Wild Horses: Their Clear and Present Danger

08 Jan

We have gotten to the point that we need a detailed “program outline” to see who the honest player’s indeed are, and who the corrupt player’s are within the management and non-profit realms of saving the Wild Horses on Our Public Lands, as corruption and the Wild Horses becoming synonymous — not the Wild Horse’s doing at all, but money involved and too many pigs at the same trough . . . essentially, a government allowed chain of abuses and corruption, and we need to ask our representatives why this even exists. — John Cox — January 8, 2020

Had an excellent conversation last night with an old College friend (that was many years ago, we are all retiring now) — Elizabeth is a Psychiatrist PhD Psychology Professor Emeritus — and we speak off and on about the issues in the matters of the Wild Horses, which intrigues’ her entirely, she also owns horses . . . She is yet another Cowgirl at heart and a quality person.

She, as well as many others (as I am using a part of our conversation last night for this discussion), are quite aware of what our government employees, as well as some advocates, are doing, and as many others inclusive of myself as well, remain appalled at what we all see ongoing right now and on our Public Lands.

To make the Statement of “Government Sponsored Abuse” remains an Understated Fact, as disgusting as this sounds, yet a very true circumstance, and continues as I write here.

Then we go to the deplorable situation of some non-profit advocacy’s — What some groups do to beg for donations, for frivolous things — or, to manipulate emotional responses, in many cases using photography or video productions to initiate donation drive, emotionally, for people to donate — giving people the impression they care about the horses — well, this all can be placed into question easily . . .

To many of us, it seems there is more things to accomplish rather than just go to roundups, and when one thinks about it, it is kind of creepy, those that go and watch this stuff. Like a Fire Engine chaser or something. Arson’s go to fires because they like to watch the fire — abuser’s like to be around abuse and other weird things — darting horses is similar to shooting them, as awkward as that sounds, but a true Psychological aspect none the less . . . A person is “Shooting” a horse, a large mammal, despite it being a dart or a bullet. . . Basic psychology tells us this, clearly, so one can “Abuse” a horse and attempt to separate this from the use of a bullet, because in their minds, “. . . after all, the horse does not die.”

i.e. But this is untrue as well, as we see many horses actually die from immune system deficiencies, going septic and actually die from the abscess directly initiated from the dart-wound (Pesticide PZP) and the bullet type capsule explodes outward, after the PZP injected into the system of the Wild Horse for birth control. . .  By the way, of an Underpopulated Species (bias and ignorance here is profoundly so obvious and unbelievable, then we go to the reasoning, or the faltered mindsets of those that dart horses, and discover mental-deficient mind sets of excuse within that realm as well.  Many of these attributes very alarming, indeed.

Profoundly, a lot of the money these people bilk from the Public, mostly due to the more immediate emotional response, from either photos or information or attributable misinformation, a large part of the donations do not go to the Wild Horses what so ever, but to life-styles of the photographers or the video people, or the organization that sent them.

One instance of a video presentation, to actually obtain donations its end goal, was very disturbing to many.  The production company had a helicopter and was chasing horses, to appear as a natural setting, as a moving herd of horses much more dramatic than just standing around a large landscape grazing.  The owner of the Non-Profit stood to the front of the galloping herd in the background, associated herself with Wild Horses, as if she really cared about them.

The first take unacceptable, so they setup everything, and aggressively chased the Wild Horses with the Helicopter, and rather than a galloping herd, they stampeded — they trampled over a Yearling that could not keep up.  Helicopter Roundups are always abusive, and Trapping Horses in Bait and Trap Roundups are also, as we see via the statistic, ironically just as abusive. . .  Both of these situations cost taxpayer in the $-Millions of taxpayer dollars paid to accomplish — Always abusive, always detrimental to all the Wild Horses — and those darted with Pesticide PZP as well as other Birth Controls and experimentation used, ALL are eventually Rounded UP —

THERE IS NO OVER-POPULATION OF WILD HORSES ON PUBLIC LANDS — THE Government Agencies — BLM AND FORESTRY — STATISTICS ARE BIOLOGICALLY IMPOSSIBILITIES, ALWAYS AND ONE CAN LOOK FOR THEMSELVES — and yet their lie after lie about wild horse over-population costs taxpayers in the now $-Billions over a five yer time period . . . All of this info can be found when appropriate research accomplished . . . 

The Yearling had broken legs, was eventually shot in the head, as it was having a problem breathing, as well.  But the disgusting fact is, this entire situation VIOLATED THE WH&B ACT OF 1971, as well as other laws that protect wildlife from direct abuse from visitors to Public Lands, Parks, or other Federal Properties.

This particular person heads up another non-profit, lacks knowledge of how to manage horses, yet Bilks the Public through emotional donation information packages, quite freely today . . .

So do we have a problem with government management of wild horses, as well as a problem with many groups that tell us they will defend the wild horses? 

Absolutely, it has come time that we need a  “program outline” to separate the players within this ongoing tragedy.  This has developed over the years, ironically, as very profitable to both government program budgets and quite profitable to non-profits who state they use donation money to defend the wild horses, but never do, really; nor, are they managed properly by our government, either.

So the Wild Horses lose out here — if they are not shot on the range, they are rounded up abusively, sent to government corrals, then disappear.  Some adopted, but most are stolen by government employee, then sent to slaughter to Mexico or Canada.  More troubling, and consistent information, we find not only government employee involvement within all of this, but we find non-profit groups also involved in it “All” . . .

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