Just a Note: A Better Management of Our Public Lands Needed

19 Apr

The facts show us, quite clearly, we have many other options on how to manage Wild Horses than what the Bureau of Lands Management and the USDA Forestry give to the Public.  Toxic Chemicals is costly, and in reality, if there is “no truth”, there can be no resolution to the problems. We then, arrogantly, send the Wild Horses to Extinction and abusively, and we have little to nothing left of our Ecology, natural food chain supplements, nor clean water shed for water consumption. Yes, the Wild Horses are an important “chain-link” within our Natural Environmental Landscape.

So rather than outright kill-off wildlife and the much required diversity in wildlife for healthy habitats (yes, GONCON, i.e. a Registered Pesticide, is also being used on other wildlife as well), we can Relocate Wild Horses. 

Relocation of Wildlife is much more beneficial, and less costly, than Birth Controls. The spread of Pesticides over our natural environments simply adds more problems to the on-going train wreck, currently within management on our Public Lands right now.  Pollution is already a problem! It is ironic that a government agency that states they are beneficial to our natural environments, and within their management paradigms (i.e. actually none of them based upon good science at all) contribute to the pollution, or polluters of the worst type, on our Public Lands; which, in reality, destroy our natural environments. 

Evidence?  Go out and look for yourself.  A few minutes obtained from “Eyeball Observation” often can be worth volumes’ of research and study, when one is aware of what they are observing.  Or, take water samples, and take, for example scat-samples from the wildlife in the habitat, as well as grass and other terrestrial habitat samples, and have them examined.  Many labs, on the West Coast for example, can run DNA and even mDNA in some.

We no longer need the obtrusive, and corrupted mind sets of government, nor the BLM or USDA Forestry, and certainly, we do not need an East-Coast Management mind-set, to control our habitats within the Western part of the United States.  Their bias mind-sets are directed toward making larger budgets as well as falsifying their information for larger budgets – the same conduct also from many of the commercialized non-profits of today, that ironically remain Under-Regulated by government – And why not, as they also take part in government Fraud, for their own benefit, or, increase in monetary rewards for doing so. In reality, this is a very disgusting human attribute, greed often seems to overwhelm our entire Environmental Complex in Nature.

This is only one-note of many more options.  These types of “options” are beneficial to both Human’s and Wildlife” as well as less costly to the taxpayers.  There seems to be no apparent positive thought-process in government / commercial non-profits of today, in America, when monetary profit is concerned.

We need to be clear, in our perspectives, after all, for the reason we have government management. They are managing our American Lands, via Taxpayer Money, which is much cheaper than what commercial For-Profit industry can do (so the saying goes — and yet . . .) – the same can be said about non-profits of today – all are cost-prohibitive, and corrupt.  We see them now, as very expensive elements within our Public Lands Management over all, and very expensive to do so. They all have outdone their necessity, once they stepped across that line of Ethical Balance as well as Moral Responsibility to us, as Taxpayers.

We need truth, not continuous lies, that supports our Wildlife and Terrestrial Environments Positively, rather than wasteful, and in reality, pollute our overall Environment.  We can Do Better because we Know Better.  ***  John Cox, Cascade Mountains


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2 responses to “Just a Note: A Better Management of Our Public Lands Needed

  1. karenmoulder

    April 19, 2022 at 5:13 pm

    Well said John! Thank you!

  2. Deannalynnmorris

    April 20, 2022 at 12:20 am

    Agreed! We can Do Better because WE Know Better.


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