Pesticide PZP — TRUTH!

13 Sep

010“The truth evades the Bureau of Land Management always, and the title nothing more that an oxymoron = Truth!  But the fact is, management is not what they do at the BLM, no, they are ranchers, despite the Taylor Grazing Act’s attempts to not place ranchers and their special interests in place within a management capacity to oversee America’s Public Lands via a government agency.  So when it was not dismantled after WWII, as the Laws provided, the special interests assimilated into the BLM – A very Corrupt government agency with nothing more than ranchers’ interests in mind!”  — John Cox

So without further statement from myself, I think the following information very significant to acknowledge, and for everyone to know — Marybeth is extraordinary at making difficult items easy to understand, so off we go into the truth of the Pesticide known as PZP — and nothing but the truth.

Sting of the dart: If it were only a sting! Fact: Many wild horses develop an abscess at the dart-injection site.

Bogus ballooning population: Horses are a slow-growth species when it comes to reproduction. The gestation period lasts 11 months, and a mare produces just 1 foal. While an independent study of BLM’s records confirmed an almost 20% birth rate, that study also found that 50% of foals perish before their first birthday. Thus, the effective increase in population from new foals is just 10%. But adult mustangs also die. They succumb to illness, injury, and predation at a rate of at least 5% a year. So, what is a normal herd-growth rate? About 5%, probably less.

Fraudulent figures: The Big Lie of “overpopulation” is the pretext for BLM’s war against the wild horses, and the wild horses are prisoners of that war. It’s BLM’s version of the “Shock Doctrine,” wherein BLM concocted a phony crisis to push through policies antithetical to the Wild Horse Act against the will of The People. There is no overpopulation except on BLM’s falsified spreadsheets. Reviews of BLM’s population-estimates reveal biologically-impossible herd-growth rates. For instance, in Utah, BLM claimed that the Conger herd grew from 156 horses to 285 horses in one year, an 82.7% increase, to which BLM tacked on another 20% by counting the unborn foals — the fetuses. In Wyoming, BLM declared that the Salt Wells Creek herd grew from 29 horses to 616 horses in 6 months (yes, months), a 2,024% increase. BLM’s “data” is chock-full of such preposterous growth-estimates. So, when you hear talk of how the wild horses are reproducing “exponentially,” that’s a sure sign that BLM has falsified the data.

Wild horses are underpopulated: Per the guidelines of BLM’s own geneticist, 83% of the herds suffer from arbitrary management levels (AMLs) set below minimum-viable population (MVP). Low AMLs enable BLM to claim an “excess” in herds whose numbers, even if they were over AML, would still not reach MVP. So being “over AML” is meaningless as well as misleading. But the low AMLs, combined with falsified, biologically-impossible herd-growth estimates, give BLM an excuse to scapegoat those few wild horses for the range-damage done by the millions of livestock that overgraze the public lands.

Whose grass? In fact, it is the livestock who are eating the wild horses’ grass. Some background — the dedicated wild-horse habitats cover only 11% of BLM land. Cattle are allowed to graze about 5 times that much, including within all but 4 of the wild-horse herd areas. Yet in those official wild-horse habitats where livestock are given allotments, the mustangs are restricted to 18% of the forage while the cattle get 82%.

Bogus billion: The wild horses being held in captivity are the “legacy” of former Secretary Salazar’s equid cleansing era, during which he had thousands of wild horses removed from the range. However, the mortality rate of captive wild horses is about 8% a year. So, obviously, since they are not reproducing, their numbers will steadily drop, showing that BLM’s billion-dollar figure for their care is just another Lie. The Wild Horse and Burro program, if run per the minimum-feasible management-model specified by Law, would not cost much at all. BLM does not lack for resources. There are 22 million acres of legally-designated wild-horse herd areas — which BLM previously took away for expediency — that can be reopened as habitat. The horses now held captive can be released to those areas, where the cost of their upkeep will be $0.

Adoptions: Have not declined. It’s just that BLM used to count sales-for-slaughter as “adoptions.” Now, only “forever-family” placements qualify. However, wild horses are not homeless horses. They have a home — where they belong — on the range.

Persecuted predators: Contrary to BLM’s disinformation campaign, wild horses do have natural predators — mountain lions, bears, wolves, and coyotes. But those predators are persecuted mercilessly. The government exterminates what the hunters don’t shoot. However, the International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros — Wild Horse Annie’s foundation — notes that even without predators, wild-horse herds self-regulate their numbers, with population-growth in the single digits.

Science and Conservation Center: Is the manufacturer and distributor of PZP / ZonaStat-H. Thus, its information is not impartial. PZP is a registered pesticide that was approved by the EPA for use on wild horses and burros “where they have become a nuisance.”   However, PZP was registered without the standard testing requirements. There is currently a lawsuit challenging the legitimacy of the registration, especially in light of studies that have disclosed PZP’s many adverse side-effects.

Shooting wild horses: PZP is a potent weapon in BLM’s arsenal — for its biological warfare against the wild horses. But birth control for wild horses is unnecessary because there is no overpopulation. Why would we contracept herds whose population is inadequate for genetic viability? Why would we contracept herds based on falsified figures? Logically we wouldn’t and ethically we shouldn’t. Further, if PZP were going to stop the roundups, it would have done so long ago for the Pryor Mountain herd, which has been darted with PZP for nearly two decades. Yet roundups have been scheduled there like clockwork every 3 years and, in spite of intensifying the PZP treatments recently, BLM tried to implement yearly roundups until stopped by a Friends of Animals lawsuit.ranch-11

PZP — the anti-vaccine: PZP causes auto-immune disease. PZP “works” by tricking the immune system into producing antibodies that target and attack the ovaries. The antibodies cause ovarian dystrophy, oophoritis (inflammation of the ovaries), ovarian cysts, destruction of oocytes in growing follicles, and depletion of resting follicles. The mare’s estrogen-levels drop markedly as PZP destroys her ovaries. Ultimately, PZP sterilizes her. Because PZP stimulates the immune system, it ironically works “best” — sterilizes faster — in mares that have strong immune-function. Such mares respond to the anti-vaccine and produce quantities of PZP antibodies that destroy their ovaries. But, conversely, PZP may not work at all in mares whose immune-function is weak or depressed. Those mares fail to respond to PZP. They keep getting pregnant and producing foals who, like their dams, suffer from weak immune-function. So, the PZP pesticide works against the very horses that Nature has best equipped for survival-against-disease while favoring and selecting for the immuno-compromised. Worse yet, radioimmunoassay tests indicated that PZP antibodies are transferred from mother to female offspring via the placenta and milk.

Health-risks to volunteers: As for the well-meaning volunteers who dart wild horses, EPA’s Pesticide Fact Sheet for PZP advises that Personal Protective Equipment requirements include long sleeved shirt and long pants, gloves and shoes plus socks to mitigate occupational exposure. EPA specifically warns that pregnant women must not be involved in handling or injecting ZonaStat-H, and that all women should be aware that accidental self-injection may cause infertility. Unfortunately, PZP’s manufacturer has misrepresented PZP as “so safe it is boring.”   But research shows that PZP is a powerful hormone disruptor. Further, consider the magnitude of the risk — the PZP-in-question is a horse-size dose. If volunteers think PZP is safe, they will be less likely to protect themselves from this dangerous pesticide. Indeed, please note that in the photo accompanying your article, Ms. Bolbol is not in compliance with EPA’s safety-precautions. She is not wearing the required protective gear.

Mengelian experiments: Now, BLM wants to perform diabolical sterilization experiments on these equine POWs to develop a Final Solution to the “problem”. BLM is handing out $11 million for sterilization-studies. The grant money is surely intended to buy loyalty and silence potential criticism from academia. Plus, BLM, a corrupt agency, gets to cloak itself in respectability by affiliating with prestigious universities.

The ugly side of PZP is humane-washed by feel-good features that describe it with humor, sweetness and light. However, the true story of PZP is one of scandal, whose deceit and danger — to both horses and humans — must be exposed. That is the story that needs to be reported. — Marybeth Devlin, Aug 29, 2016 12:15 am (i.e. Editor-Filed by John Cox, The Cascades as pertinent Information for the Public to Know)

Editor’s Note:  The very fact is, we do not need Pesticide PZP for birth control, and the overpopulation situation, when the truth is given, is nothing close to the fabricated and misinformed BLM employees gives to the public at large.  Yes, this corrupt government agency fabricates their budgets, and the last I checked, that is a Federal Felony!  So is stealing Wild Horses off of Public Lands and selling them to Kill Buyer’s, or taking them directly to auction yards!  Yes, many corrupt situations ongoing at the Bureau of Land Management, and it appears perhaps the Department of the Interior gives them their blessing for Corruption as well — America needs to Speak UP . . .


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5 responses to “Pesticide PZP — TRUTH!

  1. grandmagregg

    September 13, 2016 at 6:18 pm

    Well said! Here is another good example of BLM’s math and science:
    “Counting Burros”
    Q: When does 175 minus 80 equal 635?
    A: When BLM does the math.

    Wild Burro Gather Feb. 19, 2010
    Black Mountain Herd Management Area (HMA) in northwestern Arizona
    The BLM chart shows:
    Estimated pre-gather population of 175
    Number of animals (burros) gathered of 84
    Number of animals (burros) removed of 80
    Number of animals (burros) that died, non gather related of 2
    Estimated post-gather population of 635
    The BLM numbers are seriously flawed.
    See official BLM chart at the following link:

    Click to access Completed%20FY%2010%20Gathers.pdf

  2. Mary Young

    September 14, 2016 at 5:29 pm

    Can I quote the population para? Here is another math question. BLM states each horse costs $2 per day in long term holding, how many years will that horse live in holding since the BLM also claims each horse in holding will cost $50,000 in its lifetime?
    $50,000/(2 x 365) = 68.5 years.. My what long lived horses. That includes the ones that were already old when arrived in Long term.

    • grandmagregg

      September 14, 2016 at 6:43 pm

      Well done, Mary. As you may be aware, the off-range “pastures” charge ~$2 per day but the off-range “corrals” charge ~$5 per day. During the advisory meeting, Bolstad kept telling the board that there wasn’t enough money to keep feeding them (grrrrrrr) but they were moving as many as possible to the cheaper “pastures”. What he concealed was the fact that they recently shipped over 2,000 to Bruneau, Idaho that is considered a “corral” [feed-lot] and which is owned by Simplot – the billionaire family known for McDonald’s potato fortune. Who is in who’s pocket?

      You may find this interesting:

      Click to access WOFacRpt081816_web.pdf

      Using the Aug 2016 facility report that shows us that it costs about $46M per year for their care. It costs us $ZERO for them to live and die on their own legal lands.

      To take it a step further, The Government Accountability Office (GAO) has reported the federal government spends at least $144 million each year managing private livestock grazing on federal public lands, but collects only $21 million in grazing fees—for a net LOSS of at least $123 million per year.

      So just for “fun”, let’s say that all the wild horses and burros are returned to their rightful and legal herd area lands and that all welfare livestock are removed from our public lands … that would save us tax-payers $169,000,000.00 per year, not to mention it would save range lands from the destruction caused by non-native, domestic, for private/corporate profit livestock on our public lands.

      “Welfare Ranching: The Subsidized Destruction of the American West”

  3. chris1055

    September 22, 2016 at 11:37 pm

    Reblogged this on uddeer and commented:
    Wild horses and deer have a lot in common. Both are considered pests, the government in case of wild horses sells them to slaughter. Deer are persecuted by local governments. Both have predators, less than 50% of the young survive to the fall season, populations only grow about 5%, although those in charge are grossly inflating their numbers and exaggerating the supposed damage they do. They both belong in the wild to live free.


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