There Exist Two Distinct Sides to Wild Horse Advocacy

18 Apr

There exit two very distinct sides to the issue of Wild Horse Advocacy today; whereas, one is truly Humane and Responsible for the Wild Horses – the other side is simply there to make as much money as possible, as we observe their actions and see their lies quite well, all the while exploiting the circumstances the Wild Horses find themselves experiencing today and by a corrupt government agency:

There is the side of those who

a. exploit and dart with pesticide and other toxic chemicals Wild Horses for money —

b. abuse Wild Horses daily for ultimate payoff/money —

c. ignore the Laws that pertain to the Wild Horses’ safety and for the money —

d. patronizing Bureau of Land Management for government grants simply for the money —

e. advocates that want to make profits from exploitation of Wild Horses, then lie about it all while doing so and expect the general public to accept their ignorance and bias as some sort of truth – as history is starting to show us clearly and for the money –

f. some Wild Horse Advocates play both sides of the fence to exploit and make profits from the Wild Horses while doing so precisely for the money —

g. they play both sides of the fence — one side for donation money, the other side for grant money – We have all seen this and find it all a disgusting matter done by simply disgusting human’s doing things for the money only . . .

Our side is working for the safety of and for the Wild Horses

a. we demand the Wild Horse’s longevity, or to exist for decades to come, which using toxic chemicals as birth controls will “not” provide,

b. we demand the Wild Horses to live under Our Nation’s Flag as a Protected Species, to thrive and for the future generations to come, and when left alone will not require the need for birth controls what so ever, as good truthful science shows us clearly,

c. we demand that all Laws that pertain to the Wild Horses and the management and the science as well and stop being ignored,

d. we demand that the fences in Public Lands be taken down and per Open Range Laws and within all the 11-Western States,

e. we also demand that the Wild Horses Run-Free on our Public Lands – which we have taken from them,

f. our Public Lands remain their Homeland, as American Icons should be – placed in a position of respect within their rightful and true Iconic status they have always had in America,

g. we demand Wildlife Diversity be developed as a working management paradigm on our Public Lands, and in one accord with all good and workable scientific research paradigms that promote positive resolutions for them,

h. we demand that further situations upon our Public Lands not only be based on Good-Science, but also develop this Science into a secure intermixed and developed Terrestrial and Wildlife Diversity to “enhance” our Food-chain Supplement supply chain and within our Water Sheds as well,

i. we also demand to stop the use of Pesticides upon our Public Lands and Forests alike, as currently both forced upon the Wild Horses as well as forced upon our natural environment, Water Sheds, and promote the outright destruction of our grasslands, and polluting the Public Lands soil . . .

Our Jobs, as Wild Horse Advocates, has always been to support the Wild Horses.  Not to send them to extinction, and thusly abusing them while doing so.  We work toward a situation that would allow the Wild Horses to run Free on Our, all American’s, Public Lands.  Apparently, some government agencies as well as Wild Horse Advocates, feel they own more of the Public Lands than the rest of America. 

This is simply untrue, and we require not only government abide by the Laws passed by Congress to secure Wild Horses on our Public Lands, as well as simply leave them alone and let them run free, but to become ethically responsible, as well as morally reasonable, all within their decision-making process within management of our Public Lands and Wild horses.  Nothing less is acceptable – there is No such thing as Middle Ground. One is either for the Wild Horses, or not!

Always open to discussion – and how we can advance our nation’s Wild Horses.  Those who promote Toxic Chemical use on Our Public Lands, need not apply, as we find talking with those who wish to remain ignorant for profit, is nonviable, and simply unworkable within the discussion phase. ***

John Cox, Cascade Mountains


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2 responses to “There Exist Two Distinct Sides to Wild Horse Advocacy

  1. Deannalynn Morris

    April 18, 2022 at 8:17 pm

    Thank you for sharing this very important truth John.

    I believe it’s quite evident who is exploiting the horses and all other wildlife for profit, all the while claiming to care. Sadly the moral obligation to do what is right is a thin line today, many aren’t seeking truth or they are completely putting trust in nonprofits who haven’t done a thing to protect the laws set forth, the horses and burros are moving toward extinction, genetic erosion, and EPA pesticides. These people and corrupt organizations have only come to lie, cheat, steal and kill,
    There’s a Biblical verse pertaining to the road being narrow and many do not walk it, it’s a very real and corrupt time for our majestic wild horses and burros, including all other wildlife and the land where they live, a real live take over is occurring, a holocaust.

    It’s quite clear and the evidence has piled up, overflowing really, laws are in fact being broken, a display of the moral degradation of our time, dismantling and destroying the greatness our country was predicated upon.

    The fundamental truth in life is freedom, true freedom is love, what is happening to the Wild horses today is a clear display of broken threads and treaties, an unethical path that will have natural consequences, the earth can only be abused and killed off for so long, the animals are the heartsong, the trees our oxygen, the rivers are the veins…our life source. The majority of Nonprofits, including many environmentalist have shown they support the private sector vs the native wildlife and their rightful home to live in peace and have sustainable forage and water.

  2. joyhog11

    April 19, 2022 at 7:36 pm

    Thank you, for sharing & opening my eyes further. When I first read about how long all of the pro-horse organizations have been fighting for our WH&Bs, while asking for money, it really made me think and made my heart sink as well. Our government is so corrupt & I wish we could remove our WH&Bs (and wolves) out from under the charge of DOI/BLM. The Dept of Agriculture is no better. I plan on sharing your articles as much as possible.


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