American’s and Our Wild Horses Do Not deserve, nor want, what is ongoing on Our Public Lands

06 Mar

“The vicious are most to be feared, when they pretend to be good. ” Publius Syrus (“Les méchants sont le plus à craindre, quand ils prétendent être bons.”) Zero’d-Out Birth Rate = Extinction

On Our Public Lands, right now, we have some of the most misinformed, misguided, and unapproiate management paradigms that ever existed within the history of the United States.  Not only is the Bureau of Land Management and the USDA forestry, tell us constantly, lie after lie about the actual health of Our Public and Federal Lands, that we pay them $-millions upon $-millions to manage properly and for Our, the Taxpayer’s, benefits; but they simply have No Science to back up their ecology or environmental management paradigms what so ever.  The government’s Grazing Permit Programs are Corrupt, in total.

Although, illegitimate science flows in vast amounts, that support a Single Species Paradigm of a non-indigenous species, cattle.  No “Legitimate Science” supports these endeavors, and our Ecological Zones, which eventually interact in the long-range affairs into our nations “Overall Environmental” complex, suffers greatly.

The Reality?  Good science shows us we are even wiping-out Our own species, the Human Species, as we also wipe-out essential wildlife, grasslands, oceanic food chains, our climate, and much more – all in the name of one-species, of two or three industries. . . cattle, oil, and mining . . . and more corporate misinformed agenda’s (corporate non-profits) take advantage of these very corrupt paradigms, in the name of an odd re-termed cause of “Humane”, and yet simply promote the lack of integrity, lack of ethics, and dishonesty of the continuous tragedy, ongoing, toward Our Wild horses, Our Wildlife.  Corruption, in total, is what we see constantly now, on Our Public and Federal Lands.

Then we have organizations, corporate and non-profits alike, that are presenting more of a disturbance, that again, is backed by neither legitimate science, nor management paradigms at all.  Their pretense of being “good” or “humane” is ridiculous – mostly their profit-driven statements simply support “corruption” entirely, when one actually pays attention to the reality of them.

Not only can we do better, but we can become honest about things, and in the interim save the Wild Horses and America’s Wildlife . . .  Honesty and Integrity, in reality, cost nothing, and free the last time I checked.

Let me become even more clear.  Those of us around horses, for decades now, can see things others simply do not.  The situation, for example, to see how a horse owner, or rider, how they treat their horse, is very visible.

We can see how heavy-handed or lack of Reins-Control, or even appropriate Collection Technique, from looking at the back hooves of the horse, at a glance.  We can see when a person “fears” their horse, or the way they sit-the-saddle, and how uncomfortable or afraid they are of the horse.  Then there exists those who assume they know everything about the horse, yet know nothing, as it is quite obvious, they have not either been riding for long, or their approach to talking about horses is, obviously, not of an experienced person.  We can see this, very easily I might add.  And these people, ironically giving information about horses to the general public, that does not know about horses!  We have a human-problem here, of ignorance, mostly!

There exist people on the present WH&B Board, who fit the description of inexperienced riders, quite well – and I see people applying for positions on the WH&B Board, that have no experience, but give people the pretense of having years of experience.  So here we sit, and the Wild Horse tragedy, is at Crisis Level, and need to be left alone!

Ecological Health and Population Moderation

With this knowledge we move forward, legitimate knowledge, by the way, not pretend knowledge and backed by “profit oriented” mind-sets, that simply pretend they know everything.  We move on to Science, and how Nature, inclusive of wildlife and terrestrial landscapes alike, establishes a “Moderation” of populations, or referenced as Population Ecology. . .

The very basis of this “moderation” context is based upon population counts of species – science and appropriate data gathering is involved here, as well as “truthfulness” – “honesty” – and allowing the science-data speak for itself.  Phonies, fakes, and know it all’s need not apply here (the Wild Horses already slaughtered due to these situations alone), because bias or bigoted opinions have no place in honest science; nor, does there exist a “facade” of science be presented to the public that is derived from a controlled template or speech, manipulations of what to say in order to “sell” bogus science to the public, to make them believe it is legitimate (i.e. wild horse band roundups, Pesticide PZP and other breed controls – forced upon an underpopulated species of wild horses — raises the Red Flags here of corruption, of dishonesty, of bad science, covering up the corruption for future profits). . .

The dynamics of Population Ecology shows us, beyond doubt, that the population of a given species within a given habitat does influence the local population stability, its expected growth, and its likelihood of survival.  In this interconnected world that is a functional “ecosystem” the fact is the population of one organism very likely to affect the population of others.

Here we start to see just how inefficient and incompetent, and based upon lack of science and data the Single Species Priority of cattle paradigms are, and simply not of science, but of bias, of a bigoted mind-set driven by profit-oriented dynamics, that simply do not work in our Natural Habitats, never have – never will, as history quite clear on this particular subject . . .

Ecology and Dynamics of Wildlife

In ecology, a population includes all of the members of one species, among others, living in the same place.  Population ecology is the statistical study of a local population’s birth rate, death rate, and other factors that influence the survival and reproduction of each.  A study of how local wildlife and vegetation react to the overall environment.  This dynamic alone, ignored by those who, ironically, manage our Public and Federal Lands, quite evident.  Ignored is the fact of truth, honesty, and ethics, as well as the dynamic of offering land manager’s clues, or data, to advance their management paradigms for healthy lands, ecology, and much cheaper expense to provide a healthy environment.

Taxpayer’s, just as the Wild Horses and Wildlife, presently on Our Public and Federal Lands, abused to the point of “Excess” as well as evident extinction (or in the case of tax-money, simply no longer available) Birth Rate vs Death Rates ratios show us the problem, quite well, I might add, but ignored by current government management agencies.

The 1% of sales margins on our domestic-markets, of beef product, shows us quite well, that the $-millions upon $-millions of dollars thrown at the Grazing Permit programs on Public and Federal Lands, are simply unneeded, and a waste of money – and the only thing developing is our Public and Federal Lands are the worst, health-wise, then ever before in history – Science shows us this quite efficiently.

This becomes an embarrassment to all American’s, when many observe the situation ongoing on Our Public and Federal Lands, and the incompetence that is even more obvious.  Can we do better?

Government Agency Response to Bad Agency Management

Here we go, on the fact, not just science but actual fact of observation as well as data and information collection, our current government agencies blame such things as the Wild Horses, the Wolves, the Bears, the Coyotes, the Falcons, the Eagles, noxious weeds (lie upon lie to avoid the major issues, the incompetence of these government agencies to manage our Public and Federal Lands adequately and properly) and so many more wildlife, that things are just getting very ridiculous, more often than not.  And the Grazing Permit Program?  Numbers do not lie, when data collected within an honest, ethical standard, which equates to good science, not corruption nor corrupt and malicious science.

Well, to cover-up the outlandish corruption, they simply reduce the cost of the grazing of Cattle AUM Units (i.e. one cow one calf), increase the amount of Grazing Permit Lands, and increase the amount of taxpayer money allocated toward Roundups and Breed Controls to attack the Wild Horses, even though there exists no overpopulation of Wild Horses at all, on Our Public Lands, nor do the Wild Horses destroy or devastate our lands (as good science shows us), and are not pests at all (given this title of “pests” by those who want to dart – essentially zero-out to extinction) the Wild Horses — with breed controls to control the “pests” as they say) – and, as I mentioned earlier, only 1% of Grazing Permit cattle product is sold domestically on the commercial market – and (this is extremely interesting and a truth the cattle industry cannot avoid) we see from the USDA statistics, 28% to 32% of all beef product sold domestically, is thrown away, due to longevity of shelf-life.  Is there a purpose to the current Grazing Permit Programs?  None!

Population Ecology

Population Ecology of our wilderness areas, our Public and Federal Lands, is more relevant now than ever before on Our Nation’s history.  Biodiversity is more significant than ever before, as well.  The forces that sculpt our populations, both human and in nature, living (biotic) and non-living (abiotic) forces, contribute to theirs’s and our growth, for a healthy environment to live within, or a decline, and ecological systems destroyed, our water undrinkable, our forests neglected, mismanaged and sacrificed for beef, the same with our deserts and wildlife in common.

Can We Do Better?

Overwhelmingly, we can do much better, than what is ongoing today, and what we are accepting as normal. It is more important, than ever before, when so much of biodiversity is threatened, continuously, is the fact we need to “understand” these forces, and not just shrug and repeat the constant-push of misinformation, that in reality is causing extinction of our Wildlife, our Wild Horses, our Grasslands, our oceanic environment – our taxpayer money simply wasted on these current paradigms of mismanaged lands and falsified and mismanaged Wild horses?  Disrespect from government agency personnel, our legislators working only for corporations and not taxpayers or American’s in general, disrespect from corporations and non-profits alike (charitable organizations supposedly use donation-money to save our wilderness as well as wildlife and our wild horses, instead use it as their personal piggy banks and increase their 0wn living standards).

We can do better, much better!  Honesty, respect, ethics, and truthful science needed!  The bottom-line of it all!  Stand up Now, for our wild horses, and actually ourselves, as the Human-Species in danger as well, and from all of this ignorance, bias, and Corruption!  STAND UP – TIME FOR AMERICA TO SPEAK!  WE DO NOT NEED TO ACCEPT CORRUPTION!  NEVER!

Article Written by:  John Cox, Cascades


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3 responses to “American’s and Our Wild Horses Do Not deserve, nor want, what is ongoing on Our Public Lands

  1. Barbara Warner

    March 8, 2019 at 1:07 pm

    Awesome article, John. Will share.

  2. Barbara Warner

    March 8, 2019 at 1:10 pm

    This needs to be sent to all in D.C.

  3. Louie C

    March 10, 2019 at 8:33 am

    How Animals Benefit From Wildlife Corridors
    The Revelator

    By Tara Lohan
    For more than 20 years, ecologist Jodi Hilty has been one of the people at the heart of this work. As president and chief scientist of the Canada-U.S. nonprofit Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative(Y2Y), Hilty has helped lead the organization’s work to connect and protect habitat in the massive region stretching 502,000 square miles across western North America from Wyoming to the Northwest Territories.
    She’s also co-author of the book Corridor Ecology: Linking Landscapes for Biodiversity Conservation and Climate Adaptation, due out in April, which explains why corridors are needed now more than ever with a changing climate. We talked to Hilty about what kind of wildlife corridor projects have been most successful and why corridors aren’t just for land-based animals.


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