Wild Horses, Terms, and Extinction: Bias, Bigotry, and Rhetoric at its Worst

23 Mar

We have a tendency, as humans, to accept “categorical-terms” as reality.  Often, we find this merely a perceptive-reality based on myth, and nothing more than a commercialized occurrence of supposed necessity.  When we use the “categorical-terms” of “Livestock” or “Pests”, through perception, we deduct passively the situation of slaughter, in particular of cattle, sheep, pigs, and yes, even horses.

Congress even debated the subjects of “Livestock” and “Pest” as a Rule of Order, in this case for Wild Horses and Horses in general, for the commercial and monetary reasoning to reap all the money possible from Our Horses, as well as to establish “breed Controls” and to experiment on Horses.

Yes, the Human Problem that no one will admit they have, just as Bigots will not admit their problem of Bigotry and Bias, and how it becomes despicable when $-profits can be made. 

This voids any protection or humane criteria involving the Horses, in general, and creates the ability, or excuse, to send horses to slaughter and not think twice about the occurrence; after all, they are just “livestock” and due to this categorical-perception, nothing more than roaming “pests” on Our nations Public and Federal Lands.  Organizations that supposedly are “humane” also fought “for” these categories’ in order to dart their snake-oil, one example of many more, into Wild Horses, deer, and other wildlife:

  1. To keep the categorical and commercialized term of “Livestock” in place, so;
  2. To establish them as “pests” so experimentation and breed-controls could be used upon them.

Indeed, the stigma attached to these terms, since the term “pest” carries its own commercialized categorical use, or “Excuse” to commit Non-Humane acts upon Horses, we find people taking advantage of these circumstances. . .

For example, Darting them with a Pesticide PZP, and it being “okay” to do so merely due to terminology (e.g. the terms pet versus livestock – or service-animal versus pest), and in some cases,  people invoke the term “Humane Reasoning” or passively use (propaganda of rhetoric) a “Humane Management” paradigm into this “categorical-perception” only; which, accomplishes nothing more than to Zero-Out Birth Rates of Wild Horses (i.e. species extinction eminent).

Due to these terms being in place, legally, we then see the reality, the commercially manipulated markets of meat product, in this case Horse Meat; thereby, the Less availability of Wild Horses, for example, increases the price per pound for “Slaughter Bound Horses” . . .  The thought, or perception is, they are merely Livestock and Pests on Our Public and Federal Lands anyway, and congress agrees and laws passed to manage them as such, so why not profit from the occasion, any way we can?  The excuses and terms developed to merely “not feel the guilt” of actually killing an innocent animal for money-only reasoning, or what many consider family members or service animals, the Horse.

This is what develops when Bias, Ignorance, or those Schemers and Scammers grab a foothold in our society, and manipulate, and even develop propaganda, in order to make large “Profits for themselves, despite what it is they destroy.  What must be accomplished in this matter, is the terms “Livestock” and “Pest” be neutralized, in the matters of the Wild Horses, and yes, within the domestic horse as well.

Rather than donate money to those who promote these terms, as history shows quite well, donate money to those groups that will take issue with these terms, and eliminate them from congress and federal laws, and actually do something to save the horses, rather than implement different methodology to destroy or kill them, until extinct!  — John Cox, Cascade Journal


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