Deceptions and False Narratives – Wild Horses

17 Apr

The other day I was sitting with 3 Ranch Foreman’s and 4 Wrangler’s, that I have known for 40+ years now, 3 of which were stationed where I was located, in Vietnam.  We have moved Horses’, as a team, over some pretty rugged landscapes, together, on many occasions and over many decades.  We “Herded” and moved large intermixed bands, to Spring and Winter pastures out of the snow, for example, all on Private Lands.  No injuries to horses nor riders, no abuse; which, the maximum we had moved, of horses, was 55 miles; as well, the minimum movement was 12 miles.  This happens yearly, two to three times a year. 

By the way, we observe a mere 2% to a high of 4% birth increase yearly (e.g., of 784+or- horses allowed “Freedom” to Roam” over several thousands of acres without fences), and the death-rate in these bands primarily from old age – disabled or injured on the Range – accidents, et al. – and we often gain a few, or drop, mostly, below yearly population-levels, more so.

I bring this up, because while sitting in the meeting about our next “Horse Herd Gather” movement, I received a phone call to watch a fellow and his every Wednesday performance of very lop-sided and erroneous information.  He seemed to be more of the ilk toward Bureau of Land Management (i.e. BLM) fake or pretend paradigms of no science at all, and misinformation to the Public; rather than, any compatible or correct information on Wild Horses.  We refer here to all of his, and his commercialized non-profit Shell Groups, as abundant with False Narratives.  Definitely, severe conflicts of interests, ongoing.

Obvious, he is a person who does not know what he does not know . . . ironically, a supposed Horse Advocate, on FB anyway – which remains a non-credible source for Wild Horses 95% of the time, who in reality do not defend Wild Horses what so ever (darting and roundups, and Wild Horse Overpopulation discussions by them or the BLM, are, of note, simply lies and misinformation – hypocrisy and outright False Narratives’, S. Beckstead, and referred to as “The Pinocchio Bunch” . . .  

He states “the BLM gaslights the Public about Wild Horse Over-population”, yet, promotes the use of Pesticides’/Toxic Chemicals’ to be darted into Wild Horses for his own and others in his groups, Profit Base, and primarily based upon Wild Horse Over-Populations from the BLM statistics only, not reality.  His statements, which are easily reputed and obviously False Narratives – and impossible birth rates, to be precise and scientific, . . .  obviously, more for exploitation, based upon False Narratives’ entirely, for profit-increase through donations from FB Horse Advocates and government grants, alike – all the while exploiting the Wild Horses – and many more Conflicts of Interest abound here, with these same people and their groups! 

Their fraudulent activity illegal 100% of the time. . . The truth is outlined within both State and Federal Laws quite clearly, if one reads them at all, as well as several Ag Laws and the WH&B Act of 1971; although, they attempt to re-define all of the Laws as if insignificant (i.e. False Narratives’), they are not!  He and his fellow ignorant and bias partners in “Scamming the Public”, really have no knowledge (agreed by all 8 of us watching the fiasco of comments) of Domestic and Wild Horses combined, other than obviously, from a book, or worse yet, others who do not know much of anything about Wild Horses, at all.  But yet, that is how ignorance is definable and developed, as all in those particular groups do not know what they do not know, and agree upon themselves, being correct about it all . . .

Then we discover his groups of commercialized non-profits, or what we refer to as Shell-Groups to make “money-only” by exploiting Wild Horses and Horse Advocates, on FB in particular, simply lack any credibility, and as any corrupt grouping of people, they want to change true-science to their science of corrupted lies, entirely $$$ for monetary gains . . . They never have any evidence to back up their statements toward saving any horses – and even less credible, their opinions on PZP or GONACON, in reality they are Registered Pesticides’ with the EPA, well, they want people to believe it is “not” a Pesticide, and you can drink the toxic chemicals as one would drink a glass of water – yup, ya just can’t make this stuff up . . .

Apparent to all of us, their knowledge of history, in the matters of Pesticides, extremely lacks any research accomplished by these very well defined “commercialized non-profits”, and most simply disguise themselves as Horse Advocates . . . The disgusting elements of the government and their history of Pesticide use still exists . . .  The Federal Courts also “refused to state” PZP or GONACON was not a Pesticide, and in total agreement with the EPA . . .

The fact remains, as history shows us, only a very small percentage of donations or Government Grant $-dollars make it to any Wild Horses’ or Domestic Horses, at all. . .  Backing this standard of corrupt and illegal collusion up, we are starting to develop complaints to the IRS, as well as the very concerned State Franchise Tax Boards who regulate non-profits in their States – We are letting them know about groups like this, and how they go about their business . . .  These groups I speak of here are jokingly referred to as “The Pinocchio Bunch” . . .  This is for good reason — they simply do not know what it is they do not know, lie a lot, and to those in the know that have experience and Horse Knowledge combined, these people in these commercialized non-profits, are simply a disgusting joke . . . and Wild Horses and Domestic Horses Die!

The unmitigated fact is, they simply lie a lot – Salesmen and Saleswomen, not Horse-People at all, who sell the public piles of bullshit, and are getting very rich off your tax dollars — all the while perpetuating False Narratives’ weekly, while exploiting Wild Horses, in particular. . .

One commercialized non-profit group, Veterans for Mustangs, is not Administered by Veterans what so ever, yet we have found statements by S. Beckstead, and other’s, clearly stating C. Ring a Veteran (he is not), and at the same time asking for donations . . . In The Stolen Valor Act of 2013 (updated 2020) Under the 2013 law, it is a violation of federal law for someone to falsely claim military service, awards and decorations, or “embellished rank.” But what makes this a crime? The intent to get money, property, or some other benefit by making the false claim. Simply desperation to push more Pesticides into America’s Wild Horses, for Profit!

Darting Wild Horses with Toxic Pesticides (i.e. was PZP until changed to GONACON = as BLM admits for the past two years), and yes, their new innovation of giving Stallions, in pill-form, the same Toxic Pesticides – They reference Darted Wild Horses as being saved, but in reality, much further from any truth at all . . . We also find, in particular the Darted Horses or the Stallions who received the GONACON pills, that some go septic, and a large percentile die – and those are the horses, also, they state as being saved.  Yes, their entire False Narratives’ remain symbolically cumbersome, and ridiculous.

I read the other day, a Toxic Chemical Darter make the statement there are less foals on the ground this birthing season.  So, her False Narratives goes, the GONACON must be working.  Well, no, that is not a sign of the Toxic Chemical used to be a positive situation, at all; in particular, when record setting roundups on many HMAs’ (many have been zeroed-out for no reason at all).  Easily put into terms to understand, the less mare’s on the range, the less foals arrive during foaling season. What is it here to be confused about?

Other HMA’s have been reduced to a minimal population – yet, the BLM statistics over-all, keep increasing – and discuss mares dropping-foal year around – The fact is “One foal a Year”, Mother Nature says, over and above the BLM and anyone else making ignorant statements toward fact . . . in their attempts to make their money, or increase their government agency budgets, from False Narrative’s.

Amazing what our government, as well as commercialized non-profits, are up too.  Both are in need of change, and frankly, a much more restrictive Regulatory Situation, to keep them honest – government agencies included, need more over-site and less corruption within their ranks!  Way too much taxpayer money at stake, to keep ignoring this mess made, basically, by the corrupted government agency called the BLM!  It becomes apparent they did not read the history, about Pesticides and using them on Wildlife, or in areas where people access our Public Lands and Forests.  Toxic Chemicals, in particular, should never be used around water nor food supplies, nor where people come to enjoy our natural environments’ . . . What is worse, these people refer to themselves as Horse Advocates, as if they save them, and worse yet, Environmentalists.  We all know better, as we are all out here daily, live out here, have horses of our own as well, and work and play out here . . .

It was the opinion of all eight of us, who attended this meeting, that indeed, we wanted the Public at Large to know, that these people I mention above, are an embarrassment to all Wild Horse and Horse people in general.  That they do not represent, with any type of factual circumstance, horses of any genre, what so ever. 

There information, or False Narratives, are simply in error. Twisting and bending the term Humane, or to highlight their using Pesticides’ – without mentioning the fact it is Toxic Chemicals they are truly discussing and not Humane at all – for Birth Controls as Humane Responsibility, is and remains, and will always be a lie, not of fact, and shows us how desperate they indeed are for money, and will say anything to get it . . .  Their arguments on this issue are outright lies. Their hypocrisy stands out, clearly. Their idiotic behavior also just as clear, but then, narcissists ignore facts when they are involved up to their necks in corrupted behaviors.

The money donated to them, or even the grant money, is wasted upon people I write about above, and should be of concern to all Horse Advocate donators as well as Taxpayer’s, alike.  Horses die due to not obtaining the proper representation, and greed form most of the non-profits today, in Horse Advocacy.  Gone is the fact the Wild Horses are being represented properly, as the money is spent for administrators in those same commercialized non-profits, with enormous amounts of money going to them, and to hell with the Wild Horses, in their very obvious actions toward Profits only.


  1. Look up and confirm NPO’s Exempt Status :
  2. Find out the Status of an Attorney in the State of Oregon – good to know when they are still acting as if still active . . . Phone: (503) 620-0222. Toll-free in Oregon – (800) 452-8260 – Facsimile: (503) 684-1366.
  3. Search on the Oregon State Bar Page:
  4. John Cox on BLM’s wild horse numbers and survival of nation’s grasslands 

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