, or all birth controls using toxic chemicals, simply is not necessary – with no evidence to show otherwise – and much of the research conflicts with reality;

3. We find a lot of the research that has been completed on America’s public lands to be one-sided, narrow in scope, and packed with not just misinformation and false narratives, but blatant lies in regard to reasoning, or fulfillment of objectives . . .

— The truth is, we find often no objectives at all, but random information that has too many loose-ends to develop into any type of management paradigm. This non-specific generation of supposed facts, give the latitude to create and disseminate several venues of very destructive, in particular to wild horses and wildlife, misinformation and false-narratives’, which will ultimately generate profits by exploiting the problems the research was generated, and paid for by taxpayers, too resolve – No resolution occurs, and profits extend to a yearly basis, as we see the evidence within the Wild Horse and Burrow Programs project yearly;

4. We find that the review process, the Peer-Review process to be exact, is faulty and corrupt when it comes to reviewing the information in regard to birth controls being used on our Public Lands, the pesticides being used on our Public Lands, the destructive elements outlined untruthfully, opinions and conjecture of wild horses disappearing 10,000 to 13,000 years ago yet with no evidence to confirm such, cattle and sheep and other industries left out of research, and research simply developed with severe bias, opinions based on ignorance, and in accord with no evidence showing wild horses to be a destructive source on public lands, yet promoted as one of the only destructive sources on Public Lands, and more often than not, yet no evidence to show it to be of fact;

5. We find much of the non-credible science, which is all of the supposed science brought to us by the DOI/BLM, private contractors making money exploiting public lands, nonprofits exploiting the wild horses and public lands, all Lacks evidence on the destructiveness directly related to cattle, sheep, mining, oil industry, pesticides, and is nothing more than bad science wrapped up in pretty bows and ribbons, and photographs of wild horses, for example, as merely a sales venue rather than any science at all.

Keep in mind these are only a few of the situations that exist today in regard to what we are now classifying as non-credible science. Not only is the information questionable, in many of the technical reports and research reports, combined with the lack of information that has been left out of the science, and the information that lacks integrity within evidence, outright, but there’s almost a crude ignorance developed – profoundly – that if people receive a lot of money in grants, or budget increases in government agencies, that somehow or another the research and the technical reports that are non-credible – ironically, people perceive them as credible.

Within all of this keep in mind that research science is developed to provide credible information based on credible evidence. Good science is always challenged. Good science works its way through the challenges to show beyond a doubt, through evidence, that the science is not only good, of quality, but is also used as a management tool truthfully, to resolve issues and problems within our lands and wildlife.

The harsh reality is today, we have many problems on our public lands, range lands, in the mountains, and throughout the United States because we are taking bad science, formed from no evidence, and taking harsh or native opinions, as resolutions.

Evidence? Go look for yourself. Our public lands and forests are being devastated by ignorance, bad science, and at the same time our taxpayer money being used frivolously, and our politicians’ expectations approach cutting taxpayers off from needed programs, in order to throw more money into this corrupted and current system of non-credible science, profit-based science, and ignorance ONGOING, and upon our Public Lands! — John Cox, MFA

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