Wild Horses Sacrificed: Rhetoric and Corruption and the Information Age of Confusion = Reality versus Immorality and Careful What You Ask For

01 Nov

Today in government, as well as Watchdog Groups and many Non-Profits, there exist problems of credibility.  How do we know this?  The money obtained within all of them, donation steams, or taxpayer dollars, all are based upon a tremendous amount of lies, misinformation, emotion-driven rhetoric, and perpetuation of situations that are so convoluted that in reality, no resolution would ever exist.  Only then the supposed guarantee of an outcome or a resolution develops (a made-up resolution to resolve a made-up crisis or what legally is termed Corruption or Organized Crimes), that in reality never happens; which, it was a situation based upon a lie, and how does one resolve a lie?

Well, by developing more misinformation, and as in today and the Wild Horses, for example, simply distort the misinformation so badly, that the slightest recommendation toward resolution, by both government misinformation and non-profits misinformation streams, obviously the collusion exists, create very profitable streams of emotion-driven monetary profits, for all involved.

One can become very rich by simply perpetuating a situation that will never, nor can ever, obtain resolution of any type.  This is one large factor of reality, why we have Over-Site of government agencies, and must keep them in check (obviously our Checks and Balance System of government is broken today).

Currently, we live in an information age that many people assume they know something about everything; that is, until we actually speak with them, and then find they really know nothing at all.  If one needs one of many other confirmable examples of this, simply peruse journalistic articles on the Wild Horses written by people on the East Coast, or in large cities, and about the ongoing developments on the range and in the mountains, on the west coast.

We find many of those journalists never get past the breakroom or office water cooler, and all of their info developed from their computer . . . so we convey here corruption creates more corruption, then ironically, and almost comically, those who write about the corruption and ignore the truth or simply ignorant of the truth, speak about how to resolve this same corruption . . .

This creates a collusion even more vast than those directly involved, whether knowingly or not, and profoundly all take part in the corrupt rhetoric of misinformation flows (e.g. using Bureau of Land Management statistics, when obvious their wild horse herd counts biologically impossibilities, and yet use those numbers) —  and the ol’ virtue of when repeated enough, it simply becomes acceptable?

The circumstance then becomes compounded by several reality situations, even more outstanding than others and within an academic observation (academic due to observable and quantified data gathering).  This fact is, and among the many other outstanding facts, that many people simply do not read well, or some hardly at all, and others perhaps not knowing how to read.  There also are people who know how to read, or listen to facts, but do not understand what it is they read, or facts are just not absorbed well within their mental process.  We then observe a twisted and distorted informational-mass of confusion.  Gibberish follows, and the truth, even though given the facts contrary to what they have seen or heard, turns into simply a vast quagmire of nonsense.

We then get to the emotional side of these situations, and discover how Canned-Presentations of Misinformation most often untrue or just enough truth combined with rhetoric, essentially hides the Communication meant to Manipulate rather than Inform.  Emotional-Driven donation streams have become a paramount fund-raising resource for many of the more questionable charitable non-profit organizations, as well as with government organizations that need streams of misinformation in order to enhance their budgets . . .

Ultimately, what myself and others are finding today through research, is the fact “Corruption” has changed faces, and is now actually manipulating their markets.  Using the “Information Age” for nothing more than upholding a mass amount of “Misinformation-Driven” rhetoric to the media streams, and

  1. Actually having the taxpayer’s or donators to non-profits, unknowingly taking part in the “Corrupt” flow of misinformation, with the assumption the Perpetuated Problems can be resolved – but only if “. . . we increase our budgets for better management paradigms. . .” (actually paradigms not meant to resolve, but rather enhance more and much larger budgets in the future, and corrupt in total); or,
  2. You donate to a non-profit, and they will take these corrupt people in government to task (again their attempts at resolving issues do not directly confront the issues, but simply confront subordinate issues which perpetuate further more emotional driven issues, all the while asking for more donations) and by golly save the wild horses – which in truth never happens because they never approach the reality issues, but the corrupt issues instead even though they are just as corrupt – and the money-trains become larger and larger still. . .

So, the corrupt just become more corrupt, and all those taking part in the corruption, are and remain just as corrupt.  The overlooked fact of truth here, is that to end corruption, first we must stop listening to their greed and lies, and then take-to-task the corruption directly – and not become a part of it, whether knowingly or unknowingly.

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One response to “Wild Horses Sacrificed: Rhetoric and Corruption and the Information Age of Confusion = Reality versus Immorality and Careful What You Ask For

  1. Dajaun Reddick

    November 12, 2019 at 2:08 am

    Please leave our the publics Wild Horses in their rightful lands! Stop paying taxes on the welfare ranchers cattle. If ranches want cattle, they should keep them on their own private land. I’d rather be vegan than remove our Wild Horses just so people can eat beef. If the fats can afford land for their cattle, then they shouldn’t own them. Let’s be honest, it’s Public Land not private. Stop Taking the public for fools just because you can. We’re not !


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