Wild Horses and Public Lands Destroyed – Based Upon Myth, Illegal situations abound yet ignored by Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Administrators

28 Mar

“To deny “corruption” is to acknowledge its existence, yet remain complacent to its ultimate goal, to achieve profit from others within an illegal capacity, who are placed into a disadvantage within representation, that actually should or would protect the disadvantaged from such “corrupt” endeavors; thereby, lack of representation, or accepting the lies as truth ongoing upon our Public and Federal Lands, I discuss here the very blatant “taking away of one’s “Rights” and all the while “seized” by a very small population of corporations and industries, rather than “Secure” ALL American’s Right’s, which are far more significant.  This is America, and we can do far better than this.”
  — John Cox, Cascade Mountain Range

Today, right now and have-been for quite some time now, we are selling out our American Icons, the Wild Horses.  Mere lies and outright misinformation lead this storm of selling one of Our prized Icons Out, the Wild Horses, by nothing more than bigots, the blatantly ignorant, and bias people that really do not know any different!  We see them sacrificed for Welfare Ranching, which, as science shows very well, is non-sustainable management paradigms, not supported by science at all, and prevalent today, by BLM-Forestry and directly related to Cattle Ranching on America’s Public and Federal Lands.

As one BLM employee told me, “It is only tax money. What is it to you?”

The problem is unacceptable, and American’s, once the truth be known, and acknowledged, the Wild Horses being sold-out by BLM, Welfare Ranchers, and corporations, for their own religious — or personal benefit, within a corrupt context, and obvious to many.  This exemplifies where America is going today, and unacceptable to the majority – that is and as I stated, when the truth be known . . .

Our form of government, simply is not designed to favor one entity or person over another.  When we assimilate the Constitution of the United States, we see right-off, “We the People . . . all men are created equal.”

“Federal law defines fraud as any intentional deception or misrepresentation used to benefit yourself or someone else. … These laws identify specific types of fraud crimes, each of which has specific penalties associated with them.  All, when proven, are Felonies.” — 2011 US Code, Title 18 – Crimes and Criminal Procedure, Part I – CRIMES (§§ 1 – 2725), Chapter 47 – FRAUD AND FALSE STATEMENTS (§§ 1001 – 1040)

As you will notice within the Constitution of the United States, industry and corporations are not mentioned as having “Rights”; although, when Congress passed legislation creating a corporation to have the “Rights” of a normal human and American, they neglected to understand that the “Rights” given as a corporation to be an individual in America, cannot and “should not” seize all “Rights” from all other Individuals’ in America.  This is preposterous to assume, in total.

To undermine this ideological base of Our Constitution, whereas, the common American is “Not Represented”, in this case within the administration and framework of the operational aspects of the Bureau of Land Management (i.e. BLM), we then have a big problem with the ongoing and corrupt maneuvers’ of business-conflicts, that is, contrary to Our Constitution.  Obviously, and from the comment below, we need to be far more careful on who it is we elect into office to Represent Our views and demands on how Our Federal and Public Lands managed.

“Corporations Are People, And They Have More Rights Than You. Ever since Citizens United, the Supreme Court’s 2010 decision allowing unlimited corporate and union spending on political issues, Americans have been debating whether, as Mitt Romney said, “Corporations are people, my friend.” — Jun 30, 2014

Does the Constitution mean anything?

“The First Amendment – Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or of the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for redress of grievance.” 

Keep in mind this situation is not just a Constitutional situation, that within all confines, should be debated within the Supreme Court dockets, but the Bill of Rights, intended for All American’s, seized and corrupted by policies and inadequate laws, that simply do not fulfil the landscape of neither the “Bill of Rights” nor Our “Constitution”, within the aforementioned government agency.  Did our current representatives actually Represent the People of the United States in these issues?  Certainly not, and time for either them to do so, or be replaced by those who will represent Our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  In reality, the Welfare Rancher contingent attempted to “change” the Constitution, for their benefit, not our as taxpayers – as superior evidence and facts show us quite well.

Here, exemplified below, is the major problem, and how they arrived at this point was through total corruption, Fraud, and Misinformation – as the “biological” facts contrary to BLM decision making, as well as stand-out actions provide to us, as facts:

  1. $2.6 Billion Dollars BLM Horse Herd Management of Taxpayer Money Spent;
  2. Benefits to Taxpayers while spending taxpayer money = $0;
  3. Benefits to Local Area Ranchers/politicians/oil industry accumulative, pay-offs and continuing profit = $12.4 billion dollars and rising.

“This is significant,” Mr. Sebastian, Research CPA, states, “. . . as this becomes, and has been, a slice of our public debt, unfortunately hidden from the public at large.  Taxpayers should know where their money is going, it should not be hidden.  Right now, it is hidden in the BLM and under the “false” guise of Socioeconomics’ (which, when explained – similar to wild horse herd counts, absurd in total — is only bizarre, with no factual economics provable by budgets’, nor profits provable at all = lies – i.e. see Federal Court documents – Reno, NV Circuit – February/March hearings versus BLM), with no credibility or attempt to show the tax paying public the real figures and costs of the roundups.

This compared to simply leaving the Wild Herds alone, at an approximate cost-field-management amount of perhaps $52,000 to $75,000 per year if that, for grassland management, wild horse management, and cattle grazing management.” (i.e. Grassland Management Principles) et al.

Helicopter Roundups Exemplify the Problem

Here I will use the Sun J Livestock contractor.  This Private Contractor uses Helicopter Roundup methods (abundant videos and information is available on the Internet showing extreme abuse, so no further reference given here due to space) which virtually “Kills” a large percentage of wild horses during the roundups – and those killed on the Range, are paid for by Your taxpayer money, and written down within the BLM Inventory, that goes to Procurement for Private Contractor Payments, as transported to the nearest Temporary Holding Corral under the management of BLM-Forestry(even though, also as evidence and facts show us, they were not transported at all, but left dead on the range)  This is Fraud, and Misinformation given to Procurement to pay for goods and services not done . . . – Violation of US Code, Title 18 – Crimes and Criminal Procedure, Part I – CRIMES (§§ 1 – 2725), Chapter 47 – FRAUD AND FALSE STATEMENTS (§§ 1001 – 1040

This “Kill” percentage is extremely high for roundups in general, near the value of anywhere from 12% to 24% based upon Reality-Averages — and left under a covered-up shroud of questionable conduct, with no excuse from the Private Contractor or BLM Supervisory staff, other than a “Go to Hell” attitude when questioned about the over-kill rates, and yet paid as if rounded up and delivered commodities, to Procurement for payment.

To clarify the situation further as to why they hurry, it is to get the job done, at the horses’ expense or death, as they are paid per horse, and as shown further, incorrect horse counts in their favor.  The faster they get done, the more profit they make.  Example’s abound, as well as evidence and fact:

February 23, 2011 – Sun J Livestock received $82,648.20 for not even an entire weeks’ worth of roundup;

September 13, 2010 — Sun J Livestock received $82,966.00 for a little short of a weeks’ worth of roundup;

December 6, 2010 — Sun J Livestock received $649,850.20 for a little over a weeks worth of roundup;

January 10, 2011 — Sun J Livestock received $1,221,767.90 for about two weeks, if that, of roundup; etc. . . .

The Truthful Landscape of the situation quite obvious

I think you get the picture here, and keep in mind between the dates of September 13, 2010, and January 12, 2012 there were 24 Roundups and similar payments made to this Private Contractor in Nevada.  NOW, think about the roundups that have taken place, monthly, from 2012 to 2019 – and we see an industry that has developed on nothing more than fake/false wild horse herd counts (All Felonies under — US Code, Title 18 – Crimes and Criminal Procedure, Part I – CRIMES (§§ 1 – 2725), Chapter 47 – FRAUD AND FALSE STATEMENTS (§§ 1001 – 1040), as well as significant over-population of cattle, very destructive and costly to taxpayers as well, on our Public and Federal Lands – in violation of many laws too numerous to list here. . .

Myth Lies and Misinformation

All of this is built upon nothing more than myth, by the the cattle industry, that is “presumptuously under this myth” that Welfare Ranching is “needed” (lies – misinformation) on our Public and Federal Lands – We look at Domestic Sales Receipts, as further factual evidence, of a mere less than 1% of beef sales (beef from Welfare Rancher’s holding Federal Grazing Permits), and at a 34%  overall (i.e. commercial and Federal Grazing Permit beef combined) of Beef commodities’ expire and thrown out within the market place. . . We see no need for this extravagance to the taxpayer $-billions of dollars extended to support Welfare Ranching at all, when, in reality, nothing received for the taxpayer, nor from the Welfare Ranching on Our Lands — nor the need for significant destruction of our Wild Horses in America, as well as our environmental concerns (ignored most often) – all built on nothing more than a tremendous, dubious myth, as well as an insurmountable mountain of lies  . . . Science is left out on all BLM and Forestry decision making, when Welfare Ranching or Wild Horses concerned, as Evidence and facts show us, as well, quite clearly, indeed.

Also, keep in mind, in 2019, these numbers have accelerated, and contractors committing fraud prevalent, and very provable as fact, but neglected by authorities’ as well as those who represent Our behalf, under the Constitution of the United Sates and Bill of Rights . . . and certainly, at the expense of taxpayers, contrived wild horse herd counts (biologically unprovable in total, as evidence shows as well), which still remain unprovable just from Biological Facts alone, remain their reasoning to commit Fraud toward all taxpayer’s.

There exists no-excuse, by government agencies, to allow this to continue – what so ever!  This is America, we stop corruption in its tracks — this quality still exists, and obviously ignored right now, but we expect change soon.

Written by: John Cox, Cascades


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3 responses to “Wild Horses and Public Lands Destroyed – Based Upon Myth, Illegal situations abound yet ignored by Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Administrators

  1. nancywoodall

    March 29, 2019 at 2:50 pm

    With all of the corruption that is going on within the BLM and the welfare Ranchers and the money that is being spent lies should be brought play the presidents attention so he can have a full investigation into the BLM and the will fill ranching. This is my view and my comment. Wild Freedom Federation

  2. nancywoodall

    March 29, 2019 at 3:09 pm

    With all the corruption going on in the BLM and the welfare rancher, and the money’s being spent on lies should be brought to the President Trump attention so a full investigation is done in the BLM and the welfare rancher and the people that round up the horse’s. With all the evidence that was stated by this person has an obligation right to see that it does reach the president’s hands so he can read what this person has found out. For all the evidence that was found against the BLM welfare Ranchers and the ranches that round up the horses and the money’s that is being spent or shall I say given away ,needs to be stopped. I am an advocate for the wild horse and they have received Injustice for many years this animal are an icon to the people of the United States. And there is a Injustice going on where these animals are concerned. Their lives matter their descendants helped build what we have today. No one has the right to take an animal away from their Homeland and sell them to slaughter for human consumption the safe Act needs to be passed. This is my view comment. Wild Freedom Federation

    • Photographer and Journalist

      March 29, 2019 at 10:06 pm

      You must understand that trump is supported by Lucas Oil, who also support Protect the Harvest, and all, to include trump and his kids, ar Pro-Slaughter, and also, as he has stated, dislikes Environmentalists and animal advocates . . . so, many have asked the same question, but the truth long-standing as to why a lot of this garbage continues and through this administration . . . as well


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