A Simple Note About Wild Horses

11 Apr

If I had my choice of things to do, I would sit and enjoy the calm of the woods in the Pacific Northwest, all the while Riding the Trails up here on Horseback, and camp where and when we want; especially, on a sunny, and perhaps a cool day.  But like so many of us here in this group, and so many other people here in the Northwest, we all know of the plight of the Wild Horses on Our Nation’s Public Lands.  And, all of us simply want to do something about it.

As Vietnam Veterans, all of us here, we know the extravagance of our government and how it turns against America’s Icons, both Veterans’ and Wild Horses’, when the situation suites them, or when personal monetary gain is at hand.  As Veteran’s we can, and many do, directly relate to the Wild Horses, Wolves, and many other Wildlife, indeed.

Oddly, we find today, the commercialized non-profits, and others, are also obtaining monetary awards, through subsidies, grants, and donations, i.e., mostly from taxpayer money – and we have something to say about that, in particular.  These people, hypocrites all of them, turn their backs on American Icons’ often, for profit; yet, wave the American Flag high, and assume their patriotism to be first and foremost, and the hell with everything and everybody else.

Some of the factual information we have gathered, well, we would rather not have seen it, but we did and a lot of it needs to go public.  It is not just a matter of those of us, experienced horse people and those who work with horses’ daily, that can get-things-done, but we need help from those whose ego, or awareness of themselves and secure with themselves, or, those who do not out-rightly fear horses, are all who have the ability to help.  Psychopathic liars, narcissists’, profiteers who would simply exploit the Wild Horses for their own benefit, thieves and grifters – Need Not Apply.

Today, right now, we see the tragedy first-hand, for about 20 to 30 years now, of nothing getting done to Save Wild Horses.  Yes, the lies much more extravagant from the corrupted government agencies involved (e.g., Bureau of Land Management, USDA Forestry, and the Department of the Interior) as well as the corrupted and commercialized non-profits’ of today.  False Narrative’s quite abundant.

Yes, it is just time American’s step-up to the plate, so to speak, and get things done that need to resolve the current situations of the Wild Horses.  The current mess in government (for decades now) as well as the current corrupt affairs of what is called the Public Lands Ranching – Grazing Permit Programs, needs stopped. 

They do nothing, and have not done so for decades now, and our Public Lands suffer greatly.  Our Public Lands continue to be destroyed by their lack of management as well as their programmed lies and false-narratives’ that contribute to the current mass of False Information (referred to as Disinformation – if confused look it up) which resolves nothing, but rather, makes particular commercialized non-profit groups, and very few people, very rich.  This is where the False-Narratives’ and the False-Information is developed and comes from . . . This is simple:  Be Aware.


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3 responses to “A Simple Note About Wild Horses

  1. Dave Gudelauski CW4 USA(ret.)

    April 11, 2022 at 10:11 pm

    So, I write letters, go to gathers, adopt horses ,talk to people to try to educate them ,and what happens? NOTHING. S.o.s.-different day. Sam ain’t listening.

    • Photographer -- Journalist

      April 12, 2022 at 8:10 pm

      . . . and what you try to get done is commendable — but there exist options beyond what BLM/USDA Forestry want us to think exists, as well as many different management paradigms that would bring the Wild Horses into Safe areas to live. But commercialized non-profits embarrassing to many Horse Advocates, today. The fact is AWHC, WHE, RTF and many of te others are simply bought-off (i.e. AWHC = $850,000,00 the past couple of years in government grants — so ya think there exists a conflict here? Many of us do, and to the other commercialized non-profits receiving government grants for darting Wild Horses, and maintains support for the BLM, where they received the grants from).

  2. twentythreethousand

    April 12, 2022 at 12:47 am

    We are currently fighting in eastern Az. against removal of the Alpine and Heber horses. The forest service lies and lies. So much money is behind the fighting for every acre now. The book “This Land” by Christopher Ketcham helped me understand the years of corruption.


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