Wild Horses and Wildlife — Diversity and Re-Established before it is too late!

30 Jan

Today we have more problems than just government bureaucracy.  Many people and organizations alike, support non-science endeavors, and ironically, in the name of science.  Whose science?  The obvious issue – when all is said and done — are many who favor their own agenda’s, intermixed with their own-brand of bar room bravado only — as well as politician’s who favor their special-interest groups, or political agendas.

We also have problems with over-site groups and nonprofits, that are supposedly directly involved with humane reasoning, or ethics, or . . . then find their involved with twisted humane (they corrupt the term) alternatives, but the profits vast, perhaps too vast and, well, human’s will be human, no matter how disgusting that may be.

Animal Species Management – Humane Responsibility

My interest is to protect and conserve life within its natural state.  In doing so it is imperative that we all understand I am not talking just about individual species.  Yes, we need to preserve the ways that populations interact with one another in all ecosystem process and habitat development, throughout all types of environments, including wildlife diversity, terrestrial diversity, competition, predation, and symbiosis.  We have to understand all of these interactions, biologically as well as habitat structure, wildlife and human interactions, and through truthful conservation-focus on three different types of diversity:

  1. genetic diversity;
  2. ecosystem diversity;
  3. species diversity.

We have to understand, genetic diversity of any species is vital because it allows individuals of the same species pass on different characteristics’, some of which may become essential for survival in a changing environment.  Indeed, habitats are being lost daily and at a very high percentage; which, leads to environmental change.  Many changes.

These genetic diverse traits can include resistance to disease or in the case of some plants and animals, a rising-tolerance to drought or insect attacks. . .  When environmental conditions change, a genetically-strong species with a more diverse genetic profile, has a better chance of survival.  This is why I often impose questions upon our government’s genetic profiles of the wild horses, as being insufficient within their information, static data that creates bad decisions based upon faulty paradigms’, as well as incomplete data given, and yet decisions developed on this incomplete framework of interpretation.

Ecosystem diversity is a variation in the complex relationship’s organisms have with each other and with the involving elements of their environments.  These webs of interaction sustain life by making energy available in the form of food, and then actually cycle the other vital ingredients for life, including water, oxygen, and nitrogen.  These types of diverse ecosystems contribute distinctively to the health of the planet.

Forrest ecosystems contribute Carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release oxygen.  Wetland ecosystems purify water.  Estuary ecosystems supply vast nurseries for fish crustaceans.  Marine ecosystems are the habitat of phytoplankton, the photosynthesizing microbes that account for 95% of the primary production in the ocean of food supply, and about 50% of all primary production of food supply on earth.

Reserving species diversity is quite significant as well.  The number of different species in the habitat and the size or viability, of each population, are all important situations to enhance rather than destroy.  It is a well-established principle, the more robust and diverse the ecosystem is likely to be, the better off humans remain, as well.

For example, it is less likely that a single species will out-compete all others when a number of species are contending for space.  Research in ecosystems in the United States tells us, for instance, a grasslands with the highest diversity of species, develops far more plant coverage and during a serious drought, can and do most often, recover far more quickly from drought than plots with fewer species.

Climate Change

Between 1906 and 2005 the average surface temperature of the earth rose between 0.6°C and 0.9°C – 1.1°F and 1.6°F – worldwide.  Equally important, the rate at which the earth surface temperature increased, nearly doubled over the past 50 years.  Greenhouse gases, such as the carbon dioxide released by automobiles and coal powered electric plants, and methane which is also a fossil fuel extraction, as well as livestock operations, and landfills , are all to blame.


Ironically out here in the West we see climate change being unacceptable.  Many of us see the situation of the debate, in particular against climate change, as nothing more than a distraction – brought about by the industries that can profit off of climate change.  We see forest fires have increased tenfold within the past five years, and we have seen the cattle industry growth, more population of cattle on public and federal lands, become more and more over-populated.

Putting all of this information together, we find the American taxpayer duped.  Needless to say, as many of us acknowledge, it is not only the Public Lands, in particular where Forest Fires located, and near areas that are being over-populated by cattle, but corn and other plant products must be grown to feed the cattle, and our nation’s food supply apparently secondary in this rush to find more land-mass, in order to grow the corn and other products to feed cattle; which, human food supplement grassland-areas decreased, over the past 12 years and to only 16% remaining, due to cattle – essentially, our Grain and Oats and other nutritious supplements sacrificed for cattle (similar to the wild horses), and other items that currently supplement our Nation’s Food Supply – Suddenly, there is more questions than answers, as we see many of the Forest Fire areas being turned into either supply food supplement for cattle, or to place cattle upon – more and more questions develop daily, the more we see this as fact . . .

So is the destruction of forest land negligible, due to climate change. and due to human’s preposterous industrial and corporate mindset?  Burning carbon-rich trees destroys carbon-trapping plants and releases heat-trapping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere – like Greenhouse – yes, Climate Change is here.  The US Department of Defense predicts the climate change, and the over-population of Cattle (so the myth of cattle ranching becomes very obvious, and television attempting to make $$$ before it fades away) will contribute to food and water scarcity, will increase the spread of disease, and may prompt mass migration people to already overly-populated cities.

Of course, the migration is already happening to coastal zones on the East Coast and West Coast and throughout mid-America, more and more small towns being evacuated, and country living is almost a thing of the past unless one is retired.  The world’s governments cannot seem to agree on ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.  The amount of bias and bigotry we see today has increased in proportion, exponentially, with those who refuse to accept climate change being, assume it to be unreal.

Organisms that cannot adapt quickly to rising temperatures may not survive.  On the other hand, some destructive organisms are benefiting.  In North America, the mountain pine-beetle is producing a new generation every year, rather than every two years.  That has dramatically increased its larva count in the Rocky Mountains and the production of a fungus that the beetle introduces when it attacks trees.  Both beetle and fungus are killing pine trees, mountainsides turning a disgusting brown from rot and decay, rather than green, at a rate of 10 times higher than previously recorded.  Yet another sign of how decisions, based on bigotry, bias, and ignorance, indeed as a direct effect on our planet, a negative effect.

Domestic and Wildlife Extinction

Frankly speaking, there will never be enough zoos or vaults or sanctuaries, seed banks, aquariums, animal preserves, botanical gardens, and any facilities or habitats to protect a large percentage of wildlife now slated for extinction.

Wild Horses show us all, as a good example, on the comings and goings of how our government is depleting not just wildlife, in the name of conservation, industry, or humane – but rather, their discussion is absurd, bigoted – bias paradigms of managing our lands and wildlife.

If you need validation of that, we can go to the Wild Horses being darted with a pesticide under the name of saving them (i.e. and costing taxpayers now $-billions of dollars yearly and under a false premise, or outright lies, of wild horse over-population, when we search for facts we find nothing more than lies to generate higher budgets), but for all intents, purpose, and statistical data, and as well as science data, this among other things they also show us, is a consistency far more factual, and Wild Horse extinction a firm reality – nothing else –

There is no other information, evidence, nor data that shows the horses being safe whatsoever in this government-paradox, in the world of domestic as well as wild horses.  Many more animals are also either at the brink of extinction, for example giraffes, rhinos, among others, that many assume we would never see this level of potentiality, predicated on nothing more than extinction paradigms brought to you by governments worldwide.

The number of threatened species is very large and it is growing, as the international Union for Conservation of nature estimates that 30% of the world’s Bird Species, 25% of mammalian species, and 41% of amphibian species are facing extinction.  Keep in mind these are estimates, and quite frankly I see them be much higher than the reference I obtain for this data.  Just a small fraction of species on this earth of ours that have been assessed, so no one knows the actual number of species in jeopardy – only that it is certain to be very high.

Here we know cougars, bear, and wolves, to be facing near levels of extinction, but well-hidden today, by State’s Fish and Wildlife Service employees, and Forestry and Bureau of Land Management employee’s – and yes, their bigotry their bias, and their outright ignorance shows when discussing these matters with them.

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