Wild Horse and Wildlife Management Process Broken Entirely

14 Jul

I was asked the other day, “What would you suggest on how to improve our standards of living, and surviving on this planet?

I had to step back, and responded with, “I am just a common person, and you are asking the wrong guy that question. I could not even begin to answer that.”

It was not until later, a few days later, that it hit me. Maybe if more of us, that are just regular folks, start answering some of these questions, piece by piece, perhaps we could start on a road to resolution — at least, it would become a start to something better than the lack of Humane Responsibility we see today, in all of government as well as the non-profits — in which all far more inspired toward monetary gain than resolution or being humane toward much of anything.

As right now anything is better than the “nothing” we have ongoing, to correct any of the inadequate wildlife management situations of today. Perhaps it is because those we assumed to have proper knowledge, and aspects of how to go about managing our wildlife, in reality, are not qualified what so ever of managing much of anything, in particular our wildlife or wild horses on our Public Lands — which is quite clear to most of us who observe these situations.

My background, primary studies, inclusive of John Muir as well as Aldo Leopold, and their dynamics toward proper environmental as well as wildlife standards. Both observed the broken paradigms of wildlife and lands management through their lifetime and studies, and constantly fought for change.

We have all seen the aspects of just how violent our civilization is, and remains today. What has become acceptable, over time, and co-exists with our supposed humane attitude of superiority over all else, we start ranking other life, as if it needs management; or, we become compelled to simply make-up reasons to go and kill or even control their birth-rates, of other life; often uselessly, and built upon lie after lie to perform such endeavors, and when wildlife involved, the lies filtered through a paradigm of necessity, awkward at best, to kill-off wildlife, and then refer to it as proper management or for human safety.

Yes, we tell ourselves many things, as excuse, but do not refer to it as an excuse, as much as referring to it as being responsible. We take two seconds to make the responsible decision of excuse, and whatever that may involve, then move on to something else.

But then the larger questions start to develop, and the excuses just no longer fit the crime, so to speak. For example, Extinction Ratios, or surviveability ratios that conclusively develop into non-survivable aspects, as data shows us but yet ignored most often — and this is the reality — Animals near extinction in a short time period, simply disappear, and then not surprisingly, go extinct.

Those who ask the proper questions are demeaned, and disrespected. We see it quite clearly today, in all levels of government.

This situation alone, is what sets-off the alarms quite readily, and we then understand change is needed:

— transparency is needed

— proper management of our wildlife and lands is needed.

Until we can approach the situation truthfully, and without special interest aspect or excuses, and when we stop accepting the lies, only then can we even “begin” to approach the aspects of a proper management process for both our wildlife and lands, which go, truthfully, hand-in-hand toward positive Life Values for all.

It is true, a good metering device of our society, is exactly how we treat the life of all, how we respect life itself — inclusive of all animals, on our Planet. We can be horrific people, or we can be honorable people and a humane people — it is up to us to become better, and respect all living things, alike.


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2 responses to “Wild Horse and Wildlife Management Process Broken Entirely

  1. Debra Louise

    July 14, 2020 at 5:23 pm

    Thank You Sir! Your wording is Everything I feel and think about On A Daily!

  2. hocuspocus13

    July 14, 2020 at 5:26 pm

    There are some GrassRoots Organizations that are fighting to save our Wild Horses and Burros

    Look them up

    Perhaps they could use your input

    Some have blogs right here on WordPress


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