Horses Wilderness and Attunement to Nature

18 Jan

Over the years I have grown to observe Nature within wilderness areas.  It is not just the horses, but the ultimate understanding that the entire realm of the area, Nature itself, is a full-blown working process or system, and the diversity of wildlife makes it all happen, positively.

Many people do not understand our presence is not needed in Nature, at all.  Attunement within Nature allows us to resolve issues and problems that would normally be covered-up by bias or an unnecessary intervention of useless management paradigms meant only to satisfy the human-mind, and not really appropriate for the wilderness area or wildlife what so ever.

What I see is the healthiest animals in the wilds, often the wild horses (when left alone), but also the Keystone Predators as well, wolves, bears, cougar, bobcats, and the rest, as well as a robust realm of insects, of small critters that enhance an area, all part of the living organism we call “Wilderness”;  Ironically, the human species bothered by all of this accumulated wildlife, the need to intervene takes over, and soon wildlife disposed of, and the excuses bothersome, bias, and based on an erroneous flow of misinformation based upon nothing more than bias.  We assume all wildlife disposable (but human’s think everything is disposable), which in truth is a disregard for life in general, and just wrong on many different levels.

Ideology versus Reality

But I also started to understand that one must not get caught up, or stuck into what we place categorically into our reality – which is a human-species problem that name calling and category placement becomes stationary, a perceived reality that simply does not work for long, especially when conflicts arise and there is no apparent resolution; which, there is no reality within a bias debate, and we only fool ourselves within an odd category or perception (bigotry – bias) – so the resolution merely a pretense rather than reality, which equates to bad decision making and ultimate destruction of both lands and animals alike. . . But those making these absurd decisions will never be convinced they are wrong, even though the world falling apart all around them, and due to awkward and bias decision making based upon false information.

Our aggressive nature toward managing wildlife and wilderness areas, mostly erroneous, as it is truly founded on principle’s and ideologies that have nothing to do with Nature, in reality an Attunement within Nature simply lacking, and humans become unable to receive a truthful feedback on our own performance with Nature – once again, superior attitudes replace reality, wrong decisions developed and destructive actions follow in the name of good management.

Attunement within Nature

So, we start to learn from these healthiest of animals in Nature, in the Wilds, and begin to see they are also the wisest and most attuned.  Their knowledge of navigation extraordinary, their understanding of their terrain and their ability to find food far superior than ours, unequivocally so.  Allow me to point out the fact a domestic animal, nor many a human as well, would not survive in the wilds, because all have lost the ability of attunement – their survival component’s essentially unavailable.

Without this attunement, we lose the ability to adjust our mistakes correctly, then assume all others wrong and we are right – in Nature this mind-set provides nothing more than eminent death . . . and it remains very destructive, as well, within our society – yet another flow of Nature and how it cleanses itself through a Natural Attrition of Reality versus ignorance.

Without this Attunement within Nature, the very intimate and direct interaction with Nature, our minds wander and pursue useless material things, our minds become delusional and our bodies become sick.  Often, we lose track of what is important and the world around us becomes distorted and before we realize that we have made a great mistake, we have already become a prisoner of the un-natural human-made world.  Things around us, and in particular when we deal with nature, things become convoluted, simple problems to resolve become unimaginably difficult and far more complex than needed.

Now we learn.  I have become, over time and while observing wildlife, that it is the overall environmental complex that is important.  Our intervention remains unnecessary.  The fact is we can actually love our Natural environment, and this inclusive of respect, reception, and the ability to accept the fact there is no need or desire to accomplish or see a particular outcome in order to follow our biased belief.  Events in Nature must unfold naturally, and I see the conflict of Universal Truth conflict with human truths (and the irrationality of human truth precisely) which have no place in wilderness areas.


We assume our facts to be superior, and we are in charge of the Earth.  Nature exists for all beings, we decided to break away from this most obvious, and Earth Born natural circumstance.  The reality is, and always has been, our Natural Resources are limited and belong to all species and should not be wasted.

Degrading forms of economic growth, special interests, and destructive mind-sets should be discouraged, always.  Sustainable forms of growth in nature should be encouraged.  With this in mind, it becomes quite apparent that learning more about the ways that Nature sustains itself, and using these lessons within a beneficial context, enhances our livability on this planet, our consciousness, and our very life.  We then accomplish the natural life form we were always meant to have, and develop into co-existing with all life around us, favorable, rather than rudely and destructively.

I see first hand Nature knows how to sustain itself, which can be a lesson to us as human’s, and enhance the ways we think and work, and use common sense that interacts with nature – co-exist – rather than destroy it.  We will not survive long within concrete, oil, beef, and asphalt – and we will starve ourselves, both mentally and physically . . . — John Cox, Cascades


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4 responses to “Horses Wilderness and Attunement to Nature

  1. grandmagregg

    January 18, 2020 at 7:04 pm

    Yes, John and I would like to suggest a “must read” book on this same subject. “This Land” by Christopher Ketcham.

    • mustangsrunwild

      August 28, 2020 at 5:44 pm

      Hi, I listened to Ketcham on CSpan and at the end he said the key issues of Special interests and their aggressive intimidation of even those who work within BLM, DOI DAG etc that do want to follow the laws, so in fact tie their hands. Although, fewer and fewer are hired that have any sense of Natural systems – if they do – threaten them. So a lawsuit is the only way to give them the mandate for preservation. Sad, we are working against so many goons who think they have the control of our public lands because they own the congress one way or another. Well, we are persistent, have been persistent and We the People have compromised one to many times. Those in the audience kept asking what can we do? Identify the congress and who is behind each? Educate as John does but more directly to other congress who just take the word of an organization that have already been hacked? — Many congress peoples that have influence tend to be from agriculture areas. Esp. Nevada, Utah, Oregon, Idaho etc. Some are even profiting millions to do the dirty work. Those should be the first identified and campaigned out of office or at least made to recuse themselves from all votes on these issues. NV Rep. Amodie, UT Rep. Stewart etc. — Has anyone wrote a new Plan Forward to replace the special interests?

  2. mustangsrunwild

    August 28, 2020 at 4:08 pm

    yes, I have always tried to live with Nature and have a hard time not understanding those who only see finite games and ignore this most important area. I appreciate your ability to understand and to teach about our Natural systems and all the work you do. You have inspired many. good article

    • mustangsrunwild

      August 28, 2020 at 5:46 pm

      Wild Horses are the Keystone Species that have shaken many out of complacency.


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